Obama Prefers to Talk About Health Care Rather Than the Rise of the Islamic State

When Barack Obama was asked how he felt about the horrific death of the young Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kassabeh, his face remained impassive. Once again, he referred to the Islamic State as ‘this organization,’ missing yet another opportunity to refer to them as the terrorists they are. He even manages to get in a plug for Obamacare along the way.

Is his constant refusal to refer to the Islamic State as a terrorist group down to the fact that he knew the moment he stepped into the Oval Office that the United States and their Western allies had engineered the group into existence? After all, if the full story ever emerges it will be apparent that Presidents and Prime Ministers from several countries are, in fact, guilty of supporting terrorism by supplying arms and cash to a terrorist group. This as we all know is an offense that carries a prison term for anyone found guilty.

At the very minimum, the leaders and lawmakers of the United States and the United Kingdom are involved in allowing the Islamic State to take hold in the Middle East. They all know that the repercussions will be grave if ever the case is proven against them…so best to pass it off and talk about something else…like Obamacare.

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As any fisherman will tell you, the problem with opening the bait box that holds the worms is that unless you are fast, they escape and it becomes almost impossible to get them back into the tin. They slither away finding an environment they are comfortable in and the chances of you catching them are low, very low, because while you go after one, another slinks off into the undergrowth.

The Western leaders who thought that they could get away with empowering, or in some cases directly sponsoring, Islamic militants in the hope that these groups would help them control the situation in the Middle East and, therefore, give them more control of regional oil supplies have made a huge miscalculation.

A report from the Joint Special Operations University dated November 2005 entitled Dividing Our Enemies states that Iraq was:

“an interesting case study of fanning discontent among enemies, leading to ‘red-against-red’ [enemy-against-enemy] firefights.”

The JSOU report highlighted events in Fallujah in late 2004 where United States Psychological Warfare Specialists engaged in operations to set insurgents against insurgents:

“The PSYOP warriors crafted programs to exploit Zarqawi’s murderous activities – and to disseminate them through meetings, radio and television broadcasts, handouts, newspaper stories, political cartoons, and posters – thereby diminishing his folk-hero image,”

Well, it didn’t work very well did it? The Islamic State has escaped from the very insecure box that it was placed in. They have broken away and headed for the environment in which they are most comfortable, and they have flourished in the desert environment from which they came.

The coalition forces drop their bombs and occasionally score a hit, but as the fisherman will tell you, if you want to get your worms back you have to get down low and grab them, one at a time.

Although the Coalition forces have stated repeatedly that there will be no boots on the ground to fight ISIS, The Guardian reported in November 2014 that a further 1,500 US troops had been ordered to Iraq…in a non-combat advisory role. That’s one hell of a lot of advisors.

More and more politicians are now starting to opine that to stop the continued spread of Islamic State will require troops in a combative role in the Middle East.


Contrary to the no boots on the ground policy, The Daily Mail reported as far back as last September:

A Daily Beast freelance reporter wrote Tuesday that he saw ‘what appeared to be bearded Western Special Operations Forces’ in a caravan of armored vehicles near the Iraqi town of Zumar.

The battle-scarred location, 30 miles from Mosul and a bit further from Erbil, had been the site of fierce fighting between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and ISIS militants.

‘They didn’t wear any identifying insignia,’ the reporter added, ‘but they were visibly Western and appeared to match all the visual characteristics of American special operations soldiers.’

This particular freelancer should know: He’s a 27-year-old former U.S. Army Ranger who served three tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.

The report is backed up by Kurdish peshmerga fighters whose commanders are also confirming that US troops are fighting alongside them.

We cannot know for sure what is happening in the fight against the Islamic State because our dishonest government will not admit that it has assisted and encouraged ‘this organization’ for more than 10 years. Fearing a popular uprising against another Middle Eastern war, it will not admit that troops are already on the ground.

They need to reconsider their contempt for the American people. They need to be honest with the people that they are supposed to represent. They need to understand that the backlash against the lies and deceit of the government is nothing compared to what will come if the Islamic State decides to launch wholesale attacks on American soil, be those attacks be against infrastructure or individuals, the results will be the same.

The patriots of the United States, those who believe in the Constitution, will rise up and there will be blood in the streets.

Is that something that any politician can afford to take a chance on?


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