Obama’s Adolescent Country

As the Obama presidency has dragged on for what seems interminable time, it occurs to me that he is a man in some different country I do not recognize. His and his administration’s policies are so anti-Constitutional as a general matter, that I wonder just in what country does Barack Obama think he is. I could list all of the executive orders and Czars, the agency regulations, the Democrat bills he has signed, and the matter of attacks against Christianity, the foreign and military policies, etc., but most everyone reading this blog knows what they are and at this point it is almost too crushing to even go back over them all. Suffice it to say, I don’t think Obama gets up on any one day of his life and says he wants to uphold the United States Constitution for the American people.

The Obama show came to Mt. Holly, NC back in March, a town about 8 miles from where I live. The local Democrat operatives were all a dither putting together as many smiling sycophants for his visit as they could. They made sure only certain Democrats with certain credentials had personal moments with him. (While Obama’s credentials are still in doubt, by the way.) His ear is only available to those who prop up his agenda, which at this point could be described as a hybrid of socialism, fascism, dictatorship, and crony capitalism. The show in Mt. Holly was to excite the people about a few hundred jobs at a Daimler-Benz truck plant where thousands used to work. The plant is all union labor, of course. Obama made hay out of hybrid trucks and green energy again, the green energy that is putting us into debtors prison. (Actually, if he could make hay, he would be worth more as a human being than he is now.) The local newspaper printed several pages of pictures of happy Obama followers and Obama smiling and hugging them. One woman said she felt the “spirit of the Lord” come over her as she swooned and fainted. Really. That is what she said. I thought about the adolescent adoration of rock star fans for charismatic musicians. I wonder who are these people who appear to be adults, but are so easily returned to adolescent displays on the sight of this elected official? Old enough to vote, but unable to grow up.

The 5000 Leap” is a book that describes how the genius of ages past managed to culminate in the great minds of the Founders of America. The founding of America is owed to great and learned men who studied history and realized the failures of tyrannies and monarchies over centuries. The “leap” was to allow people to rule themselves with as much freedom as possible. The assumption was that man had finally reached some level of moral refinement and knowledge that would prevail over stupidity. Maybe that was too much of a “leap.” Now we have a country of men and women who are proving themselves unworthy of self-rule, and even worse than that, are swooning at the sight of a man who wishes to be dictator of their lives.

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The Sandra Fluke testimony to Congress demanding all Americans pay for Georgetown coeds’ contraceptives is the perfect example of Obama’s country of adolescents. She is thirty years old but wants you to pay for her sexual and /or women’s sexual decisions. (The same people who say they want government out of their bedrooms want you to pay for their sexual activities. I can never figure that one out.)

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Our nation is being led by an immature, illogical, emotionally hysterical, historically illiterate rock star and his fans. That is Obama’s country. He’s enjoying every minute of it, I might add. When the adolescents are through wrecking the place, some adults are going to be kept busy for decades trying to clean up the disaster that is Obama’s country. If we are lucky. Meanwhile, swooning continues……

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