Warning of Increase in Obamacare Drug Prices – Who’s Wearing the Tin Foil Hat Now?

Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, was passed as a claim to history signature legislation for the illegitimate man occupying the People’s House. It was signed into law three years ago today. The unconstitutional take-over of the health care insurance industry by our government has produced controversy across all divides existing in America today. One fact is, however, undeniable; nowhere in the Constitution is the power of mandating health care insurance granted to Congress or any portion of the federal government.

Putting aside the unconstitutional argument against Obamacare, the government has had three years to implement a website, issue regulations to mandate certain coverage requirements, including abortion and maternity care, and work with insurance exchanges and companies on a prescription drug formulary so individuals could make informed choices on plans that best suit their overall needs. Within that timeframe and the over one billion dollar price tag just for the website alone, one would think this entire system was complete, comprehensive and turn-key ready. Unfortunately, it has been anything but ready for consumer participation as evidenced by problems exposed since the October roll-out.

The insurance exchange website has been riddled with problems. Those enrolling have had difficulty paying their premiums. Insurance companies cannot confirm enrollment or coverage resulting in patients carrying the burden for the entire cost of their care such as happened to a man in Nevada. Numerous individuals have seen their current policies canceled and are now uninsured. Costs for the Obamacare policies have been exposed as unaffordable and the intimation of “rationing of care” and “death panels” have taken away the basic right of an individual to choose their care. Now, it seems that Obamacare is bringing a new unaffordable problem to light – the cost of certain prescription drugs.

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According to the Washington Times, some individuals have found plans with premiums they can afford but now face increased costs for certain prescription drugs. Individuals “have been shocked” at the cost of their prescriptions since “insurers are sorting drug prices into a complex tier system and in some cases charging co-insurance rates as high as 50 percent,” leaving the patient’s cost burden sometimes in the thousands of dollars. Some of these drugs manage serious illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. In another slap to the face, costs vary from state to state.

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In a seven state study done by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, patients with blood cancers could expect to pay a 50 percent co-insurance rate for specialty drugs on several plans in Florida and Texas. In California, the co-insurance rate is 30 percent. The state of New York co-insurance for specialty drugs rests at $70.

The Washington Times reports:

Insurers can generally choose to put whichever drugs they want into the specialty tier of a plan. Generic drugs for blood pressure or cholesterol typically fall into categories that require patients to pay less than $20 out-of-pocket. But patients can end up spending significantly more when they pay for a percentage of a specialty drug’s cost. Two of the most frequently prescribed specialty drugs in recent years include the cancer drug Avastin, with an $11,000 average annual price per patient, or the hypertension drug, like Letairis, which costs $32,000 per year, according to health insurers.

Even before the Affordable Care Act took effect, insurers had increasingly begun requiring patients to pay a percentage of the drug costs instead of a flat co-pay, but experts say patients often spend more for their prescriptions in plans offered under the health law because of the co-insurance.

It is difficult for patients to determine which drugs fall into which price categories according to insurers and health navigators. There also seems to be inconsistency on drugs and treatments for Multiple Sclerosis covered by the different insurers and if those could be altered on a case by case basis. Some patients are even finding out that a prescription that was covered under their previous private plan is now canceled under their new exchange plan.

According to Bari Talente, executive vice president advocacy at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, “This is very much a work in progress.”

At this point in time, Obamacare should no longer be “a work in progress.” After three years and billions of dollars, it should be like a new Rolls Royce just off the assembly line. But, it was not designed to work, period. Obamacare is the proverbial ocean front property in Arizona that low-information people in the US bought hook, line and sinker.

I am totally against the atrocity that is Obamacare, not because I do not want everyone to have access to health care; I am against Obamacare because it is unconstitutional as outside the powers designated to the government and it violates individual rights to choice, privacy and limited government interference into everyday life. There are problems with health care in America, but this atrocity that is Obamacare does not solve those problems but only creates more. Even with the problems with health care that were present before Obamacare was implemented, the United States had one of the best health care systems, if not the best, in the world.

Obamacare required every American to purchase health care insurance. It required mandated minimum coverage plans that every health insurer had to carry. It did not address access to health care facilities in rural areas, access to specialty health care centers, access to premium care facilities nor did it address the rising costs of health care, including prescription drugs. It did not address tort reform for malpractice or expanding interstate commerce by allowing the purchase of plans across states or coverage across states creating competition among insurers in order to keep premiums down. All it did was require Americans to purchase health care insurance and pay additional “tax” disguised as a penalty if coverage was not purchased along with other hidden “taxes” that have yet to be realized.

As someone who has worked in the health care industry as a direct care provider and in state government overseeing three Medicaid programs, health care insurance does not guarantee access to health care nor does it guarantee payment for services. Insurance also does not guarantee lesser costs for health care services; some services will be less while some will not and other will remain uncovered. Those individuals who tout that Obamacare means health care for all do not understand the law, misinterpret the law, believe what government says about the law, do not understand insurance period, or do not want to face the facts.

Obamacare was touted as “health care reform.” In a previous article, I suggested that any time the word “reform” is used in Washington, it never turns out like the public perceives or thinks it should. The drug companies have politicians in their pockets; these politicians are certainly not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Insurance companies certainly pay their fair share to Washington cronies in order to have their interests protected. Those whose job it is to represent the people are representing any and everything other than the people while lining their pockets for their own personal gain.

This “health care reform” is nothing more than the initial step to destroy America’s current system in favor of a government run “single payer system” to exact control over the public and institute a legal form of democide through rationing of health care services by denying services to a certain age demographic. If you look closely, it follows along the lines of UN Agenda 21‘s support for population control to stem the tide of global warming and create a “sustainable” society. It is the eradication of another liberty and freedom from the citizens of the United States in order to exert control over the population.

While some may think my tin foil hat has gotten too tight, why does the “power elite” exclude themselves from this legislation? After you get through tap dancing an answer on that one, tell the man in Nevada that has coverage through an Obamacare exchange who received a bill in the amount of $407,000 because the insurer can’t locate him in the system, how well this affordable system works. If you come up with some off the wall answer for that, then please tell the rest of us why His Majesty, through executive order, keeps changing the mandates for employers and individuals on this “wondrous miracle” called health care for all, even though he has no authority to do so. And, if you think for one minute His Majesty actually enrolled in the health care exchange and will receive health care through it, then please tell us why he would follow that law when he violates most others – you can’t use “it’s his signature law” either – and his health care is provided for by the taxpayer through other means for life. If this piece of crap is supposed to make health care more affordable and accessible, why are costs going up, doctors not getting paid under the system and health care providers exiting the industry? And by all means, please explain why now certain individuals will not receive their needed medication because of cost or the medication not being covered under some of the new exchange plans?

So, who’s wearing the tin foil hat now?

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