The Obama campaign is desperate. Actually that is an understatement. They have already requested that people send their mothers a Mother's Day Card about Obamacare, have their wedding guests send money to his campaign on behalf of the bride and groom and now lo and behold, the campaign sinks to new depths. Obama Tweeted requesting that you send that $5 you were going to spend on a beer or other adult beverage to his campaign. After all, it's to "help this campaign win."

Have you ever in your life seen such a ridiculous means of trying to obtain campaign money in your life? I don't think even Bill Clinton did anything like this while campaigning.

But since Barack Obama has shown himself to not be a president of substance, it's not unusual I suppose for him to slip into the used car salesman mode or worse yet the "Wimpy" mode from Popeye and gladly "pay you next term for your beer money this term."

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While they had hoped they would raise $1 billion, it seems now they aren't even going to make the drastically slashed amount of $750 million. While he has been running around the country and using every opportunity to fund raise, I'm guessing that he had hoped that his homosexual friends would come through a bit more in support. Sure he raised millions in Hollywood, drank some champagne and endorsed homosexual "marriage," but I guess Obama didn't do the math on the actual amount of people who support his "vision for America."

I don't know if we should keep an eye on the Treasury. After all, he's tossed billions out the window on wasteful, unfruitful stimulus money, I wouldn't be surprised to find him dipping his own hand in the cookie jar to make up for lost campaign funds.

One thing is for sure, Obama is doing so poorly that he donated $5,000 of his own money to his own campaign. Maybe he should try reinventing the Trayvon Martin hoodie into the James Holmes Orange wig and see if he can get some sales on that?

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