You'll recall when vice president Joe Biden referred to the passing of Obamacare as a BFD (big f***ing deal). In addition to that it started a flood of new apparel put out by the Obama administration with BFD on it referring to the new health care law. Well they are back at it again since the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday.

Well It appears that Team Obama was not happy just to do that back then, but they are now spiking the football yet again as last night Obama Tweeted:

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They've also put in new apparel in their store to promote the idea of Obamacare. Frankly, I've never seen anyone wearing such propaganda. Maybe some of my readers have.

While I don't agree with the profanity, there is one thing they should change in the slogan and that is the word "big". They should refer to it as "bad" because Obamacare is a really, really bad idea. When you are promoting something as healthcare and claim it's not a tax, when everyone reading it knows it's a tax, and the figures of $500 billion are not even remotely close to the ballpark of what it will cost then it's a bad idea.

On top of that, when you are looking to employee 4000 IRS agents to hunt down tax cheats (that's what you and I will be called under this law if we don't get health insurance) and then they claim they will need upwards of 16,000 new agents to properly enforce it along with another $359 million just for the initial implementation of the IRS oversight, then yeah it's a pretty bad idea.

Let's add to that the fact that it will be 1/6 of the U.S. economy, will force millions into a government health program, and criminalize normal everyday citizens who don't get health insurance, possibly landing them in jail. Yeah, sounds like a BFD to me!

One has to wonder with the level of depravity we've seen out of this administration, if their campaign won't promote BFD as their re-election slogan this year.

In the end though, this is more than a bad idea, it's a BFT (Bad F-ing Tax).

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