Oil, Coal, Natural Gas: the United States Has It All!

Today, we hear and see that oil prices are rising, due to routes to the United States being interrupted; but if this is truly the case, why are we not drilling for our own oil, especially since we have more oil in 3 states than the entire world has on hand?  Now comes the problem: the people now running the White House are much more interested in their so-called “Green Energy,” which cannot out-produce any other sort of energy.

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The map above shows the routes Crude oil tankers take to get to New York.  If our nation used the energy we have within our borders, we wouldn’t need any of those tankers at all. As a matter of fact, we would be sending tankers to other parts of the world. But leaders use the false ideologies of Global Warming/Climate Change to state that we have to stop the use of those fuels and start using “Green Energy. We have shown the downfalls of Green Energy in this article. Also check out an article showing why the Climate Change ideas are based upon false and very inaccurate data.

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We hear of the oil companies increasing their prices because the oil route to New York is being interfered with by a major hurricane, which is a very questionable call that few people know about because they have no idea where the routes of the oil tankers go.

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Now let us make the argument about the oil that the United States has just within 3 centrally located States: Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Within these 3 states alone lie 3 trillion barrels of oil.  That is more oil than the entire world has on hand. In 2015, we showed this in an article we wrote about the oil the United States has and compared it to some of the Green Energy that is supposed to replace this abundant fossil fuel our nation has just waiting to be withdrawn from the ground and sea around our nation.  The amount of oil in these 3 states amounts to some 1.7 Trillion barrels more than the world has, but it is estimated that only about half can be extracted under today’s technology.  Even that alone is still more than Saudi Arabia has, along with all of the Middle East.  It is estimated that it would take about 600 years before we would maybe use all the fuel within the United States.

We also showed the waste of using the “Green Energy” in an article written in 2012, and it should be read so one could have a great debate with anyone that lays claim that Solar and wind energy can outdo our natural fossil fuels. We have not even begun to discuss the vast amount of Natural Gas that is available and that is cleaner to use to produce electricity and even to fuel for our cars and trucks, if it is allowed to be used as such.

We discussed the ideas of using wind and solar and moving away from our fossil fuels because they allegedly cause “Global Warming,” which has been debunked. We are being forced to use a fuel which, of itself, contributes to low level Ozone that causes breathing problems. Ethanol and what it produces hurts the environment, not to mention that it has to be subsidized in order for it to work.  Yes, Ethanol, the bad fuel that ruins small gasoline engines because it draws water into it and hurts engines in the long run.  How many of those you know have had to either get their small engines fixed time and time again or had to replace them all together, due to the use of Ethanol? Remember, this fuel was the brainchild of our dear friend Al Gore, Mr. Global destruction in 2000.  To state that Ethanol is bad is an understatement.  Has anyone wondered why it costs so much more for gasoline without Ethanol in it?  Well wonder no more, the reason is that oil companies are forced to pay a tax on the use of gasoline without Ethanol, and that tax goes directly to the Ethanol producers, who could not make Ethanol without the tax forced upon gasoline producers.

The increases of oil and gas prices are being shoved down our throats when we as a nation could tell all the nations that send us oil to stop because we don’t need it.  If our nation did this, we would not have to worry about any increase of oil anywhere.  Our nation could make trillions in taxes selling any oil left over to other nations, and we could drill for this abundant oil here in our nation, putting people to work and simultaneously increasing our tax base. We could also build 100 new oil refineries, employing many more people in high-paying jobs.  Why has this not been done?  Because Obama is a Green Energy guru and nothing would convince him to change.

Now let us get to our current candidates for President.  On one side sits Hillary Rodham Clinton, who wants to keep moving along the Green Energy ideology, shutting down coal mines. As she has clearly stated several times, Clinton does not wish to increase our own oil supplies, even though our nation could supply itself and the world for over 100 years. Hillary Clinton wants to continue down the seriously flawed path of using Green Energy, which has not helped and cannot produce as much as our fossil fuels.

On the other side of the coin, Donald Trump is willing to open up all areas to drill, build refineries, and create very well-paying jobs, not to mention produce a United States that does not need a single drop of oil from the Middle East.

If we wish to work for good wages and stop worrying about our oil supplies being cut by storms, invasions, or moods of the people in the Middle East, we just have to open what we have within our nation. We did not discuss the trillions of barrels of oil off our coastlines and in Alaska.  Those fields could hold more oil than we as a nation could ever need during our lifetime and well on into the future of our nation.  It also comes to the politics of today, where, on one side, we will continue as normal to be dependent upon our enemies in most cases. As Hillary Rodham Clinton wishes us to do.

But we could also go the other way with Donald Trump, where we, during the first term of his office, drill and begin producing what we have, and we do not have to worry about our enemies cutting us off for one reason or another or raising prices because they wish to make more money off our ignorance.  Our nation can out work and out produce all other nations in the world; we showed this during World War 2, and we can do it again.  It is a choice we as a people have to make: be dependent upon the government under a Democratic rule, or be free to work hard and enjoy the benefits of our nation and never have to worry about where we get our oil and jobs from.  No matter what, our nation would be great again if we used what our nation has and stopped being dependent upon the whims of our enemies. It is our choice: we can only hope for the best, but if we do not give the best a chance to move, we may well fail.

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