Obamaland – The Price of Everything, The Value of Nothing

In Obamaland, nothing is out of reach for anyone. At least according to him. Everything is available to everyone. Houses. Cars. Health Care. You want it, we can afford it, according to our messiah. So how do things get priced in an era where everyone gets everything? Arbitrarily, apparently. Obama has added more than a $1 trillion in additional debt on our backs each year he has been in office.

The value of the dollar is now tanking due to the Obama money policies. Simply stated, it’s going to take more dollars to buy anything while the value of everything goes down.

So let’s say you get an $8,000.00 credit (first time buyers only) to buy a house. What the house was worth just last year is now anywhere from 11 to 25% less than it was, thanks to the mortgage debacle set up by Congress, Carter and Clinton, called the Community Reinvestment Act. You just lost somewhere between $16,000.00 to $35,000.00 in value on the house. The $8,000.00 the Feds are giving away doesn’t come close to what they took away from you. Furthermore, the $8,000.00 is coming out of taxpayers pockets, so not only did you lose the value of your house, but you lose the taxes going to pay for some other person’s house. There’s one thing more, the $8,000.00 isn’t worth what it was a year ago, due to the maniacal printing of gobs of money to supply the Federal debt.

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Let’s take another one. You are now owners of car companies that you, as taxpayers, had no intention of buying. Your taxes are being used to build cars you will never be able to afford, thanks to the likes of Al Gore and his Finnish car company that you are subsidizing. You see, your Federal Government granted a half billion dollar loan to Mr. Gore’s Finnish car company to build a $90,000.00 sports car that will go 50 miles on a battery charge. What is the value of that to the American taxpayer? Somehow I think the value of that one landed in Gore’s lap and you paid the price for it. How many $90,000.00 sports cars are you going to buy in this lifetime? The price is high to you and the value is nothing to you. Research and development? You couldn’t do that in the U.S. without involving Al Gore? Political payback is expensive. This is on top of the union jobs in the U.S. car industry for which you are now paying.

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Now you are about to get hit for health care. Supposedly the price of health care is going to go down, so is the stated goal. When did you last pay less money and get more for it? Walmart? Cheap goods from China? Just on the merits, I cannot imagine that anyone in this country thinks that the quality of health care is going to either be as good as it is, or go up while prices go down. This is about your body, folks. How much is it worth? And do you really think that taking on all of the extra people this health care is supposed to cover is going to cost less out of your pocket? Factually, this is not possible unless you diminish the quality for all of us. And, just like the mortgage credit, the money is going to come from you. Are you willing to give up quality health care to pay for poor health care for everyone? Or do you actually think you are not going to pay that price? Demand will go up and supply will go down or stay the same. How is that beneficial? That in itself usually pushes prices up, but the Federal Government wants to push prices down by artificial means, just like they pushed the demand up and the mortgage prices down in the housing industry, artificially. Look where that got us. They are in the process of creating another bubble, this time in the business of your private personal health care.

The only fair arbiter of prices is supply and demand. American success was built on this premise and has been undermined by the Federal Government incrementally for years. Obama and the Federal Government are in the business of meddling, redistribution, and paying back political constituencies for votes. These are high stakes games they are playing with your life. The value of your life and your property are being determined by insidious means that increase the price of everything and devalue all that you are and have worked to gain. Bubbles are being blown to enrich some political buddies and you are being had in the process. Just like the Cash for Clunkers bubble burst in short order, just like the mortgage crisis bubble burst after being blown up for years and years, the health care bubble will burst in the same way. And who will pay the price? You, your children, and your children’s children. Quality American health care will be ancient history. This will further bankrupt our country which is already bankrupted thanks to the previous bubbles of social programs and centralized government.

Seems to me Obama knows the price of everything, but he knows the value of nothing. That’s why his sales pitches sound so hollow. He is selling a pig in a poke with a very high price attached.

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