Old Dark…Deep Church…Grand Old Predator (Part 3)

Brent Bozell today published an editorial on the FOX News channel, offering 10 points he believes Donald Trump will need to unify the GOP.

Newsflash, Mr. Bozell: like the Democrat party, the GOP is finished. It’s history, just like print media. Like pay phones. Like much of academia – a pre-Internet dinosaur, not long for this world. At least, not in its present form.

Any constitutionalist Christian could agree to those points, except for item #6, which exposes Mr. Bozell as a Neocon shill for D.C. organized crime — or the Deep State, as author Peter Dale Scott labeled it years ago.

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Mr. Trump’s refusal to follow Jerry Falwell’s play book that failed Christians for 40 years has allowed him to make headway with blue collar, minority, and liberal Americans who are united on one thing: we despise the corrupt D.C. machine and its elite puppeteers.

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No State Church

Christ is LORD for tens of millions of us…but those who seek theocracy, either at the barrel of a gun or by threat of IRS sanctions or ruination, should learn the lessons of European history if they haven’t yet seen the writing on the wall with recent IRS attacks on conservative groups. Theocracy can work whichever way the tyrant decides; at present, the religion of secular humanism rules D.C. because it serves its purposes best.

Beyond historic norms (murder, rape, theft, assault, incest, sodomy) the government should not play the role of God as it relates to the human conscience. Trump understands this. 

End the Soviet-Style Indoctrination Industry

I’m not talking about so-called ‘separation of Church and State’ as used by liberals to foist their irreligious thugs on us, increasingly indoctrinating Christian children in new, atheist norms.

This is easily solved: all parents receive a combination school-choice voucher and tax credit. Every property owner is required to pay for socialist ‘free’ education. All parents should receive exactly the same financial benefit: a 100% par value voucher to be used on any education they choose, and if they choose homeschooling and pay property taxes, they receive a tax abatement in the amount of their voucher that exceeds the proven cost of educating their children. This gives all Americans equal educational liberty and the church-state separation issue becomes moot.

End Our Neocon Captivity

Back to Mr. Bozell’s point #6, his Neocon pipe dream. On this issue, Mr. Trump has been on both sides of the fence and must hold a consistently constitutional course, as Ron Paul did. If he will do so, Mr. Trump will attract millions of disgusted Sanders and Hillary supporters, who, like us, despise the Clintons’ lifelong affair with the Deep State.

The Deep State is demonstrably, perspicuously evil. This is not esoteric theory but heavily-documented fact. Read the 1935 classic War is a Racket, by USMC General Smedley Butler. Read former West Point instructor Andrew Bacevich’s works, especially Washington Rules, Breach of Trust, or The New American Militarism. And to understand that the Deep State includes the CIA and its creation of the drug scourge worldwide, read any book by Peter Dale Scott, especially Drugs, Oil and War, American War Machine, or The American Deep State, or read criminologist Donald Cressey’s 1969 book Theft of The Nation. You will see that actual organized crime runs Washington D.C., the most powerful, ruthless city-state in history.

Drugs. Oil. Banking. War. These four symbiotic serpents have become so intertwined that it’s impossible to figure out which head belongs to which writhing body. But four things we do know.

First, the world has suffered greatly because of this ruthless plunder, and all Americans are blamed for it. Secondly, it is demonstrably illegal; nowhere is it allowed by the Constitution. Thirdly, the Neocons have spawned and inflamed Islamic Jihad, as Chalmers Johnson explained in his book Blowback and Ron Paul reminded us for decades. Fourthly, Hillary Clinton is as much a war industry puppet as are Ted Cruz or John McCain.

The vital issue of what America will choose to be in the 21st century is not “isolationism,” it is the non-interventionism preached by George Washington and demanded by the U.S. Constitution. Strong defense must begin with a citizen militia in every American community; that will solve a myriad of threats today.

Constitutionalists and moral people on the right and left can agree about ending the hijacking by the Deep State. If Mr. Trump goes in this historic direction, he will win the largest landslide in U.S. history. Americans are sick of the hijacking!

Yes, there will be losers: drug cartels, oil companies, bankers, and the war industry. But Mr. Trump did his calculations long ago; whatever his moral failings, I doubt he will lie on Mr. Bozell’s Procrustean bed on which the corrupt GOP pushed Christians for five generations.

What will America’s character be in the world? On this crucial issue, Christians can align with atheists and homosexuals. For instance, the YouTube video ”All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars” by atheist Michael Rivero illustrates that an atheist can be far more moral than any Neocon Christian. We will no longer be taken for a ride by treacherous Christians.

A Duty For All Americans

Ending the hijacking by the Deep State can never be accomplished by a mere president; any attempt to do so on his own would only get a president assassinated. Mr. Trump can make a significant difference in the most corrupt city-state on earth, however, when AmericaAgain! leads the American people in removing Congress from Washington D.C. forever. Christian and Atheist, Black and White, Liberal and Conservative, We The People can begin to live out popular sovereignty, and a President Trump can play his part as spearhead and figurehead.

Donald Trump is the bellwether of the most significant popular movement in 188 years of American history — since Andrew Jackson took on the bankers, Henry Clay’s pork system, and systemic corruption in government.

There is a new way of life coming to America, and I believe that AmericaAgain!, during the presidency of Donald Trump, can provide a new model for the world: peaceful, practical, powerful popular sovereignty. We are now in 116 communities and growing. See the videos, listen to the podcasts, download my free PDF book Fear The People, and look for our new website on July 28.

Contrary to what Mr. Bozell advises, Americans have a duty to pull together, whether Christian or Atheist, Black or White — and whether we were lifelong Republicans or Democrats. Now if we will just be Americans, we can help Mr. Trump become the next Andrew Jackson, before it is too late for America and for the world.

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