Obama: We Must Tax & Spend Our Way to Prosperity

Barack Obama announced on Friday that he had invited congressional leaders to the White House next week for talks on how to avoid the "fiscal cliff." He claimed that he was open to compromise with Republicans, but in the end the final deal must include raising taxes on the richest Americans. Hmmmm, does that sound like he is open to compromise to you? Yeah, me neither.

He said he wants to do more, including "bringing down the cost of healthcare (I thought Obamacare did that) and strengthen programs like Medicaid and Medicare (I thought they were completely solvent) for the long haul."

"But," Obama said, "we can't just cut our way to prosperity."

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"If we are serious about reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more in taxes," Obama said.

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Well, then why not "ask" them to pay. But you see my friends, wealthy people who support Barack Obama are not lining up to offer to pay taxes are they? Have you seen Beyonce and Jay-Z writing a check to the federal government? How about Scarlett Johansson? Eva Longoria? Oh wait, maybe we missed Sarah Jessica Parker or Matthew Broderick? No, we didn't miss them because while they were willing to contribute to a campaign and raise money for Obama, they are not willing to part with money for nothing to the feds, are they?

No, what Obama means in this statement is "force" to pay taxes, not ask.

He claimed this is how Bill Clinton did things. He says this is how we can reduce the deficit while making the investments we need to build a strong middle class and a strong economy. The problem is that this is the direct opposite of what is needed to do just that. This is the same hair brained scheme that he went with in 2009 when he took office and we see where that has gotten us. Can anyone say more than $6 trillion in debt? How about over $1 trillion in deficits every year the man has been in office? How about those "investments" to help the middle class? Anyone recall the stock price of General Motors or the number of "green energy" companies that have gone bankrupt shortly after receiving millions of dollars of tax payer money?

Yeah, we'll just let that sink in for a bit. For those who have never been frugal with their own money, why would we expect them to be frugal with ours? Think about it.

Listen to the clip below:

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