Obama Lies and Expects Us to Believe Him, Like Good Sheeple

Another Chinook bites the dust thanks to loose lips...
Another Chinook bites the dust thanks to loose lips…

This past weekend, my wife and I drove a few states away from our home to attend a funeral of one of my wife’s cousins. The cousin had breast cancer so we all knew her death was coming eventually. She had been placed in hospice a little over a week or so ago, which signals the last stage before the end.

We arrived to a house full of relatives and friends. The ceremony was actually very nice reflecting the fact that we believe she was a Christian and is now with the Lord. She had an infectious spirit and a tenderness that comes from knowing the Lord and being recreated in His image, through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.

After the funeral, we all sat around at the husband’s home and, as people will do, reflect on memories of the dearly departed. But talk turned to another area, an area related to death. The husband’s son-in-law was a member of Navy Seal Team 6. He was, in fact, the leader of the Gold team.

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I won’t be naming names and you can probably figure out why. There were actually three Navy Seal 6 teams, with different labels. The Gold team was one of them. All three teams were trained exactly alike and depending upon where each team was in the world when it was determined that a “target” had been identified and needed to be taken out, the team that was closest to the target would get the assignment.

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The son-in-law’s team was not closest in proximity to bin Laden when the go ahead came down, but he knows what happened because his team would have done it the exact same way.

It does not cease to amaze me how much and how often our government will lie to us. I guess I should not be surprised since the lies began before Woodrow Wilson and the assault on the Constitution began with his first term in office when the Federal Reserve was created. The 16th Amendment – a graduated income tax – was also implemented during this time, which was a doctrine of Karl Marx. These things were already in place by the time I was born. The destruction of the Constitution and our Republic had begun.

Now Obama lies and we are expected to believe his lies as truth. The problem is that I’m not stupid and neither are millions of others in America and it doesn’t matter how much the state-owned media hypes those lies either, trying to make them believable.

Should we believe what our government tells us? As far as I’m concerned, the answer is an unequivocal “no.” They do what they want because they have been bought by the Global Elite. That group pulls the strings and unfortunately, there are not enough Paul Rands or Ted Cruzes to make a huge difference in Congress.

But what happened with bin Laden? He was taken out with a well-placed, nearly point blank range shot to the head. Did the shooting stop then? No, it began then. Everyone unloaded on his body until it looked like a pasta strainer.

Was he buried at sea? Another question we might ask is if the moon is made of green cheese? The answer’s the same.

Why weren’t photos shown of bin Laden’s body? Because it just wouldn’t do to upset the eternally angry Muslims throughout the world. You see, if you haven’t figured it out by now, the Global Elite needs Muslims because they make excellent foot soldiers. They’re better than Japanese Kamikaze pilots. They face death like heroes and look forward to their 72 virgins. Don’t anger Muslims…for now. There will come a day when they are no longer needed, but that day is not here yet.

By the way, when either of the three Navy Seals teams went in to take out a target, they all wore cameras on their helmets. This provided a live feed directly back to the Situation Room in the White House where the results were immediately visible. The event was also always recorded.

The son-in-law I’m referring to also died in a Chinook helo crash in Afghanistan three months after bin Laden was taken out. It was an interesting – to say the least – situation that evolved not only prior to the crash, but also after the crash. There are several articles on the ‘Net which provide details of the crash and the aftermath. You can find them here and here, or search for Extortion 17.

What is probably most unique – aside from the extraordinarily questionable circumstances surrounding the shooting down and resultant deaths of the Navy Seals and up to 38 people in total who died – is what happened to the helo’s black box. Apparently, if you can believe it, it was washed away in a flash flood not long after the crash. If you believe that, then it’s clear that you would believe anything our government tells you.

Moreover, we were also told that the bodies of the Navy Seals were cremated. This is not the case. The son-in-law I’ve been referring to in this article was sent home in pieces. Several months after he had been buried, he was exhumed because other “pieces” had been located and identified and necessitated being placed with the rest of his buried remains.

I think the biggest question is how did the Taliban know that a Chinook with Navy Seal Team 6 was on it? There are several theories. Ultimately, we can thank the Obama administration for the necessary revelation. Specifically, it was Biden who highlighted that fact. “Shortly after that successful raid on bin Laden, the president – through the vice president for political purposes – released the name of SEAL Team Six.”

It’s generally understood that Biden is not the brightest bulb in the package. For him to glibly announce the name of the team of operatives that took bin Laden down is incomprehensible and unconscionable. That would have been classified information, making his announcement bordering on treason.

Was the release of that information an attempt by the Obama administration to deliberately cause the deaths of those involved with bin Laden’s death? According to reports, Obama supposedly hesitated in giving the take down order for bin Laden from the Situation Room. Then again, we don’t even know that he was in that room, which causes us to ask, then who gave the order?

The tragic shooting down of the Chinook helo was probably the the largest loss of life in Afghanistan since the US got involved there. With the amount of Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, with Obama’s own words saying “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,” we have reason to pause and wonder if we have a traitor in the White House. I don’t think it’s too difficult to answer that question. Because of all the scandals, the corruption, the cover-ups, the deaths, and the broken promises, it’s probably something we should not wonder about at all.

In the end, we appear to have an administration that is working against America and its people. Folks, you either stand for right or you are standing for wrong. If you do nothing, you are not standing for right.

We have three and a half years left of Obama’s second term. This country may not make it and I firmly believe that this is what Obama is banking on. What say you?

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