Obamacare: Thank You For The Blank Check America – Courtesy of Barack Obama and the DNC

I personally have an unfair advantage (or a curse, depending on your point of view) when it comes to information systems of all kinds; having designed, developed (written the code) and deployed (installed and trained users) for about the last forty years.

Watching the “ObamaCare Rollout,” strictly from a computer sciences perspective, evoked flashbacks of my dog “doing his business” on the side of a hill; his “business” rolled down that hill in a very ugly fashion.

Watching the current regime defend their multi-million (billion?) dollar boondoggle sink, evoked images of the orchestra playing classical dance music as the Titanic sank into the sea. As the orchestra played, there were a number of “flat notes” that wafted out over the chaos as each willing moron attempted to justify and quantify the true size of this monstrous debacle.

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ItsOnlyMoneyThose “flat notes” told me a great deal with a very high degree of certainty without any absolute knowledge. The first thing I knew with a high degree of certainty was that the primary underlying design of this site was to gather a great deal of personal sensitive information for what can only be assumed to be nefarious purposes at some point in the future (IRS Targeting?).  The second thing that was imperially clear to me was that the absolute mountain of “interfaces” to external systems was not even fully designed much less built.

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Most importantly, having a background in statistical analysis and a very basic understanding of mathematical simulations, I absolutely knew without the slightest doubt that the most important part of the “Obamacare Legislation Abomination” was an answer as to: “What will it cost?”

There are two components of cost that America must come to grips with, and soon. When one uses a credit card, there are two components of cost: The initial cost of that which was purchased and the lingering cost of the interest on the unpaid balance on that credit card.

In the implementation of “Obamacare” there are two components of cost: The cost to the consumer for the goods and “services” being “purchased,” and the “interest” on that purchase.

On many occasions, in recent times, it has been reported by various insurers that any quotations on premiums (initial costs) must be viewed as “estimates” at this time. Why is that? Simply put, it is because they have no idea just how big the elephant in the room might grow to be – if at all. The insurance companies perform a very sophisticated statistical analysis of given populations. For example, in a population of let’s say a million people the insurance company can estimate that an approximate number of people will have serious chest colds; possibly more so in cold climates than warm climates. They base their rates on these very extensive and very complex math models.

Under Obamacare they have no idea of what the numbers might be so they are resorting to what we in the data and statistical analysis refer to as a “SWAG” – a Scientific Wise-Ass Guess.

You can bet everything you own (actually you already have) that those rates can, and in many cases will, escalate precipitously in the future. Example: A friend of mine in Silly-Con Valley just managed to sign up on the California Healthcare web site. Her quotation was: $45 per month; less than one tenth of what my unemployed wife must pay. My friend is a multi-millionaire so one might expect her rates to climb.

As to the “interest” on this “purchase” that America has just signed up for? That currently unmeasurable cost comes in the form of “subsidies” being paid to the insurance companies to insure that they do not lose any profits. Those “subsidies” are being paid to the insurance companies with your tax payer dollars; the total of which we may never know in our lifetimes.

There was once a time in this country when parents allowed their children to use their credit cards and gladly paid the bills and the interest accrued.

Under Obamacare we old folks have just been given an unlimited credit card in the names of our children and all the generations to come will be obligated to pay the bills with the interest; thereby becoming permanent slaves of the government.

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