Obama to Meet with Kansas Letter Writers to Push His Agenda at Tax Payer Expense

Many Americans write letters to their Congressional representative, Senators and self-appointed dictator Obama only to receive a form letter that addresses nothing or in most cases, be ignored. However, if your letter reflects the “appropriate” content, Dear Ruler will be more than happy to meet with you during one of his jaunts across the USA in Air Force One, paid for by all of taxpaying Americans. In his continuing ruse of “keeping in touch with those he ‘works’ for,” Dear Ruler is scheduled to meet with four individuals who wrote him letters when he stops in Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday.

Naturally, only those who are pleased with Dear Ruler would get an invitation, issued by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, to have dinner with the self-appointed dictator that evening.

According to McClatchyDC:

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The four include Victor, who in 2012 wrote to Obama to thank him for student loan help he received from the Income Based Repayment plan; Valerie, who last week sent Obama email to voice the challenges she faces as a single mom and a small business owner; Mark, who wrote in June about teaching a GED program and trying to make a difference in the lives of young people – and Becky, who wrote to Obama in August 2013 “about the good work that was being done through her neighborhood association to improve her community.”

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The White House says the visits – which Obama has done in Minnesota, California, and Delaware – “remind the president and his staff who we are working for and underscore the importance of his agenda for using all the tools at his disposal, working with Congress where they are willing but also taking action on his own where they aren’t, to expand opportunity for all Americans and help more families share in our economy’s continued progress.”

Watch the propaganda video.

Getting past the cheesy music and the Cheshire cat grin of enthusiasm of Earnest, while listening to these “lucky lottery dinner” winners, one would think these people were being invited by some famous celebrity, sports star or music entertainer to a grand social gala. Of course, in all fairness, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed to learn that their “dictator” wanted to meet with them after being told how much the “naked emperor” enjoyed their letter? Think about it. Obama reads ten letters per night, according to Earnest, from the average American, and then “picks” who he would like to meet on his “American Tour” based on that letter.

The “naked emperor” will naturally select those individuals who have positive views of his reign or those who are struggling with problems that a stroke of his pen and a press of a few buttons on his phone would be able to fix – regardless of its constitutionality. He would also want to highlight those individuals who are performing extraordinary efforts in their community to give the false impression that conditions are improving for Americans. In other words, he wants to meet the Obama-bots or the unawakened Americans to continue an illusion David Copperfield would envy.

One can almost hear the cheers from propagandists Stalin, Marx, Castro, Mao and others.

Granted, the office of the president is to be treated with respect. However, what has this man done to “earn” the respect and this “fawning” from these Americans? The office is separate from the man. These people were fawning over the man as one does not fawn over a title or “office.”

Since Emperor Obama is jet-setting to various vacation, golf and fund-raising destinations, why not stop somewhere in the South, where hospitality is a tall glass of iced tea and shade tree politics abounds among the small town residents that drive sometimes 60 miles each way to work to earn a living? A grade school child could answer that question with pinpoint accuracy – the naked emperor wants to totally avoid any contact with those who oppose his agenda, ideas and actions, those who look unfavorably upon his reign, those who would address critical issues and those he deems unimportant. It’s all about the image and the continued photo-op/press propaganda airings of popularity when his performance rating numbers drop monthly.

There are countless, homeless Americans, millions of children who are suffering and American families barely getting by in this economy. Plenty of individuals are unemployed or underemployed. Older Americans are faced with increasing costs to live while their income is stagnated. Many Americans have given up hope of recovery. These are the Americans who deserve answers from America’s emperor along with every American who supports our Constitution and the republic of America. These are the citizens whose letters need to be acknowledged and their issues addressed. Many could use a good meal from the emperor, paid for using the money it costs to operate Air Force One for the trip to Kansas City. Surely, he could spare a moment to recognize them with a meal.

The world is in chaos. The conditions in America are deteriorating. An illegal invasion is underway, instigated by the man himself; but, the American Emperor is “missing in action,” out to dinner with his fans, the Obama-bots jet-setting across the country in true celebrity fashion to engage in photo-ops termed “meeting the people.” The Emperor is more interested in attaining and keeping a “celebrity rock star” status than in leading a nation.

He and his supporters basically send a message to struggling Americans that amounts to “Suck it up, Buttercup for we are in power now.” It’s not about the governing of a nation; it’s about rubbing everyone’s nose in their declared win and maintaining the illusion that a naked man is wearing clothing. Unfortunately, there are no winners in the “game” the emperor is playing, not even for the left or the Obama-bots, and putting a dress on a pig doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pig.

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