Obama on Obamacare: “Catch Me If You Can”

When my boys were younger, they would gather up several friends, assemble at our house and all walk into the woods to play Air Soft war games.

For those unfamiliar, Air Soft is like a BB gun, but uses plastic, not metal, BBs, so the kids can’t be hurt if one hits them.

Once in the woods, I would set up boundaries the combatants couldn’t go beyond, as well as both opposing sides’ bases of operations, or home base, as they called it.

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Prior to each skirmish, everyone would gather, and I would explain the rules to any newcomers and review them for those VAW’s (Veterans of Air Soft War).

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When I was satisfied that everyone knew the rules of engagement, I dismissed the combatants to their bases to strategize for the coming battle.

After many battles over the course of the years – virtually every kid was a veteran and the rules review was very short. Eye protection – check. Boundaries – check. What to do if you’re hit – check. That was about it.

These were specific “laws” that could not be broken. They all knew this, and if caught by the referee, me, they would be ejected for the entire day, if not forever. Remove eye protection during a battle – gone. If I witness one of them being hit and they lie and say they weren’t – gone, etc.

Now, what if, during a match, I, as the dispenser of justice just decide to change the law? Oh, I don’t mean at the briefing prior to engagement. I mean in the middle of the battle.

Little Johnny takes off his eye protection. Bobby sings out that Johnny is ejected for doing so. I witness the offense but tell Bobby that because his name starts with a “J,” Johnny is exempt. Billy shoots Eddie, but because it was a red BB, not green, Eddie is exempt.

Eventually, all the combatants would just throw up their hands and say “we quit” and start yelling at my sons that it’s impossible to play if their dad keeps changing the law.

Now does this sound familiar? Obamacare is the war-game; the insurers and insured are the combatants, and I represent our less than benevolent dictator.

What Obama is doing with his crowning achievement is just that. He’s changing the law on the fly. These are not just rules changes. These are changes to the law itself, which is absolutely illegal.

Don’t be fooled by the White House’s line of crap that Obama is legally able to “tweak” the regulations. They know this is illegal, but like any other criminal enterprise, don’t care. It’s “Catch Me If You Can.”

Now, just sitting legality aside, put yourself in the position of these insurers. Also, put aside the fact that they should have seen this coming. They were all for this. They, in fact, were cheerleaders for Obamacare, banking on millions of new customers.

Putting all this aside, how can they now run their businesses? Insurance companies had to cancel many policies due to Obamacare’s minimum coverage requirements.

So these companies expended incredible time and money to abide by the law only to have the president change it retroactively.

But hey, Obama is a golfer (a bad one). Maybe he thinks he can take a Mulligan or two, or three, or more.

His latest Mulligan is the “hardship exemption” of the individual mandate, which has thrown the entire insurance industry into chaos.

To qualify for the exemption, the individual with the canceled coverage must simply “believe” that the Obamacare options are “unaffordable.” No proof is necessary.

Forbes reported that the, “hardship exemption will encourage healthier individuals, whose expected [medical care] spending would be low, to drop out of the [insurance] pool”, causing insurance costs to skyrocket and insurers to lose money on the remaining policies.

Remember folks – this is but the beginning. Yet even after what has already transpired, there is no call by Congress to just repeal the monstrosity that is Obamacare.

Will we ever learn that government can’t do anything right and certainly not better than can the private sector?

Evidently, the answer is no.

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