Obama’s Transformation of America – Create an Entire Class of People Dependent on Government

As we watch the Affordable Care Act lay waste to the healthcare industry in America, the end game result will be a single payer system or socialized medicine; because it was not designed to make healthcare either available or affordable to all Americans, but designed to create such chaos, confusion and anger, that people would beg for a single payer system. Then the takeover of one sixth of this nation’s economy will be complete, and everybody will be dependent upon the government to save their very lives.

In my youth after my discharge from the United States Army, I worked a myriad of different jobs. My first job after being discharged was working as a hand on an oil rig (or “roughneck”) in central Texas. It was incredibly hard, physical work, but the pay was also very good. After that, I drifted across the United States, staying with different friends, who were still in the army, and trying to find work when and where I could. During that time in my life, I experienced hunger and poverty first hand, but it never occurred to me to ask the government for help. I was taught from a young age that taking a government hand-out was shameful. It took me years of struggle until I was able to have good credit and be able to buy my first home, a home I have lived in for over twenty years, and still do to this very day. I never envied people who had a better car than me, I was never jealous of those who had a larger house than myself. The way I figured it, I had been able, through hard work and sacrifice, to achieve the American dream.

However, during that time I have watched an entire generation of people in this country become addicted to social programs. You see, welfare is not, nor ever was, intended to get people out of poverty. The more certain politicians increased those programs and benefits, the harder it was to get out of poverty. So you could say that government is creating an entire “class” of people dependent on it, only to perpetuate itself. Liberal and Democrat politicians need those people, who are addicted to social programs, to vote for them so that they can keep their cushy, good paying, government jobs. Get the picture? If you can create an entire group of people who are completely dependent on you, you’ll always be in control. It’s the ultimate gag-reel.

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Throughout human history, there are countless examples of two types of people; the ruling class and those that serve the ruling class. We evolved eventually to form a middle class. Those who, through hard work and sacrifice, have managed to pull themselves out of poverty and live a comfortable life. There are always going to be the poor, and no matter how much money we throw at them to make their lives a little more comfortable, we ultimately are not helping them out of poverty. Everybody has heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, show him how to catch a fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Sadly, we are not doing that, because there are those that do not want to be self-reliant. Those individuals, who are content to live on hand-outs, will always be there asking for more. Man will always covet what his neighbor has, even though God commands otherwise.

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These are the kinds of people that Barrack Obama counts on; those who do not wish to work and are content to let others do for them. Over the last six years, he has worked tirelessly to create an entire society that is absolutely dependent upon the government, thereby cementing his position. He ferments jealousy and resentment against the rich, but ironically so, he needs the rich to give him money to further his endless campaign against them. Isn’t that a contradiction in itself? An entire generation of social parasites has been created, and voting is the only thing they do for a living.

I’ll tell you what that really is: Slavery.

That’s what the Democratic Party has always been about. It merely has been repackaged over the years to resemble “charity.”  Race and class warfare are despicable tactics used by those who wish to be the ruling class. Obama has done an absolute masterful job of using these Alinsky-style tactics to do just that during his time in office. Don’t you think if he really wanted to, he could bring us all together instead of pitting us against each other? That was his plan all along, and some, like myself, have seen this from day one.

But I don’t want you to think that I’m letting Republicans off the hook, because I’m not!

Let’s face it, the House of Representatives is and has been under Republican control for 4 years. During all that time, what have they been able to accomplish? The Tea Party put them there in 2010, and has kept them there, but as far as being grateful to their constituents and keeping their promise to actually do something to stop Barrack Obama…. not so much. To be quite frank, all I have seen over the last 4 years is political posturing, infighting and at the end of the day, Obama still continues to do whatever he wants. He has told congress that he doesn’t need them, because if they don’t rubber stamp whatever he wishes, he’ll just use his phone and pen to bypass them. But the horrible fear of being seen as a “racist” has stopped most of them in their tracks from doing anything about it. Congressmen and women could put a halt to Obama’s outrageous behavior any time they want, so why don’t they? Simple, they are afraid of him because of the color of his skin and don’t wish to be seen as “racist.” Do you think Obama would have gotten away with half of what he’s done if he were white?  No, and to prove that I have just two words for you – Bill Clinton.

Dr. Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave right now. Instead of being judged by the content of one’s character, we have elevated a man to the highest office in the land, merely by the color of his skin, because Obama’s resume certainly didn’t qualify him for the office he now holds. More importantly, his actions have certainly demonstrated just that.

I’m just saying out loud what the majority of Americans are thinking. Even Hillary is scared to death of Obama. As much as I can’t stand her, she should have been elected back in 2008 instead of him.

Remember all these things on Election Day in November.

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