Obama’s Immigration Problem

President, a title I use very lightly in referring to a man such as Obama, Obama seems to have few friends south of the border. I have tried to obtain some idea of the intelligence level of the people of Mexico and Honduras where most of the illegal aliens come from. What I have found is a society south of the Border of the United States of a people that have, on the average, an 8th grade education and this education does not teach English. In most cases it just does not meet standards like those here in the United States. An article by Israel Ortega, posted on March 8, 2012, shows a Mexican Government trying to bring the education of their people to a higher level. In the article, it refers to a film titled De Panzanzo or as the article loosely translates to, “Barely Passing.” A passage from the article titled, The Birth of a Mexican Education Reform Movement? shows some insight of the education level of the Mexican people.

“Opening in theaters all across Mexico, the documentary titled De Panzanzo—loosely translated to “Barely Passing”—is a hard-hitting film exposing the sorry state of the Mexican public school system. According to the film, roughly 54 out of every 100 Mexican students will fail to receive a high school diploma. As a result, Mexicans, on average, spend only about 8.6 years in school. In other countries, such as Norway and Canada, students average about 13.2 years in school.”

This would seem to show a very good reason for not allowing some 12 million undereducated people to become low level Citizens of the United States, especially when they are illegally here! However, this is one of the reasons so many are jumping the fence, and in some cases just walking across the border. It has been stated by some that in Texas, border security is so bad that all people have to do is walk across the border just a few miles from the nearest town then they can move anywhere they wish to within the United States!

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Mexico does have a huge problem with education, as does Honduras, which lies just below Mexico. Honduras has the same problem with their children obtaining a good education. For those who wish to have an uneducated voter to go to the polls and vote them back in office every year, this would be a perfect storm blowing.

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Take a look at another huge problem south of our border when it comes to education. Once again referring back to the article:

“What’s behind the poor state of the Mexican public school system?

The answer, among other things, is a familiar one: little accountability, careless spending, little competition, and a powerful teachers union that is more concerned with protecting teachers than student educational achievement.

Led by its powerful president, Elba Esther Gordillo (known simply as “La Maestra” or the teacher), the union works behind the scenes to ensure that Mexican politicians agree to her demands in exchange for her political and monetary support. Gordillo’s tactics have worked splendidly in helping to secure generous salaries, benefits, and tenure for Mexican teachers.

In Mexico, many of the least educated often look to emigrate as a way of improving their lives and providing their children with better prospects for a life out of destitution.”

Now just where have we heard this at? But the best is yet to come. Let us switch gears and go to the Honduras where many people from that country do sneak into the United States through Mexico. It is here that we can see that education from both places is low. The average education there is between 6th to 8th grade and about 70 percent of the people live in poverty. The average worker makes about $320 a month. This is why they, along with the people in Mexico, are so inclined to come to the United States, even illegally, since they make on the average almost 3 times more per month than they could make in their own nation.

Many who live south of our border cannot even afford gasoline since it is about $4.36 per gallon and few make enough to keep any of their vehicles running for an entire month with them just making a little over $320 a month. For the most part, many of the children only learn 3 words out of 10 of English, which is why they seldom talk English when they come into the United States illegally.

The people south of our borders make fun of the people in the United States saying that the people of the United States must really be stupid re-electing Obama. They do not like Obama and are kind of leery of his actions and what he does. Many are very uncertain of Obama and take anything he says with a grain of salt, except when it comes to his policy on immigration. Many of them are just waiting to see what happens and if it will matter to try and go to the United States illegally or not.

When we asked one individual that lives in Honduras about what the people there and in other countries south of the US think about Barack Obama and the US, he made some very concerning statements. Most of the people south of the border believe that it was a huge mistake to re-elect Obama. They have a high regard for the history and heritage of the United States and believe that the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” are the foundation of the United States. They believe that the very words are born out of the foundation of the United States and should never be turned away from. They also say that they believe in a God fearing nation and worry that Obama is leading the nation away from that heritage.

The people south of our border also maintain the idea that Obama is out to destroy the United States economy and they believe this because what happens in the United States is felt in their nation maybe 100 times worse. They even consider Obamacare a total joke and dislike the very idea of it because it does not work in some of their nations. They believe it could bring trouble to the United States. They held great distaste for the way Obama went on exclusive vacations while the nation was having trouble with the economy.

We will take a quick look at the people of Honduras. This is where a lot of the illegal aliens come from, second to Mexico. The reasons become apparent when one sees what they make down there. Let us consider the police and what they make and what the education level is supposed to be. By the way, the national average wage of a person in Honduras is about $300 a month so if they came to the United States, they would make close to that in a week not a month.

Just take a look below at the qualifications for the police in Hunduras!

Requirements to enroll Police in Honduras:

-Being in good health with no physical defects

-Good behavior with no criminal background

-level of education: at least until 9th grade. (Not mandatory)

-training completed in six months: at ITP or Police Technological Institute in La Paz, Honduras

Now let us take a look at the salaries of these people.


A Just graduated policeman: 6,300 Lempiras a month. ($315.00)

Or a salary of: 7,500.00 Lempiras a month ($375.00) after a few years in duty.

Sub officer´s salary can go from: 10,000.00 Lempiras ($500.00) to 12,700.00 ($635.00) Lempiras per month.

Sub Inspector of police: 15,600.00 Lempiras per month ($780.00)

Inspector of police: 17,800.00 Lempiras per month (or $890.00)

Sub commissioner: 25,000.00 (or $1,250.00)

Commissioner of Police: 31,800.00 Lempiras per month (or $1,590)

Commissars and similar ranks: A salary goes from 48,000.00 Lempiras ($2400.00) per month until 62,000.00 Lempiras per month (or $3,100.00)

President of Honduras Salary:

The salary is around: $5,130.00 per month

Salary for a first Lady: $4,200.00 per month

Is it no wonder that these people want to come to the United States even if they do so illegally? This shows us that they can make up to 4 times what they could make per month in Hunduras! Most of them have little education and that is why they work in the fields. They do not have enough education to hold any other type of jobs in the United States. Then we learn of what they think of the way Obama is bringing down the United States dream.

No, we do not need any immigration reform. If our nation does anything, it needs to clean house of those who cannot speak English and then send all those who came back if they broke the law.

Just to hear what other people in other nations think about our nation and how they think of our President makes many sick because the United States they all praised so much and wished to come to so they could make a great living is, as many of them say, dying a slow death under Obama! Now, if this is the way people south of the border think, and we know what Russia thinks, it would indicate that Obama is the laughing stock of the world and no one takes him serious at all because they do not trust him. That is where nations are moved, by their trust in the United States President. If other people cannot trust Obama, why should we?

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