Obama Wants $3.7 Billion of Your Money America for the Illegal Immigration Crisis so He Can Rub it in Your Face

The sheer gall of Barack Hussein Obama Jr. knows no bounds. He knew that congress would not give in when it came to any comprehensive immigration reform (A.K.A. "Amnesty"), until the border was secure. So what do you do, if you can't get what you want "legally"? You send-out the call to every banana republic south of the border and let it be known, that if you can just get to America, you won't get sent home (especially if you're women and children). Then to really rub salt in the wound, you ask for almost $4 billion to help with the crisis you created.

 That's politics "Obama Style."

We've all been watching, as the many scandals that our president is currently embroiled in were getting just a too close for comfort to suit our law breaker in chief . So what do you do to throw the dogs off of your sent ? Why, you create bedlam on our southern border and you use women and children as a human shield to deflect scrutiny away from your many other scandals. Then , after things are really insane....you go out fund raising. After that you've made it appear to be the other guy's problem, then you take another well deserved 20 million dollar vacation. It sure is funny , that our dear president doesn't want to go to one one of the many facilities where all these women and children are being kept, because even he did, he wouldn't be able to look these women and children in the eye. After all, this is his doing !

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And to top it all off, you demand almost 4 billion dollars from the American taxpayer to provide these women and children with legal services to make sure that they won't get deported . You have to hand it to Barry, he's gotta be one of the smoothest operators we've seen in our lifetime !  He says the money he wants will be used to hire lawyers and judges to "speed up deportation hearings; lawyers and judges, mind you, that will be loyal to the president.

Obama will not use hardly any of the money (your tax dollars) he's demanding from congress, to secure the border. Well, less than $100 million will be used for actual "border security," but it's a little late in the game for that now right? And the longer that congress holds-out on giving Obama the money; the worse this "crisis" will get, so you see, it's a win-win for Barry.  If he really wanted to take care of this situation, he would contact the Department of Defense and send troops to secure the border and the 3.7 billion he's asking for would buy new clothes, a happy meal and a one way bus ticket home for all of the illegal alien invaders

But after meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry, Obama has said he won't go to the border because it would only be seen as a "photo op" and he's interested in solutions and not photo-ops. Seriously, this from the same president who flew to Afghanistan to have a "photo-op" with American soldiers, while American veterans were dying because of problems surrounding the Veterans Administration? I know, because I wrote an article on that exact subject. So forgive me if I think he's just full of it on this particular issue. He's in full campaign mode right now and a little side-trip to the border will mess all his plans up. Either way, he's not going to visit the border any time too soon.

The photo below – which was taken in Denver on Wednesday night-  is a photo-op?



How about this next photo? Isn't this a photo-op?



Obama won't go to the border for a photo-op because he doesn't want to be photographed on the border or in a shelter.

Obama wants his "Republican friends" to negotiate while making it clear he won't negotiate – it's his way or the highway. He likes to accuse the opponents of not negotiating.

Once again, we need our president to be "on the clock" and doing his job, but where is he instead ? He's flying around the country on Air Force One (at tax payer expense) – Fundraising… Again.

We cannot afford another two years (or two months for that matter) with clown as president.

Photo's courtesy of  http://www.independentsentinel.com/obama-says-border-crisis-isnt-theater-hes-not-interested-in-photo-ops/


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