Obama’s Father’s Day Freudian Slip

If anyone was wondering how Obama views himself as president, this one little statement issued as he reflected on Father’s Day would sum it up nicely. Obama stated “being a dad ‘the most important job many of us will ever have’ and there was no substitute for being in a child’s life. He went on to give a summation of his life without a father, what he tries to accomplish for his family and then sums up how he will recall his life.

“When I look back on my life, I won’t be thinking about any particular legislation I passed or policy I promoted,” Obama said. “I’ll be thinking about Michelle, and the journey we’ve been on together.”

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That statement had me feeling like Aunt Pitty Pat in “Gone with the Wind” when the ammunition explosions were shaking the whole of Atlanta before Sherman blazed through town during the War of Northern Aggression. “Where are my smelling salts?”

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He won’t be thinking about any particular legislation he passed. Interesting how that one little phrase unconsciously slipped through but says volumes. I would call that a major Freudian slip. Legislation he passed. The American public should pay attention to that statement and phrase; but, they miss those words as they fawn over his statements about fathers and lament his circumstances of being without one in his life. They will focus on his contemplation about what he as president can do to encourage marriage and strong family while forgetting he has done plenty to tear it down.

They will nod at his cavalier statement about not reflecting on what he has done politically but what he has done as a father and staunch supporter of family, missing the one statement that betrays all other previous statements; I won’t be thinking about any particular legislation I passed or policy I promoted….

While I am not a constitutional scholar, I do understand the Constitution of the United States established the three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial. I know from reading the Constitution the Congress is the legislative branch of government, not the President. The office of President is the executive branch of government. To insinuate or promote himself as the legislative branch of government is to announce his belief in himself as dictator, a self-appointed ruler, of the American people, a usurper of power, and Congress as nothing more than group of warm bodies there to do his bidding. One person I do consider a constitutional scholar is Publius Huldah. Every American who wants to learn the Constitution and the original intent of the framers should read her website.

In honoring father’s this weekend, I would like to pass on a bit of wisdom imparted to me by my father; “Don’t go by what someone says, look at their actions and it will tell you more that any words ever could.”

The sitting President took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution but are his actions indicating that he is upholding this oath? He states he supports abortion but favors gun control if the life of one child can be saved. He shows his support of Islam, a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion, by appointing those of that affiliation to key positions in government while engaging to limit any speech or criticism of Islam as evidenced by a US Attorney going to Tennessee to “educate” the public on the criminality of speech against Islam. He states his support of transparency in government by saying, and I am paraphrasing here, “People who don’t want to expose the truth are people with something to hide”; but, this administration has been the least transparent and records regarding the President have been sealed. Drone strikes have occurred under his administration against citizens who were not afforded due process. The list goes on.

My father also said, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Somewhere down the line, some of the American public was lead to the well of ignorance and drank til they were full. Ignorance can be corrected by education and imparting of the truth. Truth is not always pleasant and it can be painful; but, truth never changes. It is what it is. The bending of truth is still deception and must be guarded against.

But, some of the American public was lead to the well of stupidity and drank themselves to a stupor. I fear these are the individuals that cannot be helped but will be the ones continuing to impart their “truth” to the rest of us.

America is experiencing trying and perilous times. How does a nation founded in wisdom return to its glory days? The solution to the problem is not a simple one and to believe such is to not understand the problem.

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