Obama’s Sequester Failure

What we are about to reveal will make you squirm and wish you could go up to Barack Obama and just slap the smile off his face! We heard of all the terrible things that were going to happen due to the Sequester, but we must remember and take notice that the entire Sequester idea was based on what Obama had done in August of last year when no Budget came from the White House or Congress! We have to also realize that the Sequester was done in a way to Intentionally injure and have an effect to hurt certain areas to show just how bad it was and maybe, like most of the Obama Administration likes to do, “nudge” people into calling their Congressmen and say go ahead and do what Obama wants, the problem here is that Obama has yelled “wolf” one too many times and now people can see that he is Not a real President, but a “Wolf” in sheep clothing wishing to destroy the United States! We as a nation need to understand that the House of Representatives has come up with several budget plans only to have Harry Reid shoot them down in the Senate. Now let us take a quick look at Senator Harry Reid and see what lies in his closet.

Looking into Harry Reid and his background we go once again to; Discover The Networks,

Harry Reid has had to apologize to Obama for some remarks he made and Reid also seems to push the same ideology as Obama for forcing the people of the United States to move further towards the Socialistic ideology like those of Obama. This can be seen by the way Harry Reid has spoken and afforded his speeches to display his Socialistic approach.

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In January 2010, it was reported that a forthcoming book — Game Change, by Mark Halperin — quoted Senator Reid as having said, during the 2008 presidential campaign, that Barack Obama stood a good chance of winning because he is “light-skinned” and has “no negro dialect — unless he wants to.” Reid quickly issued a public apology for his remarks, saying: “I deeply regret using such a poor choice of words. I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African Americans for my improper comments.”

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On September 14, 2010, Reid announced that he would add the DREAM Act — which is designed to allow illegal-alien students to attend college at the reduced tuition rates normally reserved for in-state legal residents, and to earn conditional permanent residency and a path to citizenship — onto a defense policy bill which the Senate was scheduled to consider the following week. Reid’s hope was to force Republicans who wished to vote in favor of the defense bill — a measure that would normally pass with bipartisan support — to also vote for the DREAM Act.

On October 21, 2010, Reid told interviewer Ed Schultz that most voters in his state, because they personally were having financial struggles, were unable to appreciate the fact that “[b]ut for me, we’d be in a worldwide depression.” Reid was referring to the economic policies which he had pushed through the Senate since the economic downturn of 2008.

In July 2012, shortly after President Obama had announced his decision to extend the Bush tax cuts for another year for people earning $250,000 or less (while allow the tax cuts to expire for those earning more), Reid sidelined a Senate vote on Obama’s proposal. “It’s the help Paris Hilton legislation,” he said. “It would give people like her a tax break for doing nothing — $46 billion of the American people’s money to help Paris Hilton and others.”

For an overview of key votes that Reid has cast during his Senate career, click here.

Now we could go on with Harry Reid, but we are describing what has gone on with the sequester and how millions if not billions of tax payer dollars are spent supporting global ideologies and other grants The first and foremost of the grants we have chosen to show where your tax dollars are going while people are being laid off is the following;

Implementation Science for Strengthening Use of Evidence in Family Planning/Reproductive Health Programming (ISSUE FP/RH)


Document Type:

Grants Notice


Funding Opportunity Number:



Opportunity Category:



Posted Date:

Apr 02, 2013


Creation Date:

Apr 02, 2013


Original Closing Date for Applications:

May 16, 2013


Current Closing Date for Applications:

May 16, 2013


Archive Date:



Funding Instrument Type:

Cooperative Agreement


Category of Funding Activity:



Category Explanation:



Expected Number of Awards:



Estimated Total Program Funding:



Award Ceiling:



Award Floor:



CFDA Number(s):



Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:



 Here we can see 150 million dollars of your Tax money going to this grant, even while people within our nation will be laid off! Now just how can this be? But wait, there is more, a lot more! Below is the Description given for this “Grant” of $150,000,000!


