Obama’s House Negroes

If Obama is anything, he is a contradiction. As the first dark-skinned afro-haired President, Obama represents the moral triumph of a country that has politically expiated for her slavery. Yet the most consistent thread to be identified in Obama’s policies is that of betraying Americans of their unalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The irony between the drama of Obama’s skin color and afro-hair on the one hand, and the drama of Obama’s unalienable-rights denying policies and sordid and hypocritical seizures of power on the other, has already calcified to define the Obama interregnum.


In this context of Obama’s racial hypocrisy, Obama’s subordinates have conspired with Obama to pursue an agenda denying people of their unalienable rights. I therefore call these moral sellouts “house negroes.” Like the antebellum house negroes (AHNs) who exploited the power of their office to reward immoral conduct and further racial strife, Obama has shamelessly followed suit both in terms of economics (socialism) and ideology (Islam). Obama actually celebrates and grants economic privileges to history’s most notorious, Nazi-collaborating active and unrepentant force of slavery.

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Whatever Obama’s
paternity, even if predominately Arab, Obama nonetheless has a negroid phenotype. Given the attention on Obama’s blackness, the analogy between Obama’s statism and the iron fist of a white antebellum slave master is poignant.

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I provide a partial list of Obama house negroes (OHNs). All these OHNs are moral sellouts. Like the AHNs who took personal comfort and advantage as compensation for singing the tune of slavery, the OHNs use the veneer of “racial equality” to feather their nests as they promote racism and socialism. In their efforts to ostensibly champion the unalienable rights of black people, they deny and betray the unalienable rights of all.

The OHNs have continued the effort–spearheaded by the Democrat Party and facilitated by the Republican Party—to deny America of her unalienable rights. In 1865 America knew that denying unalienable rights to blacks was bad. But in 1913, with the specious passage of the 16th amendment, denying wealth producers their unalienable right to the fruit of their labor became a good. After the Scopes trial denied the existence of the Creator of our unalienable rights, our unalienable rights could no longer be “self evident” to the government. Abortion, homosexuality, government “education” and government “health care” have all been weaponized against the American people.

eric holder

The ultimate Obama house negro is of course Eric Holder. But Holder is the OHN who was steeped in evil well before he served his master Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his real name is. But working for the black Barack, promoting racial grievances and civil strife, Holder is in his racist-statist element. Consider a sampling of Holder’s evil deeds as an OHN:

  • Fast and Furious where gangster government sought to create a gun problem—which involved the death of border agent Brian Terry—in order to deny the citizens of their unalienable right to bear arms.

  • Trayvon Martin – As Jack Cashill indicates, “For the first time in the history of American jurisprudence, a state government, the US Department of Justice, the White House, the major media, the entertainment industry and the vestiges of the civil rights movement conspired to put an innocent man in prison for the rest of his life.”

  • Black Panthers – racial thugs using clubs to intimidate and deter whites from voting are given a wink because these thugs are merely black savages who need not submit to human standards of civility.

  • Voter ID Laws were deemed racists because they demanded that blacks, whites and browns produce evidence of eligibility to vote. Perhaps this incoherent and absurd lowest-common-denominator DOJ position is to intimate that the emperor—Barack Obama—is, by virtue of his racial immunity, not subject to the indignity of having his identity documentation scrutinized.

  • Mirandizing Islamic terrorists into excessive rights (including the 2009 Islamic Christmas bomber and the 2013 Islamic Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev), covering Major Nidal Hasan’s act of Islamic terror with the camouflaging charge of “work place violence” while stripping Americans of a right to a trial and killing them. The solution to the problem of both securing the unalienable rights of US citizens while fighting Islamic terrorism lies in recognizing that Muslims uphold, inter alia, sexual slavery (e.g., Koran 4:3, 24) and violent religious apartheid (e.g., Koran 9:29). Muslims cannot therefore uphold unalienable rights of all men and cannot and should not therefore be true US citizens. Muslims may make good Democrats, but they cannot make good Americans.

  • Attempting to endow Islamic terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed with Constitutional rights. Because Obama already prejudged the verdict, were Holder to have given Mohammed Constitutional rights this would have had the effect of denying all Americans their Constitutional rights.

  • Holder lied to Congress about both the search warrant for Fox News Reporter James Rosen and the timing of his knowledge of Fast and Furious.

