Oh, the Lies We Are Fed

This is an introduction to our current state of degraded economy, failing financial system, and the global ponzi scheme tied to the currency that is floating around our planet.

What is happening is a convergence of events unlike any the world has ever seen. The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, also known as the Plunge Protection Team, has kept the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 on a continually higher moving plane for over five years. If you just look at a chart for either of these two indices you will see an approximate 30 degree angle moving from left to right. This is unnatural; this is unsustainable.

Take a look at these five year charts for the DJIA and S&P:

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Let’s contrast this with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth over the same time period. Shouldn’t the Gross Domestic Product being moving in the same way the stock markets move? If the stock market is a representation of the companies creating the economy and the GDP is the measurement of what those companies are producing, the charts should “look” about the same, right? Well, take a look


source: tradingeconomics.com

Does the chart measuring Gross Domestic Product (GDP) look anything like the two equities charts? Not even in the same neighborhood. How can this be? Is this a demonstration of propaganda or simply a measure of how completely oblivious the citizens of the U.S. are to the world they live? There is no denying the fact laid bare for all to see, yet, the mass of people in this country believe our economy is nothing but rainbows and blue skies as far as the eye can see.

If rigging one market is beneficial then rigging all markets must be awesome! If we turn our attention to the most important of all the markets, gold and silver, we will see just how the above markets can be rigged without anyone questioning what is happening. Gold and silver act like a kind of thermometer to measure the health of an economy based on the supply of money in the system–all money, including your current debt owed on your “credit” card. If you understand that gold and silver are money, then you understand the money has to perform in a way that reflects the economy. If the money does not reflect what is happening in the economy then everyone would see there is a major problem and the veil would be lifted exposing the truth–that our economy is on life-support and fading fast. Currently, the temperature of our economy, as measured by gold and silver, appears to be low as the prices for these two pieces of money are low. How can that be? How can the charts above, that are supposed to be representations of the U.S. economy, reflect two completely different images? Introducing gold, specifically, and its trusted side kick, silver.

For the past several thousand years, gold has been money; it still is today, even though most Americans have no concept of this global principal. With all of the most important global markets having been determined to be rigged, in a court of law, it would make sense that the single most important measure of global economic health would be rigged as well.

See, why does the COMEX permit it? – Dr. Roberts

The COMEX is the futures market where silver is traded and the price, globally, is determined. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is where the price, globally, of gold is determined.

Here is a five year chart, the same time frame as used for the GDP, DJIA, and S&P above, that clearly shows the exact opposite of the above charts:


How many of you have heard of QE (Quantitative Easing)? QE or Quantitative Easing, is nothing more than Orwellian double-speak for money printing. The Federal Reserve has printed well over $3 TRILLION dollars in the past six years in order to keep the too big to prosecute banks alive. These banks that caused all the problems in 2007-2008 are still insolvent, even after six plus years of receiving free money from the Federal Reserve.

So, what does this mean? Well, if you look at the lack of growth in the U.S. GDP, a measure of all goods and services produced in the U.S., you will see the truth about how poorly the economy has been doing over the past five years. While gold, a measure of the health of the economy, has been moving in downward slide. Gold, since it is a “thermometer” and measurement against the amount of paper money in the system, should be moving in an upward fashion, due to the fact that the U.S. economy has been stagnate or slipping since 2007-2008 and the fact that Federal Reserve has given the banks trillions of dollars in new money.

Where do we go from here? If you are able to see, from the information above, that something is completely out of balance, then making decisions to protect yourself and your family would be prudent. Discussing with your family a strategy that fits your situation would be wise. If you have questions then you should get busy doing some research. As a suggestion, a good starting point would be Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money – Part I.” This is an excellent, five part series that is simple to follow and explains how money works and why gold and silver are important to possess, and it will teach you in about two and half hours what has taken me over seven years to learn. After digesting this information, you should have more questions regarding your personal situation, and that is where you are going to have to begin taking action. If you begin following The Daily Coin, you will be presented with solutions that will, hopefully, fit your needs. Remember, I am just a person, like you, who is trying to protect my family from what seems to be unsustainable global ponzi scheme designed to steal as much of my labor (wealth) as possible. My sole purpose for the remainder of my life is to do all I can to keep these criminals out of my living room, out of my life, and out of my wallet.


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