Open Letter to Obama: Instead of Fending Off Scandals, How About Looking Out After Our Veterans?

Mr. President:

I am writing this letter to you, not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as a Veteran of the United States Army.  There are two subjects that I would like to talk about and it is my hope you will make the correct decision concerning both topics after reading this correspondence.

The first item concerns Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, one of your soldiers, who is currently languishing in a Mexican prison. Why have no efforts been made to procure his immediate release? Why have you allowed a Marine who has faithfully served his country, be treated in such a harsh way, by a supposedly “friendly nation”? There is absolutely no reason you could give to this young man, his mother, or the American people that could justify your inaction regarding this matter. You are this young marine’s commander in chief and it is your duty to help him.

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This isn’t about politics, this is about being an American president and doing the right thing for one of your troops. This is not John Kerry’s responsibility. This is your responsibility. All of America is wondering what will be the fate of this brave young man if you do not intervene.

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Now I understand that you probably have a lot on your plate right now, fending-off all of the scandals that your administration is currently embroiled in. However, there is no reason that you could give to the American people for in-action on your part regarding this matter. You talk a really good game Mr. President, but when it actually comes to doing anything, well frankly sir, you seem to be in over your head.

I also realize, that not having to worry about being re-elected might explain your attitude, especially when it comes to doing anything noble, or for that matter, decent. I have watched you over the last six years. You’re quite an accomplished orator (as long as there is a teleprompter in front of you). Adolph Hitler was also good at giving speeches.

But you both share something in common, and that is neither of you give a damn about your individual soldiers. To both of you, they are merely cannon fodder, disposable units and not worthy of your attention.  I realize that you might find my words offensive and I really don’t give a damn if you do. You need to get off your ass and do something, anything, to bring this young man home ASAP!

Secondly, I would like to tell you that your administration’s treatment of Veterans is inexcusable. How dare you let us die?! If it weren’t for us, pansy-ass scumbags like you would have nothing…no freedom…no liberty….nothing! Who in the hell do you think you are to allow the awful treatment of men and women who, in many cases, have given their lives to insure that you can go about your life in safety? If it were up to me, I would mandate that you go to the nearest VAMC (Veterans Administration Medical Center), or “hospital” for civilians like you, and kiss the feet of every single Vet you come into contact with and tell them, “Thank you.”

Many men and women who have valiantly served this nation have been through things that would make a powder-puff like you melt! You crossed the line when you screwed us buddy boy and we will not forget it! If anymore Veterans die as a result of your policies, their blood is on your hands and America won’t forget it either. Your legacy will not be remembered with fondness or admiration. It will be remembered with contempt that future generations speak your name.

You sir, disgust me.

Richard Anthony

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