Obama’s Fundamental Transformation

When the Obamanation took office, he promised to radically transform this nation.  It was at this point that I figured he would be shot fairly soon afterwards.  Alas, it was not to be.

And true to his promise, yes he did fundamentally change America.

He set race relations to levels worse than the 50’s, installed a climate of hate against LEO to where hunting and executing them has become common place, where rioting, destruction of property, assault, battery are common place methods to address ones grievances, real or imagined, babies are slaughtered in the mothers wombs at a rate greater than any time in history, the institution of marriage has been perverted to include sodomites, perversions abound, sexual deviants are given class status and shielded from all retributions of law by the State, mentally ill people suffering from gender dysphoria, instead of being treated for their psychosis, are embraced and enabled, Christians are persecuted and their lives ruined for refusing to participate in what Almighty God has called Abomination, God has been driven from just about every aspect of our lives, Churches have become Apostate in record numbers, having been infiltrated by the Evil leaven of homo-perversion and the Word of God cast aside for a re-write of “secular Christianity,” where the Divine Character is misrepresented by a one-side presentation thereof , the Heretical “Nice Doctrine,” and a God who loves everyone is forced into the forefront, while the other attributes of God, His wrath, anger, and judgment are relegated to the dustbins of history.

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Domestic Terror Organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement are encouraged and grow through the division and racial hatred that Obama has engendered.  This is HIS child, for he feeds the mindset that the failure of the liberal Black culture, that they do not have the goods things in life, that they are being shot down in the streets by police, is the fault of the white man, never their own, yet in truth, they have no one to blame but themselves. Now the savages have even taken to kidnapping disabled white teens and torturing them live on FB, the very same FB who wet their pants should anyone have the temerity to criticize African-American Black culture (which is distinct from American Black Culture, which is almost extinct).

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And it doesn’t stop there.

He arms totalitarian regimes, like Iran, and gives them the means to develop nuclear weapons, he alienates our allies, decimates our military, betrays Israel, makes empty threats, draws lines in the sand with no consequences for violations of that wimpy line and thereby fosters a view of a comical nation who is no longer feared by our enemies.

Our borders have been left wide open, and a flood of illegal immigrants has been allowed to swamp our land unchecked, a drain on our resources; multiculturalism has eroded the very fabric of American life, a thing our FF’ warned about, the National Debt has skyrocketed to unsustainable levels, our National Credit rating downgraded twice during this Administration. His administration is rife with lying, thieving crooks, one of which is that Satan-spawned Hillary Clinton, and through her criminality and gross negligence has caused the death of our Ambassadors, our soldiers, and the callous response is, “what difference does it make”. Our National Security has been compromised by the selfsame, who maintained private, unsecured email servers upon which classified information was freely passed, who lie to Congress and the American people, and a corrupt Justice system turns a blind eye, but let a cake baker refuse to create a cake for pervert wedding, and the full weight of the same Justice system shifts into high gear to ravage and destroy those who refuse to violate their faith.

Our Veterans literally die in VA waiting rooms, the ineptness and criminal negligence barely given an acknowledgement, our men and women in arms discard like yesterday’s trash, after they have given life and limb for this country, while illegals are pandered to and fawned over. They come home damaged, and instead of being embraced and given the respect and help they deserve, we find them killing themselves, or sleeping homeless under bridges, dying waiting for needed medical treatment from a system and a government who has turned apathetic toward them. Such a national disgrace is an abomination of epic proportions.

Dear Leader has also embarked upon one of the most insidious schemes to weaken and destroy this nation – the importation of our oldest enemy, the adherents of Islam. He has machinated the influx of unvetted Muslim refugees to be dispersed about our land. They murder our citizens, drain our economy and reproduce like flies, so that soon they will be a large enemy population with our own borders. This is one of the signature methods of conquering a nation that Islam has used for centuries, and the blind idealistic dreamers that liberals are, see this not.

Dear Leader and his party have brought the scions of Fascism and Socialism to our once great land. The will-sapping drive-killing welfare state has shifted into high gear under this administration, making willing slaves of people to their government masters, and slaves they are, for your Master is the one who feeds you, houses you, provides for your needs, and this scheme, although it has sucked in many of the White population as well, was originally, and is primarily aimed at our Black brothers and sisters, who have now merely exchanged chains of iron for chains of economic dependence – they are slaves to the Democratic Plantation, and know it not. The aim is insidious, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” (LBJ), and that plan has worked perfectly; their plan to maintain an ever increasing voting base, which without, the Democratic Party and Liberalism would have faded into history a long time ago. It is the same plan that is behind the influx of illegal immigrants, for it is a foundational underpinning of human psychology that people will always vote for that Party that keeps them at the public feeding trough. They have been fed the Marxist ideology that it is right that the fruits of the producing citizenry be STOLEN and given to non-producers, those who contribute not to our society. They are taught through nefarious machinations that they are entitled things to which they are not.

“To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, — the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, & the fruits acquired by it.” – Thomas Jefferson

Socialist and Marxist professors indoctrinate our young so that we are left with a generation of sniveling, whining cowards, weak-willed and weak minded little snowflakes who need safes spaces because “words hurt”. They brainwash our youth with the long-discredited philosophy of Moral Relativism, that the individual is the sole arbiter of what is right and wrong, usurping the authority of Almighty God. Put these worthless pieces of human garbage into battle, and they would melt into a pile of simpering, cowardly goo, bereft of all courage, character, and backbone.

