Obama Lies Because He Thinks the American People are Stupid Enough to Believe Him

We have all heard the old joke, how can you tell when a Politician is lying? Their mouth is moving. Funny right? Not so much anymore. It’s not funny when your government and president continue to boldly lie to your face time after time after time, and no one is responsible for anything. I, for one, am just about at my breaking point, and I think many other Americans feel the same way.

Benghazi, LIE! Hillary Clinton said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” AMERICANS DIED!

Barack+Obama+UK+Best+Pictures+Day+August+18+CSB0k1QmqaHlNSA Spying, LIE! Not just spying on foreign communications but spying on you and me, AMERICANS. Collecting our emails, social media activities, phone calls and keeping the information on file WITH NO INTENTION OF STOPPING!

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IRS Targeting, LIE! Suppressing any individual or Organization that opposes the Administration.

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Fast and Furious, LIE! Illegal gun running program that provided weapons to Drug Cartels & Terrorists but no big deal. AMERICANS DIED! 

Obamacare, LIE! LIE! LIE! Even though Obama’s entire campaign was based on his promise, “You can keep your current plan” repeated over and over again. See for yourself.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

But now that Millions of Americans are having their Insurance Plans canceled, they had to come up with a new LIE to try to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy but this one doesn’t make you all warm and fuzzy, at least it shouldn’t, and almost instantaneously every Lefty in Washington started reciting it. So what are they saying? The ground work for this LIE was laid by Obama himself at a talk he gave yesterday, 10/30/13, in Boston. 

So what did he, and now all the rest, say? With no apology or no “I was wrong” he just stepped up and basically said you can keep your plan as long as it meets the requirements and if your plans are being canceled it’s not because of Obamacare but rather because the plan you had was lousy. Your insurance company was charging you for a lousy plan and now they have to cancel it and offer you a better plan at a lower rate. He went on to say that the reason those plans were not available in the new Healthcare Marketplace is because “no one was going to buy those lousy plans”, even though Millions of people already have.

Here is the way I see this. What he is really saying is this is not our fault, it is the fault of the Insurance companies for selling you a lousy plan in the first place and you are too stupid to even know you had a lousy plan, and we know better than you do what is best for you, so when you get canceled, now you will have to go to the Healthcare Marketplace and buy a new, more expensive, higher deductible plan because I need at least 2 Million people to sign up for my monstrosity of an attempt to Socialize Healthcare for it to work and if it’s going to take me getting your insurance canceled, so you have no insurance at all, to force you to do that, I am ok with that.

This, my friends, just flat pisses me off and it should absolutely piss you off too. Who the hell does he think he is? If you continue to support such actions and believe that what he and his Administration is doing is being done with your best interests at heart because they care about you, then do me favor. Call Santa Claus for me and tell him I want a new Government for Christmas because you must have Santa’s cell phone number on your speed dial.

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