On Obama’s Organizing & It’s Marxist Results

In his book “Radical in Chief,” Stanley Kurtz does a fantastic job of highlighting Obama’s involvement in socialist conferences in the early 1980’s. He describes a Barrack Obama that nobody knows, as he dives deep into the origins of his desires to become a community organizer. Having been trained in social work, I know what many Americans do not understand, that community organizing is simply another, nicer sounding word for communist agitator. It is easy to imagine this. However, as on any given day, Americans are provided the opportunity to witness President Obama execute his rabble rousing skills almost flawlessly as he tells one lie after another in an effort to keep the American people divided. Many people have seen the video in which Barrack Obama admits to hanging around the Marxist Professors as well as other “radicalized” students. Stanley Kurtz cites one of Obama’s classmates, John Drew, as admitting that Obama had a belief that a violent Marxist revolution was still a possibility in the United States. John Drew incidentally is now a converted republican.

Kurtz also connects Obama’s organizing dreams with his desires to connect with his “African American” heritage. We all know that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama has a Kenyan father and a white American mother. According to Kurtz, Obama’s Kenyan father was, in fact, a socialist who had a firm belief that socialism was a central theme to overcoming the struggles of the black man. This was evident, according to Kurtz in his East African Journal article entitled “Problems Facing our Socialism.” What Kurtz goes onto suggest is that this fact connects some dots in the way we know Obama idolized his father, and, he had likely come to find a way to identify with him and his struggles through the profession of community organizing. Kurtz reveals on page 97 that while Obama claims that he was interested in bridging the divide between different ethnic groups, he organized exclusively within the black communities. That, in and of itself isn’t a startling revelation; however, when you combine it with a revolutionary Marxist attitude and a fundamental belief that America is flawed, as he so readily admits, you have a potential firestorm brewing.

Since the election in 2008 America has been witness to the rampant use of the “race card” for anything, and I mean anything that was said in opposition to President Obama. Today it is still used even though the word itself has lost all meaning and those using it appear foolish, at best. We have also witnessed the elevation of the man to almost God like status as voters young and old absolutely refused to question anything he said. This was particularly so among a vast majority of black Americans. By all rights, the election of Barrack Obama should have been a celebratory occasion for blacks; it was after all a historic election. Five years later blacks find themselves worse off than they were. They suffer the highest unemployment numbers, and as the countries poor significantly increase under Obama’s policies, conditions for poor blacks continue to deteriorate. We all know of course that America’s racist history that we hear liberal democrats continually preach to us about was actually their own doing. Democrats have a history stained with the blood of racism and republicans have a history of standing for civil rights, yet a little welfare and the promise of free money has changed all of that. Many Americans are very frustrated with these facts as blacks continually vote for failed policies that keep them enslaved to government welfare while blaming republicans for not helping.

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I find it appropriate on this day that Senator Ted Cruz is standing in filibuster to mention that the longest filibuster in the 1900’s goes to a democrat senator who for over 24 hours filibustered the civil rights legislation introduced by republicans.

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Understanding the purpose of community organizing and the need for democrat politicians to keep poor blacks on the welfare rolls makes it a lot easier to see what may really be going on here. Given the picture painted by Kurtz, and knowing the job of community organizers is to stir up the hate and discontent, you can’t help but ask yourself if the conditions are being purposely set so that there is an illusion of institutionalized racism for the purpose of organizing blacks. Let me elaborate. As we speak, the issue of school choice is a hot topic. As The Common Core Curriculum slowly tightens its tentacles, school choice is rapidly vanishing. Currently, the Obama administration, along with the Holder Justice Department, is filing a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana for implementing a program that would allow for school choice. The program was designed explicitly for the purpose of helping the inner city minorities who are considered to be “generational poverty.” By filing this lawsuit, Obama and Holder are forcing these poor inner city kids to stay in failing schools and many parents are furious about it. You can read about the lawsuit here.

This is a prime example of Obama saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. He claims to care about the poor, and he goes on and on about fairness and equality and yet he is attempting to force these kids to stay in the same cycle of failure. No doubt so that when they grow up there will be no place else for them to turn except for a government that will gladly “organize them for action” against an imaginary enemy. This reminds me of being told by a fellow student that my opinions were “B.S.” for daring to challenge the professor’s assertion that blacks had to act white to be successful.

The institutionalized racism the left always screams about is the institutionalized racism they instituted by convincing blacks that they needed government in order to survive in the greedy white man’s world. Only in a world dominated by the mental disorder of liberalism can an honest man that believes blacks are just as capable as whites be called a racist, while believing blacks can’t succeed without the help of the educated elite is considered compassionate. Blacks are being taught to hate, and as a result they are committing horrendous crimes against whites across the nation. They are being set up to fail for the purpose of being brought under the umbrella of Obama’s socialism. Fortunately, the foolishness of filing lawsuits such as the one in Louisiana will work in our favor as people will question why their dear leader would want to keep children in poor failing schools, at least you would think it would. Maybe my opinion has been a little tainted. After all, it is influenced by my own experience with radical, social work professors. One of whom said this to me, and I quote: “Those free market principles would work to bring a lot of people out of poverty but then so many social workers would be out of a job.”

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