Obama Threatens North Korea with Military Might – But the Emperor Has No Clothes

While America teeters on the brink of destruction from within cause by the lawless Barack Obama this illegitimate occupier of the People’s House has the nerve, while visiting South Korea, to warn North Korea that the US would not hesitate to use its military might. This would be totally hilarious if the man were not saying this with a straight face being serious. Not only did this man blow a continuous wind of rhetoric, his statements were filled with out and out lies.

Obama, on a four country tour of Asia, addressed the 28,000 American troops stationed in South Korea in order to keep North Korea in check. North Korea is threatening its fourth nuclear detonation test, possibly underground according to the website 38North.org, which is prompting Obama to consider the possibility of further sanctions against the potentially aggressive nation. Sanctions – now that’s enough to scare any nation to back off its plans. Obama knows about the power of sanctions. Russia is a prime example of how well his sanctions work.

Obama said in his speech, “The commitment that the United States has made to the Republic of Korea only grows stronger in the face of aggression. Our alliance does not waiver with each bout of their attention seeking. It just gains the support of the rest of the world.”

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As previously indicated, one would laugh were this man not speaking with a straight face. Obama expects everyone in the world to forget what the administration promised the Ukraine, what the administration has done to cause the problems in the Ukraine, and what the administration has demonstrated to the world when it comes to foreign policy. What this man forgets is that all of the world’s population are not low information, government bought US voters and many leaders of other nations recognize the incompetence of this community organizer when it relates to foreign policy. The world’s leaders know you cannot “community organize” the world.

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Regarding North Korea’s show of force, Obama stated, “Anybody can make threats. Anyone can move an army. Anyone can show off a missile. That doesn’t make you strong.”

Again, Obama equates the leadership of North Korea as himself – a big blow hard who struts around the barnyard talking big. Unlike Obama, North Korea’s leadership has every intention of making good on their threats – their leadership has cajones and with the weakness of the US on world display, North Korea has little opposition. The only strength Obama can display is the crushing of American citizens and patriots through Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Fascist policies while declaring numerous groups in America domestic terrorists.

To his South Korea audience, Obama relates that “real strength” comes from having an open participatory democracy [mob rule], open markets and a society free to speak out against its government. “We don’t use our military might to impose these things on others, but we will not hesitate to use our military might to defend our allies and our way of life.”

Obama must think that the world is blind to what he is trying to accomplish in the United States, how true patriots and veterans are treated and how a militarized force from the federal government was authorized to impose its will is against a US citizen in Nevada. This administration attacks every freedom granted to man by God upheld by US citizens, violates the Constitutional law and laws legislated by Congress, and commits criminal actions with impunity while changing laws at a whim as a ruthless dictator instead of the leader of the free world. His actions are very different from his words, reek hypocrisy, and should cause any nation’s leader to question his sincerity. It is no secret this president has lied to his own citizenry and Congress multiple times regarding every issue that has been brought forth. The scandals that riddle Washington, DC and hang on the coattails of this fraud should have more weight than the words coming out of the forked tongue mouth.

His audience cheered during his speech; his words would make anyone vomit if they would look at his actions. The US is the butt of every world joke, a laughing stock, as anyone can see this man spews lie after lie without any consequence from the US government. The world sees that our Congress is impotent, incompetent, corrupt, and lawless – that the US population has lost its way – and that this government established by the people, of the people and for the people is slowly rotting into oblivion with the consent of its people. The US is now demonstrating to the world that self-rule cannot be sustained as all other forms of government; that individual freedom is another unsustainable ideology because of the moral decay and decadence plaguing this nation, the apathy of its people in maintaining their own governance, and the silent consent of the people to lawlessness perpetrated by leadership who propagandize the ignorant stupid through the government controlled media.

Our own leadership is a reflection of the American citizens today – we talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Obama talks about freedoms, open markets and strength while doing everything in his power to tear it all down. This is the impression the world now has of America. The world has been witness to our interference in other nation’s governments – look at the chaos it has produced. America’s leadership supports Muslim terrorists, throws Israel under the bus and destroys its own nation from within with job killing, freedom eradicating policies. This is what the world sees of America.

There are many Americans who believe in the values that founded this nation, support the Constitution, uphold God-given unalienable rights, embrace the truth that all men are created equal, and that everyone is entitle to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, we are not currently adequately represented in our nation’s leadership. The voice of the American patriot is being silenced by rhetoric, false classifications, name-calling, and ridicule.

Our leadership reflects the minority ideology in this country, the small special interest groups and those in big business who seek control, power and money. Our leadership is drunk on the alcohol known as power and control. While our leadership touts the semblance of our Constitutional republic and speaks of democracy (mob rule), our own leaders are actually governing based on minority rule or pure dictatorship.

Yes, this is preaching to the choir again; however, America must either wake up and regain our founding principles or remain asleep, signaling the end of a great nation. The time for sitting on the fence is over. Americans must either support freedom or relinquish it and suffer the consequences.

For those unaware, the relinquishing of freedom ends up in mass democide and genocide. Governments take out the opposition and useful idiots first, making an example out of those groups to control the rest of the population. The population that is left are subservient poor laboring to support the all-powerful government, who live lavishly on the backs of slaves or who will live under a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion depending on who wins the battle for government control. Either way produces a group of slaves owned by a group of masters.

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