Obamacare: The Black Death – Part 2

When I was younger, pre-teen if I recall correctly, I saw an old black-and-white movie that left a life-long imprint in my mind. Although I do not recall the name of the movie, I do recall that the story line took place during the “Black Death” (Bubonic Plague) pandemic in Europe. In the scene that stuck in my mind, all these years, there was a dirty, old, and downtrodden peasant leading an equally beaten down horse pulling a rickety old cart overloaded with corpses of young, old, male, female, and children who had been taken by an epidemic known as “The Black Death”.  As the old man led the macabre procession through the streets, he called out: “Bring Out Your Dead!”

Welcome to “The Black Death – Part 2”, aka: Obamacare. (No pun intended!)

The whole subject of “Obamacare” has been so polarized from its very beginning that
, including its “author”, Max Baucus (D-Montana), actually read the entire bill before it was passed. And no one (except possibly California voters) will ever forget the now infamous statement by the “Queen of Idiots”, Nancy Pelosi (D-California): “We need to pass this bill so that we can see what is in it.

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So the bill was passed along strictly party lines. To the best of my recollection, this may be the only time in Congressional recorded history when not one Republican crossed the aisle to support this abomination of all legislation.

At the first sign that the debacle was emerging into public view like a massive boil on the nose of an old crone the regime tried to downplay the situation as a few “glitches” in the web site Healthcare.Gov

And then reality began to set in like a lake effect winter storm as millions upon millions of Americans began to lose their health care coverage; members of my own family included. And still the opposing parties would rather attack each other rather than attempt to exterminate this disease known as Obamacare; perhaps because His Lordship, the DSIC (Dip-stick in Charge), has promised to veto any attempt to do so.

We The People have been given a golden opportunity to open this septic tank of government over reach to the light of day and yet our “leadership” chooses not to leverage the opportunity.

The “eight hundred pound, extremely angry and hostile gorilla in the room” is an ingrained bureaucracy called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).

Lets take a look at what the DSIC’s propaganda machine has to say about the IPAB:

“15 experts including doctors and patient advocates would be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate to serve on IPBAB.”

The use of the term “expert” by this regime is offensive.

Experts“? From what resource pool? The DSIC’s favorite resource pool: The Muslim Brotherhood?

We are talking about a regime that has flaunted its blatant disdain for our Constitution.

We are talking about a regime that uses the ruthless power of the IRS to attack those who would question its actions or speak out against them.

We are talking about a regime whose pit bull attack dog, the Attorney General of the United States, has chosen to openly ignore the rulings of the Supreme Court and has blatantly lied to congress.

And just how “independent” do you really believe his nominations to the IPAB are going to be?

“IPAB would recommend policies to Congress to help Medicare provide better care at lower costs.  This could include ideas on coordinating care, getting rid of waste in the system, incentivizing best practices, and prioritizing primary care.”

Let’s examine this statement closely: …better care at lower cost. 

Who defines “better care at lower cost”?

According to my sister, a registered nurse of more than thirty years, this translates into “comfort care only.” For those of us outside the medical professions “comfort care” means:
“Keep the patient doped up until they die.

What does …incentivizing best practices” mean?

It means that the government will be willing to reimburse doctors and hospitals for certain goods and services – like pain killers – but not for other things – like hip and knee replacements or organ transplants for political opponents or senior citizens; unless of course you can get a waiver – like all of the unions and other supporters of this regime.

What can We The People expect when the scepter of power is transferred to other, possibly more aggressive hands?

In all the vitreous rhetoric surrounding this abomination legislation someone coined the term “Death Panels” and because of the wording used by this regime (examples above) such an idea has been dismissed as groundless and inflammatory.

Guess what boys and girls?

The “Death Panels” are buried deep in the deliberately vague details of the “Affordable Care Act”; aka: Obamacare. 

This regime has “delayed the employer mandate” for a year to defer the impact of yet another estimated sixty (60) to eighty (80) MILLION Americans losing their employer provided health care; some by outright cancellations and some by way of total unaffordability.

And once America has demurely swallowed the bitter reality of what Obamacare does provide (mostly unwanted), the grim reality of Obamacare does NOT provide will hit like a Modern Day Black Death.

For the true believers in the Socialist State, this may well be seen as a “benefit” of Obamacare in that they can tell their children that it was the Good, Great and All Knowing Government who “put Grandma down”; thereby evading all responsibility. 

For the rest of us, perhaps not so much.

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