Obamacare: The ‘Pay More Get Less’ Health Care Plan

My husband is a salesman. And I used to own a business that had 50 sales reps across the country. I cannot remember any circumstance in which either my husband or my business was successful at selling a “Pay More, Get Less” sales pitch. People don’t generally like to pay more to get less. It’s a rule. It isn’t even an ‘unwritten’ rule. It is a rule. “More value for your money” is generally what people are desiring with their purchasing power. It usually is the successful sales pitch to tell people they will get more for their money. “Pay Less, Get More.”

Enter Obama, the Magician’s Puppet. He’s one helluva salesman, I have to say. He’s told us from the beginning that you are going to pay more in taxes to get health care. He’s told us flat out that we are going to pay more for energy and get less energy. He’s told us he is borrowing on our behalf so we (and our grandchildren’s children) can pay more taxes and interest on the debt. And all we see happening is a bloated expanding government. He told us we had to spend trillions to, uh, well, maybe save some car companies from bankruptcy. How’d that work out, folks? Trillions more to save jobs? Haven’t seen a lot of improvement in unemployment figures.

Socialists have the most uncanny skill of looking at a problem and coming up with the exact opposite of a viable solution and at the same time telling the public they are doing it “for your own good.” It reminds me of the mother giving Castor Oil to her child and saying, “There, there, dear, it’s for your own good.” Obama gets my award for being the all time champion at this. But socialists always do this. It is nothing new. What is new is that many in the public have become so dumb that he gets away with it. And the media is so complicit that the public is getting nothing more than lies. If you don’t believe me on that one, check out the media sales blitz on government run health care that takes place on ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS.

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The government health care pushed by socialists is all about a false premise, i.e. that there are tens of thousands of people being refused health care in America. That is blatantly false. No one in America is denied health care. Get that? No one. Not only that, but we have the best health care available to our people than any country in the world. Our health care system was not broken, but is being broken by socialists who set up Medicare, Medicaid, and the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. This reminds me of the admonition, “You break it, you own it.” They broke it and now they want to own it. In fact, they broke it on purpose so they could own it. Just like they broke the housing mortgage industry with their socialist programs, just like they broke the car industry with socialist unions and regulations, just like they are breaking the energy industry with socialist / totalitarian policies. They are now in the process of breaking the health care industry which is 1/5th of the United States economy.

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In short, socialists are totalitarians who want government to own it all while you pay for it. In implementing this strategy, they, in effect, own you. Your person, your ability to live, your doctor, your ability to travel, your ability to work, etc. They are trying to convince you it will be “cheaper” in the long run. Cheaper? For whom? Like Medicare? Cheaper like the little roller skate car you will be driving while you pay higher and higher taxes? Cheaper like the energy bills that, if Obama has his way, will be over $3,000.00 a year more for the average family? Cheaper like the cost of your health insurance, which will be called taxes instead of health insurance premiums and will be a bigger chunk out of your paycheck? Swiss cheese has fewer holes than this ridiculous argument.

In fact, Obama tries to have it all ways. He tells you his health care plan is “cheaper” for the country while it will cost you more in taxes. And, with a straight face, he tries to tell you your health care quality will not go down. If this weren’t such a serious lie, I’d be on the floor laughing uncontrollably. And did you know that in his plan the United Auto Workers (UAW) is exempt from being taxed on their health care plans? So while you pay more, the unions don’t. Socialists love unions. Unions elect socialists. Pay back is hell, no? Who is this guy kidding? You?

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