Obama – The One Man Constitutional Convention

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh was speaking about the same thing everyone else in the universe is discussing – Obama’s crossing from boyhood to manhood – from quasi-president to quasi-dictator.

He (Limbaugh) mentioned a Washington Post article that was posted during the airing of his program by Robert Costa regarding the damage control of poor establishment Republican “elders” like Lindsey Graham and their struggle to “control the outrage” within their ranks.

In other words, control the rabble-rousers like Michelle Bachmann and Ted Cruz.

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What the “elders” in the GOP don’t get is that Obama isn’t doing this for the sake of illegal aliens. He, like many have said, is doing this to create a permanent underclass of Democrat voters.

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Yet he’s also doing it for a much more insidious reason. I believe he means to purposely stick a finger in the eye of what he hates most – the Constitution of the United States – that document written by racist whites with its cadre of negative liberties.

Now, as for how the left will react – leftist radicals won’t be satisfied with Obama’s decree. As Mark Levin says, they are radical socialists, and as such, believe in and unachievable socialist utopia.

We reasonable folk know there’s no such thing as utopia, at least on Earth. Therefore, logic would dictate that these leftists won’t and can’t be satisfied with the Obama speech. They will be satisfied when utopia is achieved, which it can’t be.

So they can never be placated for long. Such is the nature of leftist radicals. Of course, one would be constantly frustrated and angry if what he sought to achieve was unachievable.

Unfortunately, most on the right don’t get this concept. We look at these people as if they are crazy, saying “we’ve accepted this – we’ve given you that, and you’re still unhappy. What is wrong with you people?” And then we get angry with them. It’s a vicious cycle.

The establishment wing of the Republican Party tells us “right wingers” to shush – don’t upset the Latinos. We must have the Hispanic vote to win elections.

I think they really do believe that A) we do need to Hispanic vote and B) that if we just agree to this one thing the Latinos will stop calling us racist and jingoistic and they will be happy and vote for Republicans.

The problem the establishment Republicans have is twofold. First is their fear of confrontation with Democrats and especially with Obama. They are afraid of the “R word” – racist. Second is that the Latino community itself isn’t being engaged by Republicans and conservatives. We never really hear from the Hispanic community, just as we never hear from the black community. Who we hear from are the worst of the worst radicals who promote themselves as leaders of the movement. Charlatans such as Al Sharpton claim to speak for the entire black race.

Well, we know that’s a crock. We’ve all seen the recent video chronicling thoughts of four black activists telling us how they’ve been sold down the river by the so-called black leadership and the Democrats.

The Latino community is the same way. Who speaks for them? Who do we hear from? Who are the ones who claim to represent all Hispanics – La RazaLULAC  , the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, or United we dream?

These radical Latino activist groups won’t be satisfied with an Obama amnesty decree any more than black riotous radicals in Ferguson would be satisfied with a guilty verdict sending Officer Wilson to prison for life.

Whatever Obama said and whatever he says going forward won’t be good enough. And he knows it – and he loves it. He doesn’t want peace and he sure doesn’t want a solution. He, as an Alinsky radical community agitator, craves the strife.

To him and his ilk, this is how you achieve change – not by constitutionally mandated means – not by a constitutional convention of the states, as Levin has suggested.

With all the unlawful things Obama has done and is doing, Mark says Obama is a one-man Constitutional Convention. He needs no one else.

Ain’t that the truth!

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