I realize that in today’s America, you can’t comment on Black society if you are not Black. But I’ll say this, as a pasty White dude: If I was a Black man, I’d be wondering right now whose side President Obama is on.

New numbers released by Big Brotha show that the unemployment rate among Black teenagers has jumped up to 38%. That’s nearly double the overall teen unemployment rate of 21%.

So far, the big plan announced by the rich, half-White progressive who’s running this train wreck is to raise the minimum wage. There are few measures so simple and easy-to-enact which could instantly result in even fewer unskilled, Black teens finding employment. I might start wondering just about now if the President has hidden Klan connections, if I was Black. He’s always been a staunch supporter of abortion, which began as an evil White woman’s crusade to eliminate minorities; and which has been disproportionately effective at that when it comes to Blacks in America. And now, here he is threatening to make sure that unskilled, young workers will be effectively priced out of the jobs market.

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In fact, I might start to wonder if the huge expansion of the Federal food stamp program, along with the ever-increasing money paid out to other entitlement programs (all of which are simply standing in the place of an actual job) are not ultimately meant as a back-door means of re-enslaving the most vulnerable members of my race.

I realize I have no right to comment in today’s Politically Correct America, so I’m thankful that others who can, do; like Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, and a growing host of Black people who will not be intimidated into silence. May their house be blessed with increase. I would also wish a pox upon the houses of all those who voted for Obama simply because he’s half-Black, but he’s already bringing that pox to them, so that curse would be superfluous. May these, rather, awaken in time to avert complete disaster.


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