Obama’s Record Demonstrates Reason For Coverup Of Benghazi

This is the final article in the series on Barack Obama’s “firsts” as President of the United States. The list is long and undistinguished as you can see from the previous articles. Obama’s record may just be the very insight needed to understand that his character is that of an anti-American. Let’s just begin with the fact that only three times, in all the years since D-Day 1945, that a President failed to go to the D-Day Monument that was built to honor the soldiers killed during the Invasion. The President and occasions were:

1. Barack Obama 2010

2. Barack Obama 2011

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3. Barack Obama 2012

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For the past 68 years, all presidents, except Obama, have paid tribute to the fallen soldiers killed on D-Day.

This year, instead of honoring the soldiers, he made a campaign trip on Air Force 1 to California to raise funds for the upcoming election.

Obama is the first President to sue states for enforcing immigration laws passed by Congress.

This one by itself is perhaps the most insulting of many of them. It shows that Obama has no respect for the law, even as it is written by the very Congress he is supposed to assist! Maybe it is because of the drug smugglers that he does not want this to take place. No one can understand how a sitting President can go out and declare that the states cannot enforce federal or state laws in dealing with criminals illegally coming across our borders.

Obama is the first President to see America lose its status as the world’s largest economy.

Under Obama, our nation has borrowed much more than it has made. Are we, as a people, supposed to allow this man to continue on his destructive path he is taking our nation? We should be yelling at the top of our lungs to get rid of him!

Obama is the first President to redistribute $26.5 billion of the taxpayers’ funds to his union supporters in the UAW (United Auto Workers).

Now does Obama’s ideology of “redistributing the wealth” hit a nerve here? It should because this is NOT a principle our nation was built upon! We as a people before his election had worked hard to obtain what we have gained and now Obama wants to take from those whom have made money through their hard work to just hand it out to those who are just too lazy to even think about working? This is not the United States our forefathers had envisioned!

Obama is the first President to threaten an auto company, Ford Motor Company, after it publicly mocked bailouts of GM and Chrysler. (Source: Detroit News)

Obama did in fact threaten Ford, but this company looked at him and laughed because they did not need a bailout and they refused to abide by the Obama rules! Many more companies need to do this before Obama shuts them all down and no one can find a job!

Obama is the first President to attempt to bully a major manufacturing company into not opening a factory in a right-to-work state (Boeing’s facility in South Carolina).

This is one of Obama’s “firsts” that did make big news mainly because South Carolina refused to bow down to the tyrant Obama! South Carolina was just doing business and trying to get a manufacturing plant for the people of the state and Obama once again interfered with that because Obama’s Union friends did not like the idea of a non-union State doing work that they felt “entitled” to!

Obama is the first President to endanger the stability of the electric grid by shutting down hundreds of coal-fired plants without adequate replacement technologies.

This is where Obama has gone way too far with his powers not given to him by anyone! Obama stated just before his campaign for President, “Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Now what did Obama mean about this? He meant that he was going to shut down all the coal plants through his “Cap and Trade” ideology and when Congress from both side refused to pass that trash legislation, Obama went out and told Lisa Jackson of the EPA to use the very same rules to shut down coal plants! It has happened and people that voted for Obama are the very people being hurt the most by his tyranny!

Obama is the first President to have his EPA repudiated by a federal judge for “overstepping its powers” when they attempted to shut down coal operations in Appalachia (Source: Huffington Post)

Here again, Obama was using the people he appointed to do his evil doings. This truly hurts the very people that Obama said he wants to help! But this man has no need for those below him except for their vote and after that he will not look upon them! Obama has gone well beyond what any President before him has ever done, even during times of war!

Obama is the first President to have his Interior Department held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here is where Obama thought he could edge out the oil industry in Louisiana by shutting them down after the BP oil spill. Obama does not worry about laws. They are nothing but mere obstructions to him! It almost sounds as if he were a pure dictator rather then an elected President!

Obama is the first President to lie repeatedly to the American people about the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three other diplomatic personnel for purely political reasons. (Source: Roger Simon)

Here the entire story is yet to be totally opened. It is no wonder that Obama did, in fact, make up the huge lie about some stupid movie clip that had been out since around June. Obama did not want the people to know that these men were murdered on September 11, 2012. This would have obviously caused problems for Obama since he has claimed that Al-Qaeda is on the run. This is very close to what happened to another President when he tried to hide facts by creating a “fictional’ idea of what really happened. Most should remember the Watergate Scandal of President Nixon.

