Secretary of State Kerry went before the American people to make the case for a senseless, goal-less military action in Syria. The President is sending America into yet another unauthorized war and he couldn't make the case himself. He sent a suit in to tell the American people. Obama couldn't get behind his own war plan. Has any President ever sent in an underling to tell the American people we were going to war?

All of the tyrants and barbarians Obama sucked up and deferred to these past six years are showing him their appreciation by kicking his sorry, weak ass to the curb. The apology tours through Europe! The abandonment of our allies! Obama's anti-freedom foreign policy has changed the dynamic of the whole world.

President Citizen of the World hasn't an ally in the world. President Nobel Peace Prize Winner is going to war alone. And he has treated our one true friend in the Middle East, Israel, abominably. And Israel will be on the receiving end of the enmity of Syria and Iran. The Israelis are waiting on lines for hours for gas masks. A Syrian army force warns that a US attack on Syria would justify retaliation against Israel. And the New York Times reports that Iran warns that a US strike on Syria would lead to retaliation on Israel, fanned by "the flames of outrage." The commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps warns that such a strike on Syria "will result in the imminent destruction of the Zionist regime of Israel."

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Nir Elias/Reuters: Israelis received gas mask kits at a distribution point in Tel Aviv.

Nir Elias/Reuters: Israelis received gas mask kits at a distribution point in Tel Aviv.

Israelis line up to collect gas mask kits at a distribution center on Aug. 29, 2013. (Jack Guez/Getty Images)

Israelis line up to collect gas mask kits at a distribution center on Aug. 29, 2013. (Jack Guez/Getty Images)

So it is the Jews, whom Obama has betrayed and routed at every turn, who will suffer the catastrophic consequences of Obama's Middle East pro-jihadic follies.

George W. Bush, the object of endless scorn and derision, had 30 countries behind him a "Coalition of the Willing" that supported us, joined us, sent troops. Obama, OTOH, has no one. Not even Congress. Not even the American people. The effete commander in chief is going it alone. How's returning the Winston Churchill statue working out for you, Mr. President?

Obama can't turn to our reliable allies in Eastern Europe. He abandoned Eastern Europe when he scrapped our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, in submission to Putin's wishes. Can't ask them for support now, can you, Mr. President. Obama brought the missile defense shield program in Eastern Europe to an end. He deserted our Eastern European allies in an "appalling appeasement of Russian aggression and a willingness to sacrifice American allies on the altar of political expediency." He left our best friends defenseless in the face of an increasingly aggressive Vladimir Putin. And what did Obama get for this? The shirtless horseman shit all over him.

Obama can pretend he has a friend in the feckless, faithless French.  Yes, they support America going into Syria *wink* *wink* but not with any actual military support or action. Words are cheap, and the French are plenty cheap.

One of my Euro readers wrote me, "Germans I know are really scared concerning Syria and USA intervention. In my years here THIS is the FIRST time people I know have brought up a "war issue" concern entirely on their own into conversation. They sense a possible "Archduke of Ferdinand" response igniting a World War too close to home. Since BO entered the scene all Hell has broken loose in every possible corner and nook and cranny. His failures are so epidemic, so unprecedented in modern history. He has the opposite of the King Midas touch."

If there is one thing you can be sure of is ... you can't be sure of anything. There is no way of knowing what the unintended consequences will be of Obama's folly of launching cruise missiles against Syria.

The fact is the world was a far safer place under Bush. America was respected under Bush. We were influential under Bush. Today, America is but a shadow of her former self. When Obama went strutting across the world early in his presidency, it was on the backs of previous Presidents (Bush, Reagan)  who had demonstrated muscular diplomacy and insured peace through strength.

Obama's credibility has been "irreparably damaged."

Ambassador John Bolton: "I think what we have to do now is explain to the rest of the world that basically we're in a 1200 day period when the president is not going to be effective but that doesn't mean America can't be reinstated into its proper place once we get a real president in Washington.

I don't think you look at a president like this – he's not going to change in the last 1200 days. It's just going to get worse."

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