  • After the 2008 election of America’s first black President, Holder described America as “essentially a nation of [racial] cowards.” Well this racial coward has you on top of his Obama House Negro list.

susan rice

Susan Rice lied to cover Obama’s treasonous and cowardly betrayal of the US diplomatic corps to Libya. By going on the Sunday talk shows and repeating Obama’s lies, Rice facilitated Obama’s war on subordinating the First Amendment to his beloved Islam. Islam attacks the Libyan annex and Obama responds by ignoring the eight hour long cries for help from his diplomatic corps. Obama feeds the US diplomatic corps to the Mohammadian savages. Instead of attacking Islam, Obama-Rice attack the First Amendment and put the producer in jail. If that were not enough, Barack Hussein then blames a truth-telling movie, “The Innocence of Muslims,” for making the Mohammadians behave like vicious animals. Obama’s only outgoing phone call during the eight hour terrorist attack was apparently to Hillary Clinton to construct a cover story for why Obama and Hillary did not protect and defend the US diplomatic corps from the savage Mohammadians. Rice blamed the First Amendment so that the media would deflect attention from Obama’s weak leadership in defeating Islamic terror and not expose the nefarious function of the CIA annex. Was the annex another Fast and Furious gun running scheme to supply arms for Obama’s Mohammadian (terrorist) homies? Guns for the Mohammadians, and no help for the American victims? Is the leader of the free world unable to recover Chris Stevens’ personal effects from Islamic terrorist leader Wesam Bin Hameed or is the leader of the free world merely disinterested in pursing justice which might implicate his own treason? It would appear that Obama-Clinton-Rice have no interest in an investigation that would merely draw more attention to Obama’s treason. Rice is so morally insouciant that she said she didn’t even “have time to think about a false controversy.” Is the First Amendment a false amendment? Were Chris Stevens et al. false (non-Muslim) human beings? The American people deserve answers and Rice has been part of the stonewalling corps.

charles bolden

Charles Bolden. Just as Obama is unable to recognize the free market entrepreneur’s work, Obama is unable to recognize the habitual destruction of knowledge and impediment to learning that Islam has almost always been. So obscene is Obama fealty to history’s greatest repressive force that Obama nominated Charles Bolden, a black man, to be the head of NASA and as such to do the psychological bidding of the Prophet Mohammad. Bolden tells us that Obama’s first priority for him was “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.”

biden family

Joe Biden. Although lacking the melanin of a negroid, Biden’s “put y’all back in chains” remark is so shamelessly over-the-top immoral that Joe gets inducted. Joe uses fear to motivate blacks to abandon accomplishment and personal responsibility and to instead focus on having government take from whitey to give to blacks. Joe rallies the black troops to deny the pursuit-of-happiness from productive-class whites.

colin powell

Colin Powell. Even though Barack and Michelle were among the first “birthers,” Obama’s forged
identity documents, to Powell, are proof of racism.

Juan Williams. From Obamacare to Zimmerman to Michelle’s first time being proud of her country to Obama’s denying people of their unalienable rights in becoming America’s finest food-stamp president, count on Juan to be a good house negro.

Fortunately there are numerous black leaders who have not sold out from liberty under God and who beckon the OHNs to join the cause for liberty and for unalienable rights. No one better explains the justification for the black America’s faux-claims of racism than Shelby Steele. Steele exposes the root of faux-racism as owing to the alternative: black fear of failure and humiliation in the free market. Save yourself the humiliation of freedom black folks, take the food stamps, take the rent subsidies, take the Obama-phones, vote for Democrats and gripe about whitey.

Economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are men who infuse their scholarly work with a simple distillation and moral thread that typifies genius. But these men, badgered, mocked and threatened by the forces of race-baiting socialism as they have been, exude a moral serenity and peace that shames the bitter agenda of the black race–hucksters. The loquacious and candid Pastor James Manning has been possessed with a moral vision to be the true black man standard-bearer of Dr. Martin Luther King’s message of content of character, regardless of skin color. Dr. Benjamin Carson is a decent and accomplished man who is full of compassion and wisdom. His speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, while at the side of the tyrant himself, evidenced great poise and removed whatever lingering moral wind had moved Obama’s political sails. Before Dr. Carson’s speech, the White House asked Carson to be an OHN. But Dr. Carson stood tall. Dr. Carson is blacker than Obama and of incomparably truer rectitude.

These great black men find themselves between a political party that encourages blacks to abandon self-reliance, courage, adventure and racial reconciliation on the one hand, and another party that lacks the courage to treat Obama and the OHNs as morally responsible human beings on the other. God help them.

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