Obama Propaganda Machine Showing Millions in Support of the Administration When the Opposite is True

On the surface, most Patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution as the rule of law and traditional American values see themselves as a minority when it comes to the number of people in support of the current Obama socialist regime. Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

The reality is the number of people believing in traditional America and see the Obama Administration as nothing more than a socialist dictatorship far outnumber those believing the lies. Obama uses people who have become staunch supporters of his agenda via actions in support of their cause. For instance, people who support him, who are homosexual are supportive because of his calls for legislated equality and their right to a traditional marriage. African Americans support him due to continued propaganda involving race such as the Ferguson riots and the Trayvon Martin shooting. The list goes on: environmentalists, the poor and illegal immigrants just to name a few. In each case, the Administration plays to the heart of these groups in supporting their cause and publicizing their distress. The President will use this support in making speeches, television appearances and press conferences to publicize himself as the one and only person who is actually doing something for them while all along, falsely appearing to the American public as having millions of supporters.

It’s no secret that major news sources in the US have become nothing more than propaganda outlets for the regime. A prime example of this is the fact that no one can ask the President a question that hasn’t been approved by the White House first. If a reporter happens to veer off the subject at hand, the President or his officials usually wear an astonished expression on their faces as the reporter is reprimanded or told to stick to the topic at hand.

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A prime example of propaganda and manipulation is the movement to boycott Chic-Fil-A some time ago. Superficially, it appeared that millions across the country were participating in the movement to punish the company’s founder for his views against gay marriage, when in fact only a handful participated. The media and the Administration wanted it to seem as millions were involved, the facts proved different.

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Another way the President appears to have more support than he really does is the use of groups, such as the Facebook page, the White House and an organization known as Organizing For Action. The White House group appears to have massive support from over 3 million likes and hundreds of thousands of comments favoring the Administration on their posts. The reality is out of the over 3 million likes, most are from non-supporters who want to keep an eye on what the Administration is doing. An impressive number of people making comments here also oppose the President’s view. Hence, we have an attempt by the Obama regime to make it appear he has massive support when in fact he does not.

Organizing For Action does all the climate change propaganda for the Administration in sending out attempts to convince people of the reality of climate change. The latest is a ridiculous, almost comical contest to identify the biggest climate change denier. The site itself is entirely devoted to climate change and other environmental misnomers.

Other avenues in propaganda the Administration uses to distort information the public sees is the release of false numbers such as with the economy and unemployment. Here we have an improving picture of the overall economy based on manipulated numbers of home sales, construction, the stock market, auto sales and available jobs, making the economy appear to be much better than it really is.

Unemployment numbers always appear better than they really are. In using only the number of people receiving unemployment insurance benefits, not those still unemployed after having their unemployment benefits run out and those who never received UIBs for whatever reason, we have a much rosier picture of unemployment than it actually is. In reality, the number of all people in the US unemployed who are able to work would put the actual unemployment rate in the double digits. By propagandizing and manipulating the numbers, the Administration can appear to be basking in the glow of success.

When it comes to lies, distorted and manipulated information, the Obama Administration takes number 1 above even the most corrupt Administrations of our past. Compared to the lawlessness of Obama, Richard M. Nixon is next to Jesus in being righteous. 

What we really have in America today is 180 degrees from what we are told by President Obama. The majority of Americans oppose Obama’s policies and consider them to be destructive to the very core of what the US stands for.

The bottom line is we must not be tricked into believing that being patriotic to traditional American values and holding the Constitution as the basis for all American laws makes us grossly outnumbered by those supporting the President’s policies. The exact opposite is true. There are millions more Patriotic, Constitution-Loving Americans than socialists who support the current Obama dictatorship.

It is through fear of losing control over the American people that the Obama Administration feels it has to lie and propagandize all information we see and hear. Otherwise, the facade would be over.

We freedom-loving Patriots have all the power to restore our country at any time and the Obama Administration know it. 

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