Obamacare Supporters Petition to Put Birth Control in Water Supply

In another display of ignorance, Mark Dice asks Obamacare supporters to sign a petition that would add birth control to America's water supply. Seriously, it's things like this that make me wonder if some of these individuals are literally the walking dead, unable to think about what they are even doing.

Dice tells the petitioners that since there is a desire to remove birth control from college campuses, the petition is to put sterilants into the water supply in a similar manner to fluoride, in order to reduce birth rates.

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He even makes it clear that it's a "modern day eugenics program" and that whether people want it or not they'll be getting a dose of birth control.

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Dice tells some of the signers that "Obama's science czar" has recommended free birth control in the water supply.

There was at least one couple strolling a small child that said, "Oh no!" That gives me some hope that some people in California are thinking and paying attention.

It never ceases to amaze me that people not only don't want children, but the limits they will go to in preventing other people from having children. The culture is to the point where we are not only murdering untold millions of babies in their mother's womb and saying it's just fine, but there is a section of the culture that is perfectly fine with murdering children after they are born, including Barack Obama.

Since this is the case, why are we surprised when there is no regard for human life at any age and there is even open talk of euthanasia? It appears abundantly clear to me that America is in desperate need of repentance. May God grant us such repentance.

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