Once-Banned Welfare Board Game Returns as “Obozo’s America: Why Bother Working for a Living?”

Frustrated with the Moronocracy’s ascendancy to power in 2009, I released the board game “Obozo’s America: Why Bother Working for a Living?” featuring Obozo the Marxist Clown.

The object for the players is to accumulate as much money as possible in 12 circuits around the board, each lap representing a month. Players start with a $1000 grant at the welfare office and then maneuver along “Obozo’s Welfare Promenade.” There, the able-bodied welfare recipient collects money by having out-of-wedlock children, playing the lottery and the horses, drawing “Welfare Benefit” cards, stealing hubcaps, and making profitable side trips into the four “Saturday Night” crimes: drug dealing, gambling, prostitution and armed robbery.

Players unfortunate enough to land on one of the “Get a Job” blocks have to move out of the Welfare Promenade and into the “Working Person’s Rut.” There, they usually experience an unending series of bills, meager paychecks, discrimination, and welfare taxes. Instead of drawing “Welfare Benefit” cards, they draw from a stack of “Working Person’s Burdens.” Somebody has to pay for all the welfare, crime and government!

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The able-bodied loafers on Obozo’s Welfare Promenade and those in the Working Person’s Rut have opportunities to land a high-pay and no-work job for their other playing piece, representing their live-in or spouse, on the “Government Cake Walk.” To mimic Obozo’s reality, I made it so that the only way a player’s live-in or spouse can be removed from the lucrative Cake Walk is to land on the square that says, “You are conscience-stricken. Quit government job.”

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The “Jail Jaunt” rounds out the “progressive” reality represented by the game. Saturday night criminals must move there if they get caught in one of their illegal acts. With one roll, “Social worker rehabilitates you,” for example, they’re right back at the welfare office ready to collect a fistful of dollars and resume their strut on Obozo’s Welfare Promenade. A pdf of the full playing board can be seen here.

The $100 bill in the game features an image of Karl Marx with the motto, “Equality Taxation Poverty” and the enjoinder “Welfare Recipients of the World Unite!” The phrases on some of the other denominations include “Fictitious Pretexts/Ranting Optimism,” “Farcical Expedients/Magisterial Excess,” “Insatiable Narcissism,” and “Victimhood/Megalamania/Demonizing.

I must admit, however, that I did not invent this game; Obozo and his Marxist buddies did. I just put it in a box.

“Obozo’s America” is a slightly modified version of the original game “Public Assistance: Why Bother Working for a Living?” forced off the market in the 1980s by government-directed action. Government welfare officials working with the NAACP, NOW, and other welfare “rights” groups threatened retailers with protests and boycotts if they dared carry the game, calling it racist, sexist, and classist. If you have one of the original games, it may be time to cash in; owners are getting upwards of $300 for them on eBay.

The game is back. Now it’s Obozo’s America, and it graphically portrays the choice we face on November 8th: an ever-expanding, Marxist, totalitarian welfare empire or a nation of free and independent people.

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