One Way Or Another, Our “Free Money” Heroin Habit Is Coming To An End

The stock market soars.  Home prices skyrocket.  Our military grows, both in size and scope of activity.  And we think that all is well…or at least better than it was yesterday.

Clearly we are in denial.  Serious denial.  Denial of our addiction.  Denial of our dependence.  Denial of our bondage.

And as tends to be the case with addicts, our ongoing denial is enabled primarily through continued use of the very substance to which we’ve become hopelessly addicted.

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So we keep right on hitting on the public school, social security, and welfare/warfare state crack pipes. As long as the fruits of fake money continue to fill our bellies, our garages, our bank accounts, and our American dreams, we are more than happy to go on pretending. As long as the American Jenga Tower of Babel manages somehow remain standing, no matter how wildly it may be swaying, we are happy to play along.

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But one day soon, that tower will fall.

It will collapse.

And all the State-dispensed heroin upon which we’ve become dependant will simply go away.

Then what happens?

The answer to that question will, for each of us, depend greatly on what we do today, tomorrow, and in every day between now and when America’s artificial, unbiblical System of systems comes crashing down.

The more clearly we see the reality of our present situation and what’s to come, the more practically and profitably we can prepare and encourage others to prepare for the challenging times to come.

So as the artificially inflated stock market soars and artificially inflated home prices fly to new heights, we must remain sober and vigilant.

We have to understand that each and every system propped up by magically made-out-of-thin-air money is a system that is both: 1) Designed to enslave, and 2) Destined to come crashing down, doing massive damage on its way down as a sort of exclamation point of emphasis to accompany and accentualte the incredible damage that it did on the way up.

Back in October of 2015, we offered up the following observations:

If mass money printing to artificially prop up the value of the stock market or to procure a gigantic military that we will use to do everything but protect our own children in America from mass murder/dismemberment via Planned Parenthood is in order, then why not for “education” loans, too?

Why not for more food stamps? Why not for “free” homes? “Free” cars?

Why not just helicopter the stuff all over the place?

Whatever we do, we can’t stop printing or typing this “money” into existence in order to keep it all going.

We need our fix.

We must have our Social Security!

We must have our Medicare!

We must have our public schools!

We must have a giant military!

We must have our stock and home values artificially propped up through relentless money-printing and bailouts!

We must have this and we must have that and we must have the other thing and we must have more…always more.

After all: We’re Americans!

This is “the land of the free” public school and the home of the self-described brave!

Our fix requirements get bigger and bigger with each passing generation of State-“educated”, State-dependent Americans.

More, more, more…always more…

That’s what addiction produces.

And we are a nation of purposefully enabled addicts.

The deeper we go down this path, the harder our crash and detox will be. Many will not survive. But we already know that, don’t we?

We just pretend not to notice.

We pretend not care.

We pretend that this will all somehow end well.

Whether we continue pretending or not, this is all coming to an end.

And much sooner than those pretending would like to imagine.

May we repent – and plan – accordingly…while there is yet time.

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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