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Office of Population and Reproductive Health (PRH), in the Bureau of Global Health (GH), seeks applications for a Cooperative Agreement from eligible for-profit, not-for-profit, or private voluntary organizations (PVO) (and any combination of those organizations) for a program titled “Implementation Science for Strengthening Use of Evidence in FP/RH Programming (ISSUE FP/RH)”. The authority for the RFA can be found in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended. USAID’s objective with this solicitation is: Strategic generation, translation, and use of new and existing evidence to improve FP/RH programming worldwide. Specifically, USAID seeks assistance to: • Generate evidence through high quality research to increase the effectiveness of FP/RH programming; • Synthesize and share existing and new evidence to accelerate scale-up of evidence-based FP/RH programming; and • Provide technical assistance for use of evidence to improve FP/RH programming worldwide. (See: http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&oppId=228953 )

Here we see $150,000,000 going to “the Bureau of Global Health (GH).” Why do we send $150,000,000 to a “Global Health” group while the United States has to have sequestration? Does this make any sense to send 150 million dollars to a “Global” group while children in the United States go hungry every night? Does this make any sense when we have over 670,000 homeless people that this 150 million dollars could help? Does this make any sense at all to send 150 million dollars anywhere while we have a “Sequester” going on?

Here’s another one:

Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ) activity


Here we see a Reading enhancement program going outside of our nation while millions of children within our nation could use this funding. Let us also remember that President Obama had stated, “We will see teachers laid off…” now here we as a people should wake up and scream as loud as we can and send our Senators and representatives letters asking why are we sending grant to other nations while our nation is laying people off and closing the White House tours? By the way, the following grant going to Bangladesh, is for some $15,400,000, now let us say that instead of sending this money to Bangladesh, we keep it here to keep the White House tours open. Just how long could White House tours be allowed with the $15,400,000? That would allow the Tours at the White House to Continue for 208 weeks! But let us go further, let us instead of using all of this $15,400,000 for White House tours, we split it into 4 different parts and then we have some $3,850,000 to use for White House tours, $3,850,000 for Education, $3,850,000 for the homeless, and $3,850,000 towards the FAA to keep the smaller airports open for a short while!

The reason behind this grant is as follows:


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bangladesh is issuing this Request for Applications (RFA) for a four year Cooperative Agreement entitled “USAID’s Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ) activity in Bangladesh. This activity will support improved early grade reading skills in selected low performing districts in Bangladesh. The primary objective of the activity is: Improved reading skills in early grade students, as measured by an increase in oral reading fluency. The activity is comprised of four related intermediate results (IRs): IR 1: Increased Use of Evidence-based, interactive reading instruction IR 2: Improved Use of Early Grade Reading Assessment IR 3: Expanded provision and use of supplementary reading materials IR 4: Increased Community Support of Early Grade Literacy.

Now here the $15,400,000 is spelled out to go to Bangladesh to “educate” children that will grow up in a foreign nation with a better education than those in the United States that could well use the $15,400,000 for the same purpose noted in this grant.

Now we see President Obama standing on stages all over the United States saying the sequester, he had designed, did not have to happen. He will blame the Republicans for the actions taken by sequestration even while he knows of these grants going to foreign nations! Obama could stop all grants to everyone and tell them all our nation needs this money right now to keep people working instead of forcing sequestration upon the very people he wishes to vote for the Democrats in the next election! We have a lot more to show, but just these two grants could help run more of our nation rather than be sent overseas to people that may need it, but are not going to contribute to our work force. As a matter of fact, most of the nations that these grants are sent to produce goods for pennies on the dollar while our factories are shutting down!

Now just how long will “WE THE PEOPLE” allow Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Socialists, and the Republicans to continue to send money as grants to people in other nations while people here in the United States are forced to suffer? If “WE THE PEOPLE” do nothing and continue to allow these types of grants to continue to be allowed, we will be assisting in the failure of the United States! It is time to take action and question why we have a sequester failure while we send millions upon millions to other nations and people instead of taking care of the United States first. If you wish to see grants like these and many more that show millions and maybe even billions of your tax dollars being given away as grants to foreign nations, just check out the USAID.

Wake up People, before you find out that we have no money and the United States is no more!

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