Obama’s America: Rapist’s Painting was Paid for by TaxPayers & Hung in White House

What does it say about the supposed leader of the free world when a painting created by an artist with a rape fetish hangs in the White House for two years?

Think about that for a moment. An artist with a rape fetish and who admitted to committing an act of rape was elevated to accepted status by the occupant of the People’s House allowing his “art” to be displayed in our house. The artist was David Choe (not being a follower of graffiti and shock art, I have no idea who he is). Apparently, Choe gained a small amount of fame when he drew murals for Facebook’s first offices. Choe also hosts a vice show and podcast with a porn star, Asa Akira. As a warning to all readers, the link to the podcast site contains graphic language and graphic, adult situations.

The podcast referenced contains Choe’s story of forcing a female masseuse to perform a sexual act on him after she repeatedly said no. Visiting Choe’s podcast website to get the link was disgusting enough without going any further. Personally, I have not listened to the podcast and refuse to do so as I am not giving credence to anyone who brags about committing the crime of rape. I also refuse, for religious reasons. Therefore, I am relying on the report by Sarah Hofman for The Daily Caller. For all readers, there is graphic language and reference to adult situations.

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According to The Daily Caller:

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He described the scene to listeners: “I take the back of her head and push it down on my **** and she doesn’t do it and I go, ‘Open your mouth, open your mouth.'”

His female co-host immediately said, “You raped.” After Choe laughed, Akira continued, “Eww, you’re basically telling us that you’re a rapist now and the only way to get your **** really hard is rape,” to which Choe responded, “Yeah.”

Choe painted a portrait of Obama entitled “Hussein” the 2008 race. According to Choe’s site, it was part of a “grassroots street art campaign.” When Obama won the presidency, the painting was hung in the White House. In a 2010 interview with Ion magazine, Choe was asked about his painting which was still hanging in the building.

He replied, “The painting in the White House is pretty f*****g sick. There’s a secret message on that painting written in glow-in-the-dark paint, so you can only see it at night. That makes me laugh, I never get bored because I’m always making myself laugh.”

The White House has not responded to an email request for comment.

So, this self-proclaimed artist makes sure he’s never bored by making himself laugh. Well, what does the price for keeping himself entertained cost? His desire to never be bored resulted in one woman, a masseuse, being a victim of the crime of rape – this by his own admission. Choe is one sick in the head individual when admitting that rape sexually arouses him, even confirming on a podcast to his porn star co-host it was the only way to arouse him. To make matters worse, this criminal is still walking the streets and the illegitimate occupant of the People’s House elevated the stature of this criminal by publicly displaying one of his “artworks,” a portrait of the usurper, in the People’s House.

Not only was this inappropriate and degrading, this painting contained some message in glow-in-the-dark paint that amused its creator, Choe. Based on the disgusting nature of what he finds humorous, one can only imagine what vile message Choe included in the portrait that could only be seen in darkness. One would think that artwork publicly displayed for all American and foreign visitors to the White House would be vetted to insure it is not attached to inappropriate artists or criminal behavior by the artist. According to artnet.com, Choe even used some of his own blood in the portrait and the secret message can be viewed using black light.

According to the Washington Post, Choe has a “bad-boy history” with his art style being described as “dirty.” Choe has had several run-ins with police. He has shoplifted, cashed a forged check, assaulted a security guard in Japan in 2005, stolen, and engaged in looting in the 1992 LA riots. It is intimated in the article that the 2005 incident resulted in Choe beginning to read The Bible and turn away from crime. Evidently, Choe did not receive The Lord’s message very clearly. The article was written in 2012 citing his lewd creations for the Facebook murals, the painting of the usurper using his own blood and a hidden message in 2008, which makes him laugh (who knows what the message is like searching for it has returned no results), and the disgusting podcasts posted March of 2014 discussing some very unsavory activities. It seems to me that a person who received the Lord’s message would not be bragging about such behavior but lamenting it, asking for forgiveness, apologizing to his victim and turning himself into the police.

Getting back to the hanging of this disgusting piece of “art,” we are talking about the egotistical, narcissistic, maniacal, arrogant, lecherous debauchery supporting individual who occupies the highest elected office in the United States. This man cares not about moral or ethical principles or values – he has proven to be devoid of any moral and ethical character time and time again. It mattered not to him where this painting originated, who created it, the artist’s character or whether any inappropriate material was contained in the painting. All that mattered to the usurper was making sure his “image” was prominently on display for everyone to see. To him, it was a confirmation of being a self-proclaimed “man for the people” who, in his arrogant, disdainful thought pattern, have been “oppressed” by whomever he deemed the oppressor.

Granted, the portrait was removed in 2010; but, that vile piece of trash (and it is trash) of common street art graffiti hung in the people’s house, paid for by the American taxpayers for all the world to see; only because of one man’s psychological disorder. The usurper condoned for two years an artist who committed a crime: a felony to be exact. Rape is a crime of violence – no ifs, ands, or buts about it. In other words, this so-called president supported a confessed rapist. Choe had a good laugh every day that portrait was publicly displayed at the expense of his victim, in support of his crime, the knowledge of a secret message revealed only under black light, and the duping of the American people in order to relieve his boredom.

Now, that this has been exposed, the White House cannot even issue a response. What response would they give? There are no words that could even come close to soothing the burn to the American taxpayer and Choe’s victim. Just as every other scandal and atrocity linked to the usurper, heads are turned the other way in acceptance of behavior that would have other presidents called on the carpet. Where was the lame stream enemedia on reporting this? Oh, yes, they have their head stuck where the sun don’t shine on the usurper’s body. Bill Clinton was blasted for sexual impropriety because of Monica Lewinksky‘s revelations. Richard Nixon resigned because of his criminal behavior being exposed by the media. Yet, Obama (I can barely say or type this name without puking) condoned a known criminal because of his arrogance without a peep being uttered by those supposedly investigative journalists.

This administration has certainly taken this country into the sewer and even flaunted it by displaying a piece of graffiti in the People’s House for two years; a piece more suited to being burned, ripped to shreds or hung in the bathroom over the toilet because of the artist’s confession.

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