Obamacare: Playing God Is Not What Govt Was Meant To Do

As with the economy, that has not actually been operating under true free market capitalism for decades, we have not been privileged to actual free market health care for a very long time. Ever since the government set up Medicare and Medicaid, our taxes and insurance costs have been sky-rocketing ever higher due to the subsidization of those programs through our insurance and tax rates. Insurance company profits are at a whopping 3.5 percent. And the governments at all levels are broke, cities, counties, states, and federal. What do the politicians insist is the answer? Double down on subsidization. Tax more. Push insurance rates higher.

Beyond this is the underlying issue of who makes your health care decisions. You, your doctor, or some guy named Ezekiel Emmanuel? What a great guy this Ezekiel Emmanuel is. Brother of Rahm, he has written a treatise called “The Complete Lives System.” According to Dr. Emmanuel, the costs of health care are to be doled out based on the productivity of the citizens based on their age group. In short, the government will spend fewer dollars on the very young and those over 50, gradually reducing the amount as people age. His plan gives the most money to those 20 to 50 in order to protect the productivity and taxation of that age group. The major flaw in this plan is that the need for health care dollars is greatest when people grow older. The very young would need health care in order to save them from debilitating problems that could occur in early childhood, but could be remedied. But Dr. Emmanuel’s plan would withhold care for those two groups in order to assure the tax base of the working age group. I can’t help but wonder who, reading this, would think this plan of his is compassionate or addresses the issues that matter most to those of us who have cared for sick children or parents with health issues.

The insidious plots have already been put in place by the unread, diabolically huge “Stimulus Bill.” The Obama administration, along with his socialist cronies, signed into law in that Stimulus Bill last February, 2009, two mandates that could only be rescinded by another congress and another president. These two already passed edicts are as such:

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1. Control of medical records and private health information of every person in the United States, and penalize health professionals who refuse to release your personal information. Forget the Hippa form. You have no privacy or control of your medical information beginning in 2014.

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2. Control delivery of all health services under the guise of “Comparative Effectiveness Research” and “The Complete Lives System” that decides a person’s value based on age. The Federal Health Czar’s panel and Federal computers will decide whether or not you are worth the cost of treatment and whether you will be approved to obtain treatment.

The third segment of complete control by the Federal government is Obama’s greatest desire, “Insurance Reform,” i.e. the take-over of insurance companies. The Federal government will dictate what insurance plans must cover, and what they cannot exclude. Government dictates mean dramatic price increases when insurance companies are forced to give up using their risk-based approach to underwriting, which helps keep premium costs down. The private insurance industry will collapse and, voila, we have nothing left but government run health care. Welcome to Socialized Health Care, brought to you by Barack Obama, written by Karl Marx and previously implemented by Vladimir Lenin.

You’ve heard the adage that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I wonder if, right now, you would consider the adage that, “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” Socialized Health Care has never worked to improve the practice of medicine or the health of anyone. It completely annihilates the Hippocratic Oath. The only interest of the state is to control who gets what and at what costs. If your interest is “helping the least of us,” you have misplaced your hope in Barack Obama and the Federal Government. The only objective of Socialized Health Care is complete totalitarianism and holds no compassion for anything but the power of the state. A naive belief in politicians posing as car salesmen is not bringing us “progress.” Unfortunately, some among us are buying into the utopian promises of a very evil concept, a concept that government should play God. Playing God is not what men are meant to do. “Helping the least of us” requires personal responsibility, not passing it off to a collective socialist nightmare where the only outcome is spreading poverty. Obamacare is that socialist nightmare.

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