To say that our society has decayed into moral laxity would be a monumental understatement. We are quick to point the finger of blame at the Liberal Left, the policies of this administration, and make no mistake, they are the primary instrument of the lack of morals and integrity today. But how did we get to this point? How did moral relativism, the scion of Protagoras, rise in our society seemingly so easy, in so short a time?

Well, brothers and sisters, while the Liberal Left is certainly to blame as the primary vehicle of moral turpitude, we Christians are not blameless.

Let me point out what I am firmly convinced are the root causes of the moral laxity and the immoral sentimentality which now so widely prevails, what allowed such bad seed to take root to start with.

I blame the Churches, and specifically the pulpits, for this present, sad state of affairs. The unfaithfulness of preachers is very largely responsible for the lawlessness which is now so rife throughout the whole of Christendom. During the last two or three generations thousands of pulpits have jettisoned the Divine Law, stating that it has no place in the Dispensation of Grace. And thus the most powerful of all restraints (fear of eternal damnation) had been removed and license given to the lusts of the flesh.

Not only has the Divine Law been repudiated, but the Divine character has been grossly misrepresented. The attributes of God have been perverted by a one-sided presentation thereof. The justice, the holiness, and more to the point, the wrath and anger of God have been pushed into the background and a God that “loves everybody” thrust into the foreground, a product of the heretical “nice doctrine” being promulgated, that God and His Son are nothing more than a cosmic Mr. Rogers or Barney the purple dinosaur. In consequence, the masses of church-goers no longer fear God – and therein lies the problem.

For the past fifty years the vast majority of pulpits have maintained a guilty silence on Eternal Punishment so that few now have any dread of the wrath to come. This logically follows from the former, for surely no one needs to stand in fear of “One who loves him.”  The repercussions have been unmistakable, drastic, and tragic. Sickly sentimentality regulated the pulpit until it dominated the pew, and this evil leaven has so spread that it now permeates the whole nation.

Conscience has been comatose: the requirements of justice are stifled: maudlin concepts now prevail. As eternal punishment was repudiated – either tacitly or in many cases openly – ecclesiastical punishments were shelved, the message of Eternal Damnation pushed aside, for some misplaced ideal to attract the younger generation to the pews. Churches refused to enforce sanctions, and winked at flagrant offenses, shunned the preaching of Hellfire and Damnation.

The inevitable outcome has been the breakdown of discipline in the home and the creation of “public opinion” which is mawkish and spineless. Parents are intimidated by the evil of liberal indoctrination in the public schools, so that the rising generations are more and more allowed to “have their own way” without fear of consequences. If some judge has the courage of his convictions and sentences a brute to die for murdering an innocent, raping a child, there is a public outcry of “sympathy for the perpetrator” raised against him. Most readers are painfully aware of all this without elaborating any further: but few of them realize the causes which have led up to it – an unfaithful pulpit, the denial of eternal punishment, the misrepresentation of God’s character, the rejection of His law, the failure of the churches to enforce a scriptural discipline, the breakdown of parental authority.

We have allowed the ground to become fertile for the germination of the bad seed.

Now it is time to do some “weeding.”

God Bless Donald Trump and his administration.  May He use our new President, flawed as he is, to turn this nation around, and through him, bring back the Glory of Old that was once this country.

Failing this, our only recourse will be Civil War. With every passing day, our Nation sinks further into the depths of depravity, the gulf between us and God widening every day, as we slip slowly beneath the dark waters of an evil sea. The flame of the glory of old that once burned in our nation is being slowly extinguished.

Should Trump fail, it is will be well past the time for the States to secede, and for Civil War against the tyrannical regime that has subverted and subsumed our once great nation; we have been given a reprieve, but as it stands now,  God has withdrawn His favor from this nation. His hand is now against us, and like unto days of old, He has given us over to the reprobate, the ungodly, and yes, to Evil. And you know what folks, we deserve it.

We have been complacent in our delusion that it could never happen here, and yet it has. The creeping crud that is the antithesis of liberty and of a God fearing people, known to us all as Liberalism/Socialism/Marxism, has snuck into our government and our lives while we slept, content in our delusion that we are inviolate.

Wherefore then should we expect God to deliver us, that He should intercede on our behalf, land of baby-killersidolaters, and perversions unbounded. Our voices reach Him not – He has abandoned us, as we have abandoned Him. Look not to God for deliverance, until we have repented of our actions; and repentance of words without action is no repentance at all.

Should Trump fail, then the time for talk is over, as is the time for self-pity and sorrow, the wailing and gnashing of teetsh at our sad lot, for we have reaped what we have sown, and sown we have with the hand of complacency.

Now is the time for bold actions of brave and godly men so that the Almighty may see in our deeds the repentance that our mouths proclaim. Should Trump fail, it is time for Civil War – take back our Nation and cleanse it with the blood of Tyrants, or continue in slavery, and fade into the darkness of history.

God Have Mercy Upon Us.

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