An Open Letter to A&E’s CEO Abbe Raven Concerning Treatment of “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson

TO: Ms. Abbe Raven, CEO of A&E

Is it true what we’ve been hearing? You know, regarding the situation concerning Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ magazine – is it true?

The family believes[A&E] orchestrated the scandal sparked by Phil Robertson’s notorious GQ interview. A source close to the family told the Daily Mail Saturday that A&E wanted to ‘bring them back into line’ after the network thought the Robertsons’ went too far promoting their religious beliefs on the show.”

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What do you have to say about that? Is that what happened, in an ignorant attempt to “rein” in Phil and the entire cast of “Duck Dynasty” so that there would be less Christianity on the show? No more praying in Jesus’ Name. Let’s face it, the use of His Name is only allowed when it’s a swear word, but allowing His Name to be used in prayer is “offensive.” By the way, that would be Satan’s reasoning. Welcome to his world.

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The same source quoted above went onto say, “Someone from A&E was there and was aware of the kind of answers Phil was giving. But despite that, they didn’t ever try to stop it or control it. Instead, they let it hit the headlines and then released a statement condemning it.”

How should we view all of this, Ms. Raven? How should we understand what happened to Phil? It seems far too common these days that the media, whenever they have a chance to interview some Christian celebrity, takes the opportunity to point blank ask them about their views regarding homosexuality. It’s starting to appear as though Christians are being deliberately targeted, forcing them to voice the belief “homosexuality is sin,” just so the homosexual community can use the situation to act aghast at such an admission.

Am I drawing a fairly accurate picture of what transpired recently with Phil?

Just as the corrupt police officers stood back and allowed Officer Frank Serpico to be shot during a drug arrest in Brooklyn years ago because he would not include himself with other officers in the department who allegedly took bribes, the execs at A&E also allowed the interview to occur with Phil Robertson being asked questions related to homosexuality. They knew they could then create (or allow) a firestorm, which would “force” them to place the patriarch on indefinite leave from the show.

Obviously, what A&E did not take into account was that Christians have gotten thoroughly sick and tired of being forced into a corner, and we’ve started making some real noise about it. Why is there this constant need to ask Christians about the issue of homosexuality? It is for only one reason. It is to essentially place targets on their backs and let the world do its worst.

Wipe that smirk off your face, Ms. Raven. You have bitten off more than you can chew.
Wipe that smirk off your face, Ms. Raven. You have bitten off more than you can chew.

It’s also reported that A&E “held a call with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation prior to its decision to suspend Robertson.”

Gosh, really? Went running to GLAAD for advice, did you?

Any idea how many gay people detest GLAAD? No? Only the militants within the gay community appreciate GLAAD. The rest? Not so much.

For all their ferocity and tough-talk, 1.5 million people rose up against GLAAD’s and A&E’s tyranny to make their voices heard too.

Several things have occurred since this event went public. First, Duck Dynasty merchandise has flown off the shelves at Wal-Mart. Second, Cracker Barrel had originally decided to selectively eliminate Duck Dynasty merchandise connected only with Phil Robertson, but has since changed their minds after hearing from over one million people who were ready to boycott the restaurant because of its asinine and biased decision. Third, the gay community has – once again – come out in force against free speech (and A&E with it) simply because they choose to view the opinion that homosexuality is wrong as “hate speech.” Fourth, the sheriff in one Georgia county has made the decision to no longer provide assistance during A&E when it films in his county.

So, where do you stand on this, Ms. Raven? It is difficult to believe that you – the CEO of A&E – had no knowledge of any of this before it happened. Of course, you can always try to do what Mr. Obama does and use the “I had no knowledge of that” card. Most of us realize that it simply means “I am a liar and will say anything to keep myself out of the danger zone.”

I hope you will hear me, and hear me clearly, Ms. Raven.

We conservatives and Christians are sick and tired of being forced into the world’s dog and pony show. We have OPINIONS, which some in this world believe to be “hate-speech.” That is their OPINION (which is wrong, by the way). The only so-called “Christians” I know who hate homosexuals are those bigots from Westboro.

Ultimately, homosexuals (and A&E) want to eradicate the Christian’s right to give our opinion based on the First Amendment.

We won’t play that game with you or any other corporate body that believes there is no place in society for a biblical viewpoint. Cracker Barrel got the point quickly and loudly. Yet, my concern is that the only point they got was that money talks. Since they’re guided by profits (unlike Chick-fil-a), then could just as easily do this again.

I have an idea. Create a show about Muslims. Encourage them to talk about their “faith.” Then, set up an interview with GQ or some other rag and ask the Muslims from the show about homosexuality, stoning people for adultery, why women cover their faces (it’s all about respect, right?) and more.

Better yet, force the issue on the Muslims in the show itself. Ask the hard questions to Muslims. Hang them out to dry.

You would never do that, would you? It is the unwritten code not to portray Muslims as anything less than respected, isn’t it? Christians? No worries. We’re loons and fair game. We’ve got plenty of cheeks to turn, don’t we? Muslims should either be ignored or supported in spite of how heinous they act toward others in society.

This constant revisiting of the homosexual issue is completely asinine, inane, overly dramatic, and juvenile. People need to get over it.

The worst part of this entire thing is what the Robertson family now believes may be the root of the problem. According to one source, the family now believes that A&E originally decided to air “Duck Dynasty” because the intent was to showcase “a bunch of backward rednecks.” A&E wanted a show about Christians that the world could laugh AT.

Unfortunately for A&E, they wound up with a hit show where people did not laugh at the Robertson family, but with them, because they related to them. The audience appreciated the show, their simple life, and their commitment to Christ. How that must have galled you execs at A&E. How long have you been planning their downfall?

Gee, now what could A&E do? “Hey, if we set up an interview with GQ and Phil Robertson, we can insert the highly emotional subject of homosexuality that would put Phil’s head on the chopping block! After it happens, we can then work with GLAAD to make a huge deal out of it so that we are ‘forced’ to do something to correct the situation! It will become an ultimatum for the Robertson family and we will be able to rein them in!”

It didn’t work. Now that we know what may have transpired, A&E has also alienated millions of viewers. How’s that working out for you?

I pray that this is the beginning of the end for A&E. The way you folks constantly and erroneously portray the Bible (on History Channel, etc.) and now this. Maybe “Duck Dynasty” will relocate to a network that appreciates them and A&E will be out millions of dollars. Serves you right for playing Christians as fools. The God we worship will take the time to defend His people. Read Psalm 2 for insight.

I’d say you should be ashamed of yourself, but I’m sure that word holds no meaning for you since the end justifies the means at A&E.

A&E was caught attempting to force Christians into being something they’re not. The Christians stood tall and A&E is now trying to pretend all is well and they will quietly reinstate Phil and things will go on as they have. Maybe not.

Maybe people won’t let A&E forget.

You people really create a deep sense of nausea within me.

I can only hope that this stunt by A&E will backfire so badly that it will actually be felt deeply in A&E’s pocket book.

By the way, care to write your own letter? This link has all the contact information for the folks at A&E.

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