Obama’s New Strategy: Push Republicans to Impeach Him

The latest in a string of lies told by democrats to their voter base is, “if Republicans win the mid-term elections, they’ll impeach Barack Obama.” Now, as great as that may sound to those die-hard’s on the far right, House speaker John Boehner has unequivocally stated, that is not on the Republican agenda. The reasons for this are actually quite simple. If Republicans in Congress do plan a move like that, it will rally the opposition to protect the president at all costs. Any Republican currently serving in congress should know, that to carry the impeachment banner, is a virtual political death sentence. Members of Obama’s own administration know this, so they are using this as a means to get their supporters fired-up to get them to donate more money and drive them to the polls in November. Independent voters are fed-up with Obama, but they don’t want to see the guy impeached. And there is absolutely, not one single republican politician right now  wants to be the guy that impeaches Americas first black president.. That would be political suicide and the end of his/her political career. 

Democrats know that they literally have nothing in the way of any kind of successful track record in the last six years to run on. So they have to create false narratives to get their voter base of illegal aliens, communists, environmentalists, homosexuals, welfare parasites, feminists, “enlightened” liberal progressives (did I miss anybody?) and low information voters in general, angry enough to win the mid-term elections for them. Nothing fires-up a loyal voter base, like the possibility of the impeachment of the first black president in American history.

For the last four years, the lie of the “Republican war on women” has done rather well, but if one looks too closely at the truth, you will see that it is Democrats who really don’t care all that much about women or women’s rights. One of the latest narratives is concerning the minimum wage debate is, while raising the federal minimum wage sounds really good, the consequences of such a move would cost more jobs. Employers already saddled with a plethora of costly new taxes and regulations , coupled with the abortion that is the Affordable Care Act, if they are forced into paying more money in wages, they will simply lay-off more employee’s to balance operating costs while desperately trying to retain some measure of their already slim profit margins. But corporations aren’t really people  (as the left is so fond of stating), they’re just evil, bloated entities that prey upon the working class and the poor, that only exist to make some evil old white men richer than they already are.

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The lie of “Man made global warming” being easily disproved early on in his first term, was then shifted to “Climate Change.” And while this lie laid slightly dormant, it has re-surfaced with a vengeance. With his re-election Obama has been the standard bearer for this lie and has enacted a firestorm of new environmental regulations and taxes. The EPA has exponentially grown into a fierce, saber-toothed, voracious beast. Filled with power mad  bureaucrats, who are now armed with automatic weapons, who will storm onto your property to either shut-down any alleged instances of polluters violating poor, helpless mother earth, or even confiscating a Land Rover from a private citizen. And with the EPA, the IRS and the BLM becoming the new “Storm Troopers” or attack dogs for Obama, people are starting to see the truth.

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And that brings us to (my personal favorite) the “race card.” Now, while I was one of many that did his homework on then candidate Barack Obama in 2008, after the election I thought,”OK, he won, so let’s give this guy a chance and see what he can do.” I was actually quite proud that America had come so far, as to elect a black man as President of the United States of America. But those hopes were quickly dashed when President Obama started blaming all our problems on G.W. Bush. Then that narrative expanded to “greedy corporations” are to blame for all our troubles. As the “Blame Game,” went further and it was revealed that Obama really didn’t know what he was doing, he made a last ditch effort to prevent from being seen as a total idiot, and played the “race card” at any and every opportunity to deflect from his incompetence and poor job performance, using the bodies of rich, white liberals as a bullet proof vest. This is a fate that any self-respecting white progressive liberal is happy to accept, as he will be seen as a martyr and protector of African-Americans by those in his country club.

Now the call has gone out to prevent the Republicans from impeaching president Obama. Why would they be saying that? Is it because it is a convenient lie that they know their voter base will eagerly swallow, or do Democrats know that Obama has finally pushed his over reach of presidential powers past his limit? Either way, it sure has raked-in the cash! So far, in just a very short amount of time, over $2,000,000.00 has been raised. where on God’s green earth do these people get all that money to throw away on a politician? That money could feed, clothe and house 1000 deserving homeless veterans.

And really, isn’t that what this all about anyway, money? Democrats spend more money being elected by far than their Republican opponents, getting entire cemeteries across America to vote Democrat doesn’t come cheap, nor does inundating the air-waves with lies and slanderous material. That costs a fortune too. But, as long as their is a guilty, rich, white liberal, a rabid homosexual, angry feminist, crazy earth loving environmentalist, a welfare parasite or communist to write a check, there is nothing to worry about.

But as far as impeachment goes, nobody is stupid enough to step on that bear trap!

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