It looks like Obama wanted and still wants to blame a movie clip made and put out months before for the explosion of uprisings against the United States instead of the truth. Al Quaeda is still around and growing and Obama had a 9/11 on his watch, one by the way that could well have been prevented had he allowed for more security, especially after the very people killed had requested more security!

To top all of this off, the other lie passed around about the Republicans taking money out of the security pot fell apart under questioning by Congress when one of the people called said that the cuts had nothing to do with what was requested! Yes, this is Obama’s September 11th that he just does not want to own up to and he continues to say it was due to a film clip that really had no place or part in the attack. Yet, Obama does not like to use the term “terrorist” because it probably inflames the Muslims!

Obama is the first President to openly defy a congressional order not to share sensitive nuclear defense secrets with the Russian government.(Sources: ABC News, Rep. Michael Turner)

This is as close to treason as it gets and yet no one has the gall or backbone to open this can of worms up! Here it should be brought out just how Obama has become a man whom has come so very close to being a treasonous individual that it really is sad since no president has ever done this to the nation they swore an allegiance to!

Obama is the first President to leak highly classified military and intelligence secrets to Hollywood in order to promote a movie that could help his re-election campaign.

This betrays our secret source of fighting men that has never been done like this before. This action, by Obama, may well have cost the very lives of a special Seal team since their location was known to the enemy before they even arrived, Due to very bad rules of engagement, our own gun ships could not fire upon the enemy because they might have hit innocent civilians. Here Obama is a rat in many eyes due to his total incompetence of this action!

Obama is the first President to terminate America’s ability to put a man into space. (Sources: USA Today, ABC News)

This is an outright disgrace to shut down what was the best in the world, as far as, space programs go and than to send the space agency out to proclaim that the Muslims had helped the space program out so much. What is Obama thinking? Was he high on some sort of medication? Maybe part of his objective was to make the United States second and maybe even last in the space race! Obama has done a total disservice to the nation and he should be kicked out by the seat of his pants for doing this to our nation!

Obama is the first President to press for a “treaty giving a U.N. body veto power over the use of our territorial waters and rights to half of all offshore oil revenue.” (The Law Of The Sea Treaty)

Why did Obama even think of this, much less try it? Once again, Obama has used the power of his office to destroy our nation and form it into what he wanted when he was taking up the Marxist ideology back at Occidental College. Just five days before the election Obama did in fact state, “We are five days away from fundamentally changing America.” Obama said it and here he shows he wants to give up the very sovereignty of the United States so that the United Nations can take money from our country’s oil and use it to do as they see fit, not to mention that had this gone through, a United States citizen could be tried by the United Nations if they violated some sort of United Nations’ law while on their own private boat. Now that is treason and yet no one has called Obama out on that!

Obama is the first President to send $200 million to a terrorist organization (Hamas) after Congress had explicitly frozen the money for fear it would fund attacks against civilians. (Sources: American Thinker, The Independent [UK])

What is wrong with this picture? Obama sends money to the very people so intent on destroying our nation because we believe in freedom and a different God? This is one question that pops up all through here because no one within the, so-called, news media has ever asked that! These questions must be answered before November 6, 2012 or Obama will continue to transform our nation and make it into some sort of Muslim capital or something of the sort!

Obama is the first President to insert himself into White House biographies of past Presidents. (Source: The New York Times).

Now this shows just how vain Obama really is. He could not wait for anything. He had to do it himself. Maybe it is because he may not have been included had he not done it himself!

Obama is the first President to golf 105 or more times in his first three-and-a-half years in office.

Now we know why things at presidential levels were not done. Obama was out playing Golf while our economy was diving into the abyss!

This concludes the lists of “firsts” by by Barack Hussein Obama. It must be noted that since the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack at Benghazi, Obama has lied about the incident and has not, as of yet, made an accurate statement about the attack attack. Obama will not come out and say that this was due to Al Qaeda. He has tried to blame this on some video clip that was not even a factor in these attacks by the terrorists! How can we as a nation vote for an individual who has lied, been a coward about exposing facts, and been so detrimental to our nation, a nation Obama had taken an oath to uphold and defend its Constitution, while he has done all he could to destroy what he swore to protect.

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth and final article in a series. Read Part One. Read Part Two. Read Part Three.

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