Obama Strongarms Congress Over Your Tax Dollars to Correct Illegal Alien Problem He Created

According to White House deputy press secretary, Eric Schultz, the White House, aka Obama, is interested in working a deal with Republicans on the immigration crisis. Obama claiming to be interested in working with Republicans is like a liberal claiming they are against big government. It all boils down to $3.7 billion dollars.

Obama wants the taxpayers to provide additional funds to address this manufactured crisis, which is nothing more than an illegal alien invasion of our nation, and to fund programs in these Central American countries that would be designed to decrease, not eliminate, “migration” of these individuals. Boehner, in a letter to Obama, requests Obama publicly support a change in the immigration law that some say caused this entire scenario. The law in question is always cited as the 2008 passage of the William Wilderburg Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

As has been revealed, a form of this bill was initially passed under Clinton in 2000. It was then altered and passed in 2008 under Bush. However, the provisions of that law ceased in 2011. A “renewal” of the original 2008 law was then added as an amendment to the 2013 Violence Against Women Act and signed into law by Obama. So, Congress essentially renewed provisions of a 2008 law in 2013, with Obama signing the law, and now many in Congress are claiming the law as a problem. Maybe the law is a problem because these illegals are “being schooled” in the law.

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But, looking at what is actually crossing the border versus what the lame stream media, Congress and Obama are claiming, can we really and truly blame a law designed to help female victims of human trafficking? After all, the number of unaccompanied children are minimal compared to the 14-17 year old gang affiliated males, “makeshift” family units and actual family units coming across our border. Even Glenn Beck’s self promotion photographs of his “humanitarian aid” to these unfortunate children are lacking concrete documentation of unaccompanied children. The same goes for the politicians. Oh, that’s right. No one is allowed to photograph or document inside the detention centers. But, wouldn’t these “children” be coming outside to receive their teddy bears and soccer balls? I digress once again. You get the point though.

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The Republican controlled House Appropriations Committee has yet to release the funds requested by Obama with Boehner claiming the American public “will not support providing additional money unless you work with both parties to address the causes of this tragedy.”

Obama and Boehner are now engaged in that age old game of “chicken.” You get three guesses on who will blink first, but you’re only going to need one.

Boehner, in his letter to Obama, hints that the Republicans are willing to release the requested $3.7 billion dollars
Obama will demonstrate strong public support for changes to the law. Obama says there will be no consideration on changes in the law until funds are released as they need the resources first in order to reform.

So, here we go around the Mulberry bush while the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round.

The supposed changes to this 2013 revival of the 2008 law would focus on a more streamlined (whatever that means) deportation process instead of requiring all minors not from Canada or Mexico, not all illegals, to have an immigration hearing before being returned to their home country. As is stands now, because of the backlog of immigration cases, these hearings may be scheduled approximately 600 days or almost 2 years after the illegal has entered the nation. In the meantime, these illegals are afforded residence in the US, while taking advantage of tax payer funded programs, then the majority of these illegals never show at their hearings nor are they tracked by immigration services.

The president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, Dana Leah Marks, has indicated that with the current surge in illegal invasion, the courts are massively backlogged. According to Marks, “We are reaching a point of implosion, if we have not already reached it.”

State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon, in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, contends, “The migration has to be addressed in the home countries because these kids are boomerangs, it doesn’t matter how far you throw them.”

These “kids” are boomerangs as some reports have indicated many of these so-called kids have been deported prior to this insurgence. However, these “boomerangs” are mostly gang members and criminals. Shannon’s solution of “addressing the migration” in the home countries is nothing more than code for providing American tax payer money to corrupt governments of foreign countries with no change in the status quo.

Here’s a novel idea for those in “supposed positions to know:” why not stop trying to get foreign countries to do the job of stopping illegal alien invasions into the United States and do it ourselves by securing the border?” After we do that, deport everyone who is illegally in the United States back to their country of origin, like Eisenhower did. If these countries don’t like that, too bad. The deportation would be cheaper than years of footing the bill for the tax payer funded programs these illegals utilize.

Hold Mexico accountable for their lax illegal crossing immigration laws toward “passers through.” It’s surprising Mexican officials have not been called “racists” by the liberal pundits for allowing everyone else except Americans to enter their country with impunity. Oh, that’s right, only white Americans can be racist. What was I thinking? Besides, Mexico would tell these idiots to bug off.

The “government” needs to cease with these ridiculous laws aimed at appeasing first one then another group or trying to appease first one country then another. America didn’t become strong by playing tiddlywinks; but, we have become weak by compromising our principles and denying our exceptionalism.

Of course, this simplistic idea hinges on controlling our immigration process more and giving preference to those who have complied with our immigration laws and have been placed on a waiting list. There might not be a waiting list if the government wasn’t catering to the millions here illegally and those crossing illegally, which both sides are trying to “buy” votes, instead of engaging in governing. It is much easier to “buy” people with freebies than it is with principle when politicians have no principles. Those who seek to immigrate legally are those who would embrace America’s principles and values of freedom and individual God-given rights – immigrants that would not be partaking of “freebies.”

This idea would not go over with some liberals, some Hispanics, some Latinos, illegal aliens, illegal alien supporters, jihadists, humanitarian crisis promoters, some conservatives and some politicians. America is so divided now that no one will accept any solution unless it conforms to their idea 100 percent. What no one is willing to say or admit is that the open border along Mexico is a problem. The corrupt governments of Mexico and Central America inciting this invasion are a problem.

While the US cannot control the governments of Mexico and Central America, no matter how much money you throw at them, it can control its own border and who enters the US. In other words, the US needs to start controlling what it can control first and foremost. While this will not eradicate the illegal immigration problem, it is a start.

As my mom says when she is dealing with the pretty little flower she planted that has now become invasive, “I can pull and pull these things up all day long; but, until I can remove all the tap root, it’s never going to go away. At least I can keep it controlled until I can get it all up.”

Alas though, this is all boiling down to $3.7 billion dollars for Obama to throw away on one more policy initiative designed to fail. It’s all a scheme. Either way this turns out, Obama can blame Republicans and conservatives. Nice move going into the midterm November elections.

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