Obama’s Al-Qaeda: AK-47 Shooting 4-Year-Old Is A Syrian Rebel Fighter

President Obama’s Administration should be strung up one by one and made to pay for what they have done in Syria. To read what is happening in Syria is to weep for the children of Islam. The ones who have no choice, the ones who are forced to fight, and have no idea what they are doing. Al-Qaeda is the spawn of Satan himself, with the best evidence being using a four-year-old to fight in the Syrian civil war. The worst part is America is supporting these monsters, aiding and giving them weapons to battle Bashir al-Assad’s forces. Now that Congress is secretly sending “small arms” to Syrian “moderates,” this is what is to become of the weapons. They will make their way into the hands of “cub jihadists,” pawns of Al-Qaeda adult fighters. These cowardly bastards and overall reptilian predators are giving children automatic weapons and sending them to die. This display is the worst, a disgrace that cannot be measured. Congress has this baby Al-Qaeda fighter’s blood on their hands as he wields his AK-47.

article-2549768-1B1930B100000578-407_634x383This can’t be, it has to be a fake. But to see this child firing off the weapon like a mini-trained professional and to hear the Al-Qaeda “rebels” from Hell in the background is to realize that it doesn’t get any more real than this. They’re using a four-year-old to fight for them, to die for them. Do they care that they have created a baby monster who will surely go to his grave before he’s old enough to have a clue what he is doing? Islam preys on children, be it through rape, marriage, or using them as warriors. They’re slaves, captive to soulless men who care nothing for their lives, or their ultimate death.

He is barely old enough to go to infant school, let alone fight in a savage civil war.

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Yet this youngster, believed to be just four years old, is one of the latest ‘cub jihadists’ recruited for bloody battle in Syria.

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He can be seen firing rounds from an automatic assault rifle in a shocking video that has emerged from the war-torn country.

That’s right, Al-Qaeda is recruiting babies, preschool age children to fight in the Syrian civil war. Other children are at least age nine. This four-year-old has to be the youngest. But this is who Americans are backing, sending them arms so Al-Qaeda thugs can give them to children to fight. When Congress authorized giving more weapons to these scum of the earth, they might as well be handing the toddlers the weapons themselves. This is American tax dollars at work, training baby jihadists to kill and fight in a war they should not be anywhere near. This is how sick Islamists truly are at their core.

Counter-terrorism officials say it is further evidence of how jihadists are grooming children to become fighters, as  Al-Qaeda factions strive to establish a Taliban-like Islamic state in Syria.

The disturbing footage was posted on YouTube and is believed to be that of a son of a jihadist from Albania who is one of thousands of foreigners fighting with Al-Qaeda in Syria.

article-2549768-1B192BAC00000578-101_634x367Instead of Americans arming them, they should be lined up and shot dead. Theodore Shoebat wrote earlier this week about an army of Christians killing jihadists in Syria and this is what should happen here. However, the Obama Administration is willingly aiding the enemy because it is in their interest to do so.

The youngster, who wears a black ski mask, can be seen firing shots from a black AK-47-style automatic assault rifle with a folding stock.

He is so small that the barrel of the gun has to be supported by a section of road block so that he can cope with its weight.

The child opens fire to shouts of Allahu Akbar – Arabic for ‘God is Greater’ – before an arm reaches down and retrieves the weapon.

Teaching a four-year-old to utter the jihadist war cry is something so evil and vile that it is sub-human. This is the cry of attack, of imminent death. Islamic jihadist Nadal Hasan uttered the phrase before he massacred 13 people and wounded dozens more at Ft. Hood. What is this baby going to be forced to do with his Ak-47? He will murder and maim, just like his father and the other Al-Qaeda sadists.

The video emerged as French President Francois Hollande yesterday claimed as many as 700 Britons are among extremists fighting in the Syrian civil war.

The video of the four-year-old first emerged on January 21 on a YouTube channel operated by a jihadist who claimed to be based in northern Syria. It was entitled in Arabic: ‘A message from one of the cubs of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.’

Suspected British Al Qaeda fighters in Syria have been circulating other images showing children being trained to use deadly weapons in a jihad training camp.

The pictures showed children aged between nine and 15 in full battle dress and wearing black ski masks bearing the distinctive logo of Al-Qaeda.

The video of the toddler emerged just days after the European Union’s anti-terror coordinator warned that social media websites play a crucial role in recruiting foreign fighters to travel to Syria.
In spite of this, Congress agrees to send more arms to “moderate” Syrian rebels. How stupid can American lawmakers be to believe that these monsters are innocent in the Syrian civil war, the ones wronged by the Assad regime? There is no moderate Islam. Al-Qaeda is responsible for using chemical weapons and killing Christians. Now they’re using preschool age fighters. Americans are poisoned because of Islam, and the blood of the martyred Christians and innocent children is on our collective hands. Rumor has it that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to nuke Mecca. That would be the optimal solution to the Islamic Hell that is the Middle East, save the blessed state of Israel.
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