The Obamacare Rollout is Comparable to the Burning of the Reichstag in 1933

I have been struggling to find historical comparisons to the things that the Obama administration is doing, and there are many. Yet, none of them is good or even beneficial. However, one has to wonder, as it slowly comes to light, that even the people who helped create the Affordable Care Act, knew that it would not only not work, but that it would create chaos with an industry that encompasses 1/6th of our nation’s economy. Throughout the Obama presidency, it seems that we go from one crisis to another and like a good showman President Obama always has an excuse as to why it isn’t his fault. It was Bush who did this or Republicans who did that; it was the greed of Wall Street, it was the anarchists in the Tea Party, but nothing is ever truly President Obama’s fault. Now, with his back in a corner for making false promises, he has finally had to say “I’m sorry.” However, the so-called apology came with “But it is better this way and we know what’s best for you.”

reichstagfireInformation is forthcoming almost on a daily basis to point out that everybody connected with this law, including the individuals who were originally responsible for drafting the Affordable Care Act, to the people who created the website, to the head of Health and Human Services, knew there was no way that this law was going to be implemented with any success. We can also ascertain that the way the entire thing was done, was, as they say, in football, with a “Hail Mary.” They hoped that it would work, but they knew it wouldn’t. Now with millions of Americans losing their health insurance plans that they liked (which are gone they won’t get them back), Americans can only wonder just what they are going to do. But was this the plan all along? Was this just another method to grab more political power and crush any opposition, one can only wonder.

I used the comparison of the roll-out of the ACA to the Reichstag fire of 1933, because both instances were man made. The Nazis in desperation burned down the Reichstag so they could grab total political power and create their own type government. Sound familiar? From everything that the Obama administration has done, one could only surmise that the same type of thing is being done now. It is no secret that the Obama administration is “fundamentally transforming” America, but in to what, we don’t really know, or do we?

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You cannot tell an industry of such magnitude to make a 180 degree turn and expect success, it’s impossible. This a perfect example as to why the government has no business meddling in the free market. If the government truly wanted to make medical insurance cheaper for the public, it should loosen restrictions that prohibit insurance companies from competing across state lines. More competition creates a better market for consumers and brings down cost. The Affordable Care Act was never designed, at any time, to do that, and the Obama administration isn’t concerned with doing that. It is concerned with “Social Justice,” a purely political ideology that has never truly worked.

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There is an article that was written in the Seattle Times (a notoriously liberal organization), that warned about of an impending disaster if any healthcare reform was enacted while the economy was trying to recover. Sadly it was ignored. Now the Obama administration goes into damage control mode. Democrats, who are up for re-election, scramble to distance themselves from both the president and the ACA. Despite all the warnings from Republicans, doctors, the Tea Party and the insurance industry, one can only ascertain that this fiasco could have been avoided completely. Are there problems with our healthcare system? Yes. Does something need to be done so that all Americans have access to affordable healthcare? Yes, but not like this. This is what happens when political ideology interferes in the free market.

Here is a piece about the Nazis and how they went about their grab for total political power. After reading it, you may find some rather frightening similarities with what is occurring in our own country.

“If we do not learn from history, we are bound to repeat it.”

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