Obama Pushes “Promise Zones” – But Where are the Jobs?

Has anyone asked where the jobs are? Has anyone asked why the United States does not seem to have the manufacturing jobs it had back in the 1970s? Perhaps, if we asked those questions, instead of asking for more money for unemployment, we would not have as many unemployed! I know that many would be quick to say that we can blame ourselves for this, and they would be right! However, let us instead ask, why is it now that Barack Obama is seeking “Basic Income Guarantee“? This is what the “Socialists/Communists and Marxists” have been longing to implement in America.

Basic Income Guarantee basically draws down the wage, making people much more dependent upon the government for their living. China is laughing at our nation each day we run to them for more money; money we send to them each time we buy something that is “Made in China” rather than something made in the USA! Our nation is actually sending money to China, so they in turn send it back to us as a loan! Remember that the next time you see the little print on a tag or package that says, “Made in China.”

We will show the wages of some nations derived from information here. Now this information can be verified by going to many different locations on the web, and if you, by chance, understand or can read the different languages, then you will see the very same statements shown here.

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We are placing this out here now due to President Obama’s “Promise Zones,” which he is going to set up and instead of creating jobs, he is going to fund them with government money that our government does not have. To state this in a reasonable way, Obama is going to fund his ideas with money borrowed from our long time enemy, China. People will say they are no longer our enemy, but let me remind you that was stated of Japan before December 7, 1941 when they bombed Pearl Harbor and killed over 2,000 military personnel. As a matter of fact, China has come up with the same types of planes our nation has for fighters, and they are building a fighting force that will dwarf our nation’s force.

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Let us get back to creating jobs and then we will go on showing certain wages for other nations. First and foremost, our nation has to decrease the corporate taxes down to around 10% instead of one of the highest in the world to draw some of the manufacturers back to our shores. Some will say our nation will lose money, but if one manufacturer comes back and employs several hundred people, that alone would make up the difference from the taxes paid by the workers and the taxes paid by them when they buy new items they lost by being out of work.

Now, from here our nation could grow even more if it would just get away from the Ethanol use and go back to the use of pure gasoline. That alone would reduce the cost of fuel at the pump, and once drilling is opened up all over that would create many more jobs, thus providing more taxes to the government (not that we want government to get more taxes, but you understand the idea). Our nation has to build at least 50 new refineries to refine crude oil, and that can be done without harming the environment. On January 7, 2014 our nation saw the worst cold front in decades, thus proving the “Global Warming” ideology is false and misleading and our nation can go back to pure gasoline and eliminate Ethanol, which costs more to produce than gasoline and does more harm to the environment. Should President Obama and the rest of the Democrats happen to wake up and apply these items alone, our nation would pop up like a cork in the water and our nation would not have to depend on other sources for fuel, work, and money. Now on to the topic of other nation’s wages.

One way to seek out answers is to ask questions, but alas me poor mates, we have not been asking the questions, we have only been begging for help from a broke federal government rather than seek the answer ourselves. With all this in mind we have decided to find out just what those great and powerful nations that do to support their people. Let us take, for example, Cuba, where wages are at such a ridiculous high of now. This is no misprint: $0.05 per hour with a huge monthly wage of $108.

Perhaps if we could impose the same standards as Cuba, would we all be better off? I would think not because the wages are set by the government and the “average wage there is $9 per month, but it is supplemented by the government with free education, subsidized medical care, (Daily pay is reduced by 40 percent after third day of a hospital stay), housing, and some subsidized food! Does this kind of sound familiar? It almost sounds like welfare and food stamps! Could it be that the United States is beginning to head the same way as Cuba? We do have to remember that Obama did study Karl Marx, who was an honored man of the Communist, Socialists, and all those opposed to “free enterprise.”

Let’s look at some more huge wage earners from nations that are getting rich from the United States, and we are dumb enough to keep buying from them. We are talking about China and others but let us begin with the average wage in China.

The minimum wage is set locally in China and goes from 830 RMB per month, to 7.50RMB per hour, in United States currency it comes out to be about $228 per month or close to that and a huge $1.19 per hour. Yet again some if not most of the plants that produce a lot have their workers on sight above the plant in rooms so they do not have to worry about being late, nice isn’t it. Now the next time you go into a store and pick up an item made in China, remember that most of the labor is nearly government run and few have any sort of labor laws much less unions. But what the heck, it is cheaper than any product made in the United States, so go ahead and continue to buy them, but do not complain when people you know or maybe even some of your family lose their jobs because they have been moved to China.

Now most items on shelves are made from some foreign nation that we as consumers support by buying these items from those nations. The United States once had a thriving clothing industry along the east coast. People made decent wages and raised families. Some even could send their children to college for a better education, but those industries dried up, right? No, they went overseas to places like Bangladesh where the people could expect huge wages, right? No not even remotely close! The garment industry in Bangladesh makes a glorious wage of $68 a month! The next time you go to any store and pick up a shirt or blouse or any clothing that has “Made in Bangladesh” on it, remind yourself that you have taken jobs from honest people here in the United States and replaced them with people that work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for a huge, vast, enormous amount of $68 a month. One has to wonder why these clothing items cost so much if they do not pay their workers any more than $68 a month. Just who is it that is making the money we spend on clothing? Here in the United States President Obama is talking about “equal wages” while these poor people in Bangladesh make a mere $0.09 per hour! Maybe that is what President Obama wants, a poor nation he and the Democrats can control with hopes and dreams!

Here’s another nation that our President Obama sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to for oil drilling while stopping it here in our nation. Our nation, by the way, has more oil than all the entire world does! Let us go to Brazil, a country that Obama has such admiration for that he sent them money to drill for oil so the United States can buy it from them instead of using our own. Brazil is a nation which took part of an American industry to their shores, an industry that every home needs; the toilet industry! American Standard moved all of their operation from New Orleans to Brazil and Mexico. Four hundred fifty-five people lost their jobs to Brazil, but that was during the Reagan years so we cannot blame Obama for that. No, we have to blame Ronald Reagan. The average wage in Brazil is a huge $678 per month. Their yearly average pay is $4,520 a year. They make on the average $1.98 per hour. Now, if you see anything made in Brazil, you now know how much they earn compared to the United States. However, Obama has set his sights on those who make all that money and he is dead set to make them pay those who do not wish to work! Obama sees opportunity, not as something to strive for, but as something to avoid. That is a sure fire way to destroy a nation, and remember, Obama had those dreams when he studied Marxism.

What about wages in Mexico? Let us begin this part by stating that they have two zones in Mexico: Zone A and Zone B. We know that the people of Mexico are always crossing our border to look for work. The annual average wage for a worker in Mexico is $1,454. So let us show you the wage per day, per Zone. Zone A has a wage of $4.92 per day and Zone B has a wage of $4.66 per day! Now that we know this, we can easily see why Mexicans are so intent to cross the border. The United States, even at the minimum wage, has much more to offer! If that is not a very good reason to cross a border illegally, then what is? When the wage is broken down to an hourly wage it comes out to $0.58 an hour! Well, now maybe the $7.50 an hour minimum wage for the people in the United States is not all that bad now, is it?

Let’s explore another nation that our President loves and one that is close to his heart; one where he has a brother living in a shanty shack, Kenya! This one is really going to be great, and you will know why his drunk uncle has not left the United States even after being told to do so! The minimum wage is set by the government according to location, skill level and age. The lowest Urban (city) wage was $139 per month for skilled wage earners and for farm workers it is $57 per month. This amounts to an average of $0.25 per hour and a total of $689 per year.

Moving closer to our average worker here in the United States is Japan. In Japan, the wage is from $8.17 per hour to $10.65 per hour, set according to prefectural and industry basis. Many may say that is what the wages in the United States should be, but we must look at the Japanese to see that they have very strong rules and they do not tend to be like the workers in the United States. The Japanese are a very disciplined people and if someone makes a mistake that causes injury or loss of life, it could result in those responsible to be jailed or they take their own life due to insulting their nation.

South Korea is where we buy some cars from and these people get paid well and have unions, right? No. The unions they have are not at all like the ones here in the United States. They do not make that much either, but once again, we buy cars and other products that we could make here in the United States and put our families and friends to work, but instead we would rather buy the cheap priced import. Now how much do they make in South Korea? Their average wage is around $4.31 per hour and the annual income, on average, is $8,974.

Vietnam’s wages are quite eye-opening. Our family has a table made in Vietnam, and although it is a good table, we would have changed our mind in buying it had we known what the people of Communist Vietnam make. The average yearly wage is $614! The average hourly wage is $0.30! With these very low wages in mind, one has to wonder why it costs so much to pay for something made in Vietnam, who, by the way, may sell out to China in the future! These are but a few of the very low wages from around the world.

Germany cannot place an average dollar amount because the laws are so crazy that they change from day to day. France pays a yearly average of $22,237 with an average of $12.22 per hour, but we know that France is in trouble, and has been bailed out due to the money it has to borrow to pay these wages! It’s similar to what the United States is doing now!

Greece: Now here is a lesson on what not to do. They have more debt than they care to tell anyone and have been bailed out twice already due to the very young retirement age. Their wages are not that high. Their annual average wage is $10,519, which translates to an hourly average wage $5.06. That is not high, yet it becomes high when the nation has to support those who no longer work. By the way, we looked at South Africa to see what they had as an average wage and it turns out they have something like $0.85 per hour. Yet, Nelson Mandela made over $200,000 a year while President!

Finally, let’s check out Spain, another country that is close to drowning in debt. The average annual wage as $11,582. The average hourly wage is $5.57.

Some of the nations that have had the most problems paying their obligations on their debt have the highest amount of hourly and annual wages. Is this where the United States is now headed? Under President Obama, we have amassed more debt than all the previous Presidents combined! Now, Obama wants to “balance” the wages? Maybe he should be thinking of seeking ways so that the private sector can produce more jobs rather than sending them out of our borders! Maybe it is time for all of us as Citizens of the United States to demand that Congress, the President and all those associated with them help bring jobs back here.

If things keep going down this road, our nation will become one that will have failed due to those in power and us giving them power. We as a people have to change this for the betterment of us all. We have to make sure our Congress understands they work for us not the other way around! We as individuals have to also make sure we buy items made here in the United States. We must do this so we can be assured that we are taking care of our people first and putting people here to work, and not buying things made from elsewhere while we lose jobs. It is up to us, and if we just sit back and play like we enjoy the ride, before we know it, the ride will be over and no one but the politicians and their friends will have money. The rest of us will have to slave our lives away! Think about this entire article and what we are doing to ourselves, if we do not stop this, our nation will not survive and we will only have ourselves to blame.

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