Is Obama’s DOJ Targeting UK Reporter Glenn Greenwald for Prosecution Because of Snowden Reports?

Day after day, month after month, this administration demonstrates to the American public its intentions; however, most Americans remain oblivious to the truth. This administration denies whistleblower status to Edward Snowden and seeks to prosecute him on charges of espionage for his exposure of illegal activity of the NSA, who spies on American citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Some members of Congress are even on the band wagon; Feinstein and Rogers believe Snowden could have come to Congressional members of the intelligence committee to report this violation instead of a news agency. Glenn Greenwald, reporter for the Guardian and US citizen, may face charges from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice for publishing the documents leaked by Snowden.

According to the Daily Caller:

Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald (left); NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (right)
Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald (left); NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (right)
U.S. News reports that Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on October 10, requesting that the Justice Department inform him if it intends to bring charges against Greenwald and whether the reporter will face detention or arrest once he enters the United States.

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But over one month later, the department continues to keep Grayson in the dark, and the congressman believes the delay is deliberate.

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“It’s very unlikely that the Justice Department has not given this any thought,” Grayson told US News. “If this had come out of the blue, then maybe they would have some reason to take a long time in responding. I think they already know what their answer is, and therefore they should provide it quickly.”

Grayson says Greenwald, an American citizen living in Brazil, fears “detention, and potentially prosecution, by the Department of Justice or other US authorities” over the documents he published detailing the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance activities.

Without assurances to the contrary, Greenwald will not meet with Grayson and other lawmakers seeking more information on the Snowden disclosures.

Grayson believes Greenwald’s status as a reporter shields him from retaliation. “The administration and the attorney general have taken hostile positions against other investigative journalists,” he said. “I think that has caused the whole profession some concern. It’s reasonable for DOJ to make its position clear: Is the act of investigative journalism now a crime or not?”

That’s an excellent question for this administration to answer considering it would be a violation of the First Amendment for the federal government to limit speech. But, then again, what does this administration and government care about that silly little document called the Constitution? They violate it every chance they get while hypnotizing the ignorant and stupid masses into believing they are free and have rights.

While Grayson may believe that Greenwald’s reporter status may shield him from retaliation, one has only to look at Feinstein’s move to “define” who is and is not a reporter. It’s not a far stretch to see an argument develop between Congressional members over this issue: one side saying he has reporter status with the other saying not since it has not been “defined.”

In fact, some members of Congress have requested the government possibly punish Greenwald through prosecution for “collaborating with Snowden.” Republican Rep. Peter King stated, “No right is absolute, and even the press has certain exceptions. When you have someone who’s disclosed secrets like this and threatens to release more, then to me, yes, there has to be – legal action should be taken against him.”

Even Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda, had an encounter with British law enforcement last August when they detained him at London’s Heathrow Airport on suspicion of carrying documents released by Snowden; they termed Miranda’s actions a sort of “terrorism.”

Members of Congress are not even immune regarding this issue. In July, the House Intelligence Committee scolded Grayson for distributing classified NSA slides to other lawmakers even though the slides had been released the week before by Snowden.

Even if the DOJ makes some kind of statement that Greenwald will not suffer retaliation, there is that pesky, unconstitutional NDAA they can choose to enforce, not to mention just out right lying by implying somehow that clear statements were misunderstood. Obama and his henchmen look down their noses at Congress and Americans believing all to be below them and incapable of any type of reading or verbal communication comprehension. The government has no intention of ceasing an activity that is very profitable for them, even though it’s in violation of the Constitution. No one in government is sorry for their actions of unconstitutional spying; they are just sorry they got caught. But, there is a silver lining for them as they will not or cannot be held accountable. I say, “cannot” because it has already been stated by members of Congress the spying by the NSA was known to them and received Congressional oversight. Congress would have to sanction themselves – like that’s ever going to happen.

All of this is one big game of “here we go ’round Mulberry Bush.” Congress continues to go around in circles regarding these scandals, illegal activity by alphabet agencies and the criminal activity of Obama and his department head appointees. Even with direct evidence of lying misbehavior, high crimes, and misdemeanors, these traitors – violators of the Constitution – and criminals remain at the helm of our government. The Constitution continues to be trashed and stepped on by these Obama idolators.

Here is an investigative reporter who “fears” prosecution and detention by his own government for exposing criminal activity in violation of the US Constitution by the National Security Agency. The man who reports the crime is fearful of prosecution while the criminal continues the activity unabated. There is something terribly wrong in this country when our government is “ruling” us.

Ben Swann’s information about jury nullification, in his recent Freedom Outpost article, proves very interesting and useful in efforts to regain our country, and regain our country we must or become slaves to the ruling political elite.

Personally, I think it’s time for a citizen’s Grand Jury to indict Obama, Holder, Sebelius, Clinton and all the others on crimes against the people, treason and insurrection. Hopefully, the November 19th march on Washington led by Larry Klayman will signal to Congress that the people will not stand much more, and Congress will take the updated Declaration of Independence seriously. I won’t hold my breath as I would pass out before Congress acknowledged us peons.

But, I will say this. Patriotic America will only be pushed so far before starting to push back. It has been seen before. History is destined to repeat itself should some not study it and learn from past mistakes.

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