An Open Letter to Barack Obama on the State of the Union

Dear Mr. President:

Why are you out to destroy the country in every way possible? I’m an investigative journalist and make it my business to follow every piece of news possible in my genre of interest. Politics just happens to be one of my interests of which I have been following for decades. 

Since you were initially elected and especially, after your last State Of The Union address more and more people are realizing you simply do not have the best interests in mind for the American people in particular and the whole country in general.

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Your last SOTU address sounded more like something expected from a Socialist Dictator, rather than a United States President.

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You have managed, through Executive Action to completely gut the US Constitution and rule the country rather than preside as President under the terms of the Oath of Office you took each time you were elected.

Actually, you should just go to the Rotunda of the National Archives building and tear the original Constitution up into hundreds of pieces and make it official.

I listened to your last SOTU and could not find a single portion of it that would benefit the people. Instead, it was filled with threats of Executive Action, bypassing Congress if they happened to disagree with your desired policy. This in itself shows your blatant disrespect for Constitutional law.

You sugar coated the unemployment problem by painting a rosy picture of it being better now than at any time since you were elected. What you neglected to mention is the fact that your numbers reflect only those currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits and not those still unemployed whose benefits have run out long ago. If you had counted the total number of people unemployed in this country, the numbers would have been astronomically higher.

Rather than make yourself look good by pressuring for a minimum wage raise that would destroy many businesses who could not afford it and turn many full time jobs into part time positions, you should do the right thing by creating an economic situation which would open new opportunities for jobs. Instead, you choose to degrade the overall economy and depress the job market by your desire to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and follow a dream of a green economy based on the global warming myth.

Not too long ago, I’m sure you remember, our young people of junior high and high school age could learn a little responsibility in becoming adults by getting summer jobs. Due to the massive amount of unskilled illegal immigrants here in this country, this is now an impossibility in most parts of the country. These much needed jobs for growth in our young people simply do not exist.

There are many unskilled adult workers not able to find jobs because of this same reason. Many adults who used to work in the food service industry cannot find a job today, because illegal immigrants have taken them.

Your idea of high tech jobs is unrealistic because it will always be the unskilled workers of America who make up the bulk of the employed.

An example of your disastrous economic policy is the city of Detroit. Here, we have so many unemployed that many parts of the city look more like a scene out of a Mad Max movie. This is basically, because you have chosen to ruin the economy by a crippling environmental stance which has already destroyed our industrial complex. This, as well as your backroom trade agreements which shift more jobs overseas.

Getting back to your insidious policy of reducing CO2 levels based on what you say is settled science of global warming/climate change is the most degrading yet to an already lousy economy. This boils down to making it more expensive to do business here in the US and makes us much more dependent on foreign oil.

The truth of the matter is these so called high levels of CO2 being recorded comes from IPCC, WMO, and other climate related bodies of the UN who deliberately place these monitoring stations in areas where high concentrations of CO2 such as near fault lines, volcanoes, under water sea mounds, and areas where CO2 is naturally produced.

It may interest you to know that CO2 is an inert gas in the overall composition of the atmosphere comprising only less that 1% of 1%. This is true today, not hundreds of years ago.

There are two scenarios involved in your GW/CC policy. Either you are completely out of the loop on climate science, or you are blatantly out to destroy what is left of the economy. I lean to you blatantly being out to destroy the economy since you must know the facts verses the fiction involved here. 

You mentioned in the SOTU speech areas of the US were flooded by rising seas caused by GW/CC. Just where are these flooded areas, Mr. President? I’m not seeing them and neither is anyone else. Do not humor me by mentioning areas that get flooded by storm surges from hurricanes or strong storm systems because this has been happening since the earth has had an atmosphere.

Your old pal Al Gore apparently, isn’t worried about rising ocean levels either since he bought a multimillion dollar beach front home in Santa Barbara, California a few years ago.

Your proclamation that the science is settled is the biggest lie yet. It is Mr. President, because the whole idea of climate change comes from organizations employing people who are unqualified to assess climate science. In the IPCC, there exists only one or two actual meteorologists, the rest are highly educated environmentalists in genres unrelated to climate, weather, or climate related geophysics.

The World Meteorological Organization isn’t any better with both the President David Grimes and Secretary General Michel Jarraud only being honorary meteorologists masquerading as actual meteorologists.

The people residing in power at the UN overseeing GW/CC gets better with the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change having only a degree in economics. This woman is heading all the UN climate organizations and yet she has no degree in meteorology. It’s astounding that a President of the United States would even listen to what these people are saying much less than take their word as concrete proof.

What you are doing is like expecting someone with cancer to go to an attorney for medical help or asking them to visit a medical doctor for a mechanical problem with their car.

All of these so called climate experts you put your faith in have been wrong at every turn. They have said the last decade has been the hottest on record. Then they revise their statement be saying it isn’t because no evidence exists to support it.

Actual weather, climate, and geophysical records do not lie. Actually, the hottest period recorded since weather records have been kept is the 1930’s and the beginning of the 1940’s. The hottest year ever legitimately recorded was 1934. This actual records from reputable meteorologists and not trumped up computer models designed to show a desired outcome from radical environmentalists masquerading as climate scientists like the individuals at the UN. You are doing a great injustice to the American people by subscribing in these lies. You must be making some money in exchange for the promotion.

Next, we have your desire to disarm law abiding citizens all based on your UN treaty
signed a while back. The fact is you can proclaim by Executive Order that all American citizens be disarmed all you want. However, you will find most unwilling to let that happen

You should be aware that even any Executive Order you make that is unconstitutional will be null and void.

You also need to come clean with the American people on the terrorism issue. Since taking office, you have chosen to support terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood among many others. This has been seen in your Administration’s support of terrorist organizations in Libya, Egypt, N. Africa, and many areas of the world, including Indonesia. Thus far, your support has been full scale ranging from supplying them with billions of dollars, arms, and even direct military intervention. By doing this you have proven that there is no concern of a terrorist threat in this country. A few years back in 2012, your State Department issued a statement declaring the War on Terrorism to be over. Yet, since then you have gladly renewed the Patriot Act, signed into law the NDAA, continue to permit the TSA to act like NAZI soldiers with all Americans who travel by air, and have the biggest spying operation in the history of the country monitoring Americans at home. It is the American people who are the targets of your so-called anti-terror operations. Thus, we have to believe you consider American Citizens the enemy and not international terrorist groups. 

The fact that you have an open border policy with the desire to legalize millions of illegal immigrants shows us your complete lack of concern for any terrorist threat.

So, why all the tyrannical bills that essentially give you the power to become Absolute Ruler, if you are not concerned with terrorism? It can only be that you consider the American people to be the threat to what amounts to your desires of a Monarchy. Otherwise, you would not have signed these Totalitarian laws. 

The worst case scenario for you would be that there really is a threat of terrorism because this would concrete an already overwhelming slew of evidence proving you to be a treasonous traitor.

You have managed to make Nixon look like the biggest Patriot this country has ever had as you gave a SOTU speech filled with unrealistic ideas, lies, and a Socialistic core that would make Vladimir Lenin proud.

Disagree? Prove me wrong!


Tony Elliott

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