The White House is remaining silent on exactly when Barack Obama first learned of the Sept. 11 attacks on the consulate in Libya and is also unwilling to say whom exactly Obama ordered to make sure personnel in Benghazi were secured.

In an interview on Friday with Kyle Clark of KUSA-TV in Denver, Obama said that the minute he found out that the consulate in Benghazi had been attacked he ordered someone to “make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to.” He did not name the source, nor provide the time he "found out."

Clark also asked if Obama thought it was fair for Americans to be told to wait until after the election to learn what truly happened in Libya.

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"The election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened," President Obama said. "Nobody wants to find out more what happened than I do. But we want to make sure we get it right, particularly because I have made a commitment to the families impacted as well as to the American people, we're going to bring those folks to justice. So, we're going to gather all the facts, find out exactly what happened, and make sure that it doesn't happen again but we're also going to make sure that we bring to justice those who carried out these attacks."

Obama was also asked twice whether the please for help on the ground in Libya were denied. In both instances he gave a standard answer without answering. In other words, he dodged the question. He responded:

Well, we are finding out exactly what happened. I can tell you, as I've said over the last couple of months since this happened, the minute I found out what was happening, I gave three very clear directives.

Number one, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to.

Number two, we're going to investigate exactly what happened so that it doesn't happen again.

Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice. And I guarantee you that everyone in the state department, our military, the CIA, you name it, had number one priority making sure that people were safe.

These were our folks and we're going to find out exactly what happened, but what we're also going to do it make sure that we are identifying those who carried out these terrible attacks.

Still there are no specifics that are forthcoming from the Obama White House. No one, not even Obama himself, will tell anyone what time the "minute" was that he found out and they aren't going to answer that question before the election, if they even decide to answer it at all.

Watch the interview below:

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