Obama at West Point: Rebukes American Greatness

In a stunning rebuke to America’s greatest leaders, our illustrious history and the very founding premise of this great nation, Barack Hussein Obama went to West Point last week and gave a speech that was the equivalent of trying to sell Harlem on the Confederacy.

And his formula – the mega-watt smile, his calypso walk and his air of condescension – had few, if any, takers. These were real men and women, real patriots, and they weren’t having it.

In the speech, Obama lauded his surrender to the Taliban – congratulating himself on ending the war. Anyone can end a war by surrender. Winning a war, now that’s a whole other thing.

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He congratulated himself on “decimating” al-Qaida, when they are stronger than ever and waging jihad across Africa and the Middle East.

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He applauded the economy on the same day that it was widely reported that the economy actually shrank during the first quarter. He used that well-worn talking point that “our nation … climbed out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” But when John McCain stopped campaigning to address the financial crisis in 2008, Obama made fun of him. Saying he was exaggerating and blowing it up. Now he remembers it as “the worst crisis since the Great Depression.” Yeah, OK.

He bloviated about America’s strength, even though we have never been perceived as so weak. Even the New York Times has admitted this, and it has been Obama’s best marketing team. He said that anyone who speaks about America’s obvious decline is “engaged in partisan politics.” Obama’s domestic policy has been one long war against Republicans. Anyone who opposed his totalitarian takedown of America was targeted. His contempt for American patriots is palpable, and his war on Americans using the NSA, the DHS and the IRS is unprecedented. He is a despicable liar, and history will not be kind to this foreign agent.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

He said that our military has no peer, but that is hardly thanks to him. He has decimated our military and put weak and feckless leaders at its helm, with a focus on gay sensitivity training. The Department of Defense apologizes to savages for an accidental Quran burning. The Department of Defense refuses to identify the ideology behind the war on America. When the Fort Hood jihadi slaughtered our soldiers in cold blood on our home soil, the DoD labeled it “workplace violence” – despite the fact that Nidal Hasan was wearing the garb of the shaheed, was giving out Qurans the morning of his jihad and screamed “Allahu akbar” as he mowed down our soldiers. The Army manual ordered soldiers not to criticize the Taliban. That’s like telling those 250 kidnapped Christian girls not to criticize Boko Haram.

Obama insisted that “U.S. military action cannot be the only – or even primary – component of our leadership in every instance. Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail.” The problem with this is that Obama never saw a nail he liked, unless it was to support a jihadist agenda (i.e., Syria, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, etc.).

Obama continued to extol his failed leading-from-behind foreign policy doctrine. “We should not go it alone.” No, of course not. If the world is falling to a vicious totalitarian movement, “we should not go it alone.” If the world refuses to stand up for freedom or individual rights, “we should not go it alone.” Instead, Obama insists that we broaden our tools to include diplomacy and development, sanctions and isolation and appeals to international law. Ah, more strongly worded billets doux. As for “international law,” whose law is that? Is Shariah international law?

Obama said: “We have to work with others because collective action in these circumstances is more likely to succeed, more likely to be sustained, less likely to lead to costly mistakes.” Where has collective action been effective? Libya? Syria? Ukraine? Fighting for freedom is never a “costly mistake.”

And while Obama admits that “the most direct threat to America at home and abroad remains terrorism,” he never once would utter the name of the enemy. Instead, he has scrubbed our counterterrorism manuals and programs of all mention of jihad and Islam. And he has turned our enormous intelligence technology complex on average Americans – spying on all of us. G. Murphy Donovan, former chief of the USAF Intelligence Research Division, NSA Friendship Annex, said this week:

The great irony of collection excess is that there is no evidence that more data, more processing, or more funding has improved Intelligence analysis. The same people who redefine phone calls, Tweets, photographs, and emails as “metadata” can’t name our strategic enemies. State Department sissies refuse to designate Boko Haram as a Muslim terrorist group. IC estimates gag on words like “terrorist.” Terms like Islam, Muslim, Islamist, or religious fascism have been stricken from the strategic vocabulary by fiat.

What doesn’t happen is now an achievement!

Trying to understand terror and all those Muslim wars without Islamism is a little like ignoring pork at a sausage seminar. Within the Intelligence Community, Muslim sensitivities seem to trump common sense and national security.”

Continuing on with his nonsensical blathering, Obama said that “today’s principal threat no longer comes from a centralized al-Qaida leadership. Instead, it comes from decentralized al-Qaida affiliates and extremists.” Huh? That’s a distinction without a difference. Jihad is jihad, from Manhattan to Mumbai, London to Lahore, Times Square to Tiananmen Square, Fort Hood to Frankfurt, CAR to Cairo, Benghazi to Burma and beyond.

Obama tried to recount his success against the unnamed enemy, except he hasn’t any.

And he pledged to fund this failure to the tune of $5 billion – for a new “Counter-Terrorism Partnerships Fund.” Rest assured that these funds will go to his “partners” in the Taliban and al-Qaida in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Shariah PM Erdogan in Turkey and, lest we forget, his new Iranian buddies.

And after all this, Obama’s coup de grâce was his vow to go after the real enemy of freedom: climate change. You can’t make this craziness up.

He praised “American exceptionalism” while damning it. Obama said, “What makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law; it is our willingness to affirm them through our actions.” Wrong, President Obama. What makes us exceptional is individual rights, not “international norms.” Individual rights is a refutation of international law. Individualism is a rebuke to international law. The United States of America is different from every other country in the world. It was the first government, the first moral government, founded on individual rights. Obama does not begin to understand that, and the little he does understand, he deplores. We are a country based on individual rights. Obama is a statist. Economic implementation of political freedom was capitalism. Obama is a socialist. He is everything America is not.

I saw all this coming, and explained what was going to happen in my book, “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.” My warning wasn’t heeded when the book came out, early in Obama’s first term. Since then, Obama keeps proving me right, again and again – to America’s detriment.

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