Obama What?

Obama What? Yes, this is what many will be saying during the next few months and years. It has come down to the United States just allowing a pure Socialist to run this nation in a manner that is just not right. The Democrats won, but are they really the Democrats? Are they maybe just a huge mass of Socialists in Democrat clothing? One just has to dig deep into the affiliation of people like Nancy Pelosi to find that she, like many others in Congress, are part of either a Communist or Socialist group. They don’t have to dig too deep either since now it is widely held that if one calls themselves “Progressive” they are just disguising the name of Socialist with “Progressive”. It is not unusual that the same people who proclaim themselves to be “progressives” are either in the Socialist, Communist Party, or they have some sort of affiliation with them.

Now why is this even brought up when Obama won fair and square? Well the being fair and square is questionable since in Pennsylvania alone some 59 areas had 0 votes for Romney, now that is beyond all expectations and reason and cannot be stated as being accurate. In another place they had some 156% of the 100% of the registered voters vote! Now just how can some 56% more than those registered be voting? It also was found that in some Florida areas the voter turn out was more than those registered, one place they showed 108% voting yet that could not be because that would indicate that some sort of voter fraud was committed. But we don’t have to worry, it is over.

Now let us go to the Republican side of this. The Republicans actually had a huge Sissy to run for the job of president. Yes I said Sissy! It cannot be stated often enough that had Romney acted like a man instead of a sissy, he would have walked all over Obama and his pitiful debate. But Romney and the Republican Party both could not walk out of a bag of wet noodles without getting beat up! You see had the Republican Party allowed someone such as Herman Cain go on and be the one to run for president, they may have won. But the Republican Party is nearly as bad as the Democrat Party. The difference between the parties is so small now that it is just amazing they don’t run together!

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Obama was elected on November 6, 2012 and on November 7, 2012 he had already said he would look at the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, a treaty that would dissolve the Second Amendment and destroy the Sovereignty of the United States! Now that really took guts to go after the United Nations and say that now he could talk about it since now he will suffer no repercussions from doing just that! But wait did Obama take an Oath to “uphold the Constitution of the United States”? Yes he did, but it does not matter now because the “people” placed him back in office. His actions have not yet begun to take affect. What Obama will be doing over the next 4 years will either get him impeached or it will destroy the United States and the very Constitution itself! Now just think of this as being the one main reason why people have gone out and bought guns of all sorts. They know that Obama will try to take their guns away and in some cases, people actually use guns to put food on the table! Yes, Obama What? He wants to ban guns!

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Just 2 days after being elected to a second term of office Obama was pleased to say he now wanted immigration reform. Now Obama wants to allow the 12 million illegal aliens to become citizens of our nation thus bringing it down even further! These are criminals, some would say, while others would say they are just people looking for work. We must state that our nation has over 26 million of its own looking for work and they should be provided with jobs before any illegal alien gets a job! But that is not what Obama wants to do. The people in Ohio now know just how things are going to work after Obama has won. They had their welfare checks dropped down by $50 a month!

One of the first groups Obama met with after his election was the “progressive” people and the unions. Both groups have standing in both the Socialist and Communist groups. Now with that in mind, why would Obama meet with them first and discuss the coming financial problems? Because they got him elected and he owes them greatly. But should you or I walk up and ask to speak to Obama, we would be turned away because we are not from any Socialist or Communist groups so we do not matter. We must be very careful now since it could well be said that we are now acting against the nation as terrorists.

Today the one thing that could not get passed before dealt with the very fraudulent idea of “Global Warming”, an idea that is nothing more than a huge scam to tax more people for anything they do! “Global Warming’ sounds terrifying doesn’t it? Well, the sounds are all that make it even remotely terrifying because it has nothing to do with what we as a people do. The entire idea of people causing the earth to warm is so stupid that it should not even be discussed. Let me give a glaring example of why this will never work. It is being done in Australia and so far with Billions upon billions of their dollars being spent on this it has brought down the stupid “global warming” in Australia by some .00006 percent, a number that is not even good enough to clear the air in a bird cage much less an entire continent! Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley made this point very clear at a speech he gave at Southeastern University in Louisiana recently. Lord Monckton pointed this number out using the very same method of deduction that the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) used to show the earth was warming up and it is not!

The United States took a back seat to going forward on November 6, 2012 because now it will be embroiled with the “global warming” ignorance that none of the members in either house of our government could describe with any sort of accuracy! I say this because none of them could even begin to understand that the world is not warming by any means and that is nothing more than a lame brain excuse to raise taxes on everybody and call it “Cap and Trade.” Both side of the aisle are about as dumb as can be when it comes to truly understanding the real problems. Most are just too busy to see while they are moving from one lobbyist to another. It is disturbing when most of our men and women sent to Washington, D.C. end up being more concerned about which lobbyist they see next instead of what bill they will read!

I brought the idea up to a Senator at a town hall meeting about just stopping the production of ethanol all together. I showed the Senator that our nation could go about 24 million more miles if they did away with Ethanol. I also told him that the refineries that produced this ethanol could be converted to refineries for oil if our nation were to drill everywhere. This would also stop the dumb change of blends during the summer and fall, which does nothing to help increase gas mileage while the use of non-ethanol gasoline would increase the number of miles a vehicle could go! It would also decrease the cost of food since then the corn used for ethanol could be brought back to market for use in the cattle industry or to put food on the table of homes, not to mention new jobs created.

We as a nation have to look at these ideas because our nation is the richest in the world when it comes to oil, coal, and natural gas. No nation on the face of this earth could ever come close to having the amount of oil, coal, and natural gas our nation has on hand. Yet, this president, Barack Obama, does not want any of this huge supply to ever come to market. Obama would much rather see our nation with very expensive and costly wind mills and solar panels that are not at all as efficient as all of our natural resources. Just one natural gas fired 500-megawatt generator has to be replaced by 660 windmills! And when it comes to solar panels the size is even larger and much more costly. The amount of land needed to supply just 1 gig watt of power from solar panels would be about some 269,097,760 square feet. That amounts to about 9 square miles of solar panels to equal the same amount of power from one natural gas generator! The solar panel cannot be used at night while the natural gas and fuel fired generators run all the time day or night rain or shine, no matter what. That cannot be said for wind or solar. Both wind and solar are not at all cost effective due to the vast amount of area needed to produce what can be much more easily obtained from just one natural gas, coal, or oil fired generator. These facts alone should be reason enough to use what our nation has a large amount of and yet Obama does not want to do this. He finds it to be better to use the more costly and inefficient wind mills and solar panels, both of which could never compete on the same grounds as the natural gas, coal, or oil can.

This is what we have to look forward to over the next four years: “Tax and Scam.”

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