Obamanopoly – Coming To An Industry Near You

Like most American school children growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I was taught that Teddy Roosevelt was some kind of hero for “trust busting” and killing the monopolies. The example that was most often given was the Rockefeller stranglehold on oil and coal production and that the Rockefellers had ruthlessly ruined or killed off all of the competition and made itself the one “monopoly” in the energy industry. It’s a compelling story because the Rockefeller brothers actually did some horrendous things to kill off the competition. Laws did need to be made to protect people from such actions.

That seemed pretty good to me. I was told that Roosevelt had busted up the monopolies and saved capitalism for competition. Maybe that was too simplistic, but it worked for school children and reinforced the idea that America was a place for all comers who could have an opportunity to compete in the marketplace. Good thing, no? Well, not quite.

The other two things we learned about TR was that he was the father of the “progressive income tax” and that he started the National Park system. All of this was taught as if TR was our hero.

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I’m older and wiser now. I have a more educated view on our government than I did as a young student. And I have a more in depth understanding of the U.S. Constitution than I had then. (This reminds me to remind you: Beware of the Obama indoctrination taking place in our schools. It is hideous and very very bad for young minds who are supposed to be learning ABC’s , RRR’s (reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic), and critical thinking.)

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In the political sphere, progressivism is a synonym for socialism, and for our sect called liberalism. Socialism necessitates collectivized power at the highest levels of the political state, leaving open a pathway to totalitarianism. Teddy Roosevelt was the first President to march along that pathway.

That’s bloody rotten news, frankly. Looks like we have been on this path since 1901, so 111 years of this has shaken the foundations to the core.

Federal income tax is unconstitutional. Period. It involves confiscation of property by the government. The “progressive” income tax is nothing more than class warfare and wealth distribution, just as the “O” likes to promote. Getting to the point of health care, taxing us for health care is one more thing that is unconstitutional. Teddy would be proud, along with Franklin and Eleanor, and all of the “progressive,” socialist, collectivists who have come since them. We’ve been fighting off an internal parasite for 111 years (and more) and I believe we are now in critical condition. It’s make it or break it. The moment of truth has come.

The federal government is setting itself up as a monopoly with Obama’s very clever and adept sidestepping snakes. One example is the shut down of charter schools using vouchers in the DC area. Another example is the coming attempt by the FCC “diversity czar” to shut down free speech. Another example is the government ownership of car manufacturers, using our tax dollars. Another example is government ownership of banks, also using our tax dollars.

Obamanopoly is the result, a term I see now frequently on the web. I can’t take credit for the term, but I think it is totally appropriate.
The only true monopolies are government entities, ie public schools, mandated utilities, etc. It turns out that the busting up of monopolies is only another ruse for creating the mother of all monopolies, .the Federal Government. Next up, Obamanopoly Health Care. And after that, Obamanopoly Energy Police.

Fight back….scream and holler…vote them out…..step up and take it back. Rediscover and reestablish the Constitution in America!

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