Obama’s New EPA Cap and Trade Measures Will Cost You More Money for Energy

If there is any doubt about the uselessness or irrelevance of Congress, one should look no further than the executive powers that will be used in the next months to inflict cap and trade in the form of imposing carbon dioxide emissions trading systems throughout the nation. Next month, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to reveal its regulations for existing US power plants that will institute cap and trade along with other “anti-fossil fuel policies on US states.” The cap and trade option will be one option the EPA gives to states in order to curtail their carbon dioxide emissions.

According to the Daily Caller:

The Wall Street Journal reported the EPA’s proposal will “include a cap and trade component where a limit is set on emissions and companies can trade allowances or credits for emissions” to meet new federal rules. The journal added that power plant “operators could trade emissions credits or use other offsets in the power sector, such as renewable energy or energy-efficient programs, to meet the target.”

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The plan is being sold as a “flexible” one. By allowing states a menu of policy options to meet federal mandates, the standards will ostensibly meet the unique needs of each individual state. But the stark reality behind the proposal is that it will be a boon for states that have already imposed cap and trade systems – which are overwhelmingly Democratic states.

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The states will be offered a “menu of policy options” from the EPA. At first glance, it sounds reasonable. However, the states are not going to dinner at the local Applebee’s, where the menu is varied, so it’s safe to say those options will be limited. It will be like going to a restaurant that only serves chicken – the only difference is the way it’s cooked and served. Anyway, you look at it, it’s still chicken. And since the “unique needs of each individual state” must be met, one should question whether the “menu of policy options” that will be more a one-meat-fits-all market just cooked and served differently will truly meet the unique needs of each state.

It’s pointless to tout the un-Constitutionality of the EPA and their Nazi style edicts and regulations. Who besides the choir is listening? Congress certainly isn’t and will not stop this madness leading this country into a tyrannical, over-bearing, dictatorship intent on subjugating and ruling the masses.

As it stands now, the EPA regulations will require the utility sector to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 25% in the coming decades. These new limits, applicable to all existing power plants, are set to place new burdens on states reliant on coal and raise prices of electrical power as more coal-fired plants are retired. The US Chamber of Commerce is poised to release a study outlining the economic costs of the EPA’s new carbon dioxide regulations, which will most likely find the costs staggering.

According to Dan Byers, senior director for policy for the US Chamber of Commerce’s energy arm, “We anticipate it to be unprecedented in cost and complexity.”

No need to rehash what the religion of environmental worship thinks about these regulations – it’s a waste of space. However, it has to be said that the National Resource Defense Council is also slated to release it own study on the economic impact of these EPA regulations. According to this group, “mandating emission limits would spur jobs in energy efficiency and green power and lower electricity bills and pollution levels.”

The question is, “Since when has any regulation, policy or legislation come out of Washington that was designed to spur the economy, increase jobs and reduce the cost of anything that actually worked?” In fact, one could guess the opposite has occurred.

It should come as no surprise the coal industry disagrees with the National Resource Defense Council (this term sounds like a law firm representing Mother Earth against a criminal charge). America has seen the effects of Obama’s war on coal since the building of new coal-fired plants has been banned unless the plant invests in costly clean unproven technology.

Hal Quinn, president of the National Mining Association, said, “The impact will not only be to greatly increase electricity rates, putting US manufacturing at a competitive disadvantage, but [also to] jeopardize reliability of the nation’s electric grid.”

And there, in one sentence is the true intent of Obama’s war on coal.

Currently, coal is responsible for providing 40% of this country’s electricity. That rate has declined in recent years because of strict environmental regulations and competition from natural gas. With the retirement of some coal plants occurring this year, power prices are expected to increase by 4%. That increase in price can expect to rise as more and more coal-fired power plants will in effect retire or be close due to an increase in regulations. By 2020, power prices are expected to rise an additional 13% which does not include the cost of the EPA’s upcoming new regulations.

According to Lauren Sheehan, spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, Obama is peddling his climate change agenda in hopes of procuring a presidential legacy while disregarding how American businesses and consumers are going to meet the increase in costs. She states there has been nothing but silence from the administration when confronted with this issue of businesses and consumers meeting the increased costs.

Sheehan claims, “Given the current path we’re on, the administration is gambling with the livelihoods of hardworking Americans and is threatening to tip our country over the edge in costly and unreliable energy policies. And once we go over that ledge, there’s no coming back.”

What else can you expect from a community organizer? There is no forethought for consequences or effects of policy that occur – there is only rallying support for ideals, be they practical or impractical.

As seen with this administration, the policies border more on the impractical side of things. Just as Harry Reid has developed some obsessive-compulsive disorder regarding the Koch brothers and is willing to gut the First Amendment, Obama has developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder involving the coal industry and the use of coal for electrical power. It doesn’t matter what has to be done, whether it is harmful or not, for Obama, getting rid of that evil coal is what is needed to produce more instability in this nation in order to further his agenda – the destruction of America.

This is just the beginning of regulations for when the government is done busting the coal industry, electricity becomes a luxury reserved only for the elite and wealthy, and their “climate change/global warming” abatements are ineffective, it will be time to cap and trade or tax the air you breath and the carbon dioxide you emit, your pets emit, your livestock emits and any creature that runs through your yard or lives in your yard emits. They will be ineffective because there is no global warming and there will always be climate change (weather is never stagnant). While power plants struggle to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, cows still fart and belch and so does everyone else on the planet. Once this gets started, there is no limiting